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Arias Expert Alyce LaViolette On Text Messages & "4th Incident Of Violence"

The Jodi Arias murder trial continued today with defense expert Alyce LaViolette interpreting text messages and other communications between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander.  Jennifer Willmott has been walking LaViolette through the many text messages between the pair and they have gotten to the time frame of May, 2008. Testimony has been frequently interrupted with objections, some of which are overruled and some are sustained. I don't understand how Judge Stephens is making these rulings, because it feels to me like attorney Jennifer Willmott may as well be answering her own questions.

What I mean by that is, Alyce LaViolette is only allowed respond in a certain way, and she cannot quote Travis Alexander. Juan Martinez objects based on "hearsay", and the judge sustains the objection but then Willmott turns around and basically makes a statement posed as a question.  For example, Willmott was talking about an argument Arias and Alexander had - they began to review a text…

(Updated)Defense Requests Jury Be Sequestered - Juror #5 Releases Statement

(*Thanks to Sue for letting me know about the problem with the text color!)
Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi filed a motion in court this morning to have the jury sequestered for the remainder of the trial. He cited the release of the videotaped interviews with Jodi Arias's parents, and the release of Jodi Arias's 600 page journal as reasons for the request.  I think sequestering the jury is a great idea. Nobody wants a mistrial here. What's the harm? This is an added expense, but I think it would be a good move at this point. Nurmi is also talking now about how it appears that jurors may have been photographed by HLN cameramen. 

Prosecutor Juan Martinez sniped back at Kirk Nurmi for assuming the jurors ARE seeing some of the things that have been covered in the media. Judge Stephens reiterated that she has continually asked the jurors if they have seen any media coverage, and she has spoken to each of them individually prior to excusing juror #5. Judge Stephens just denied the m…