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Details Around Arias Re-Trial Closely Guarded

For those of us who followed the sensational murder trial against Jodi Arias and were stunned with the non-decision the jury rendered at sentencing, the wait for the penalty phase retrial seems endless.  When Judge Sherry Stephens declared a mistrial back in late May, she initially set a tentative retrial date for late July of 2013.  What the hell happened?  Endless defense motions, delays and detours and 6 months later here we are where we started in late May. Watching and waiting.  How excruciating must this be for Travis Alexander's family? Seeing the torture on their faces during the trial as their deceased brother was portrayed as a villain, it seemed their nightmare was finally coming to an end with one word: Guilty. Will they ever get to put this ordeal behind them and begin the healing process?  Is healing even possible knowing how Jodi Arias cornered and attacked their brother like an animal? I pray they find the strength to.

Since the mistrial, one of the biggest concerns…