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Emotional Victim Impact Statements Given By Alexander Siblings - Jodi Arias Trial

Today the final phase of the Jodi Arias murder trial began, the sentencing phase where the jury will decide whether Jodi Arias is sentenced to death or life. Today's proceedings began with Judge Stephens discussing matters of the law around the sentencing process.  Kirk Nurmi's opening statement included the mention of 8 mitigating factors the jury should consider and weigh against the aggravating factors. He told the jury they would hear from two of Jodi Arias' friends (Darryl Brewer and Patty Womack) as well as Jodi Arias herself. Does this mean her family members are not testifying? That in itself seems shocking to me.

Kirk Nurmi wants the jury to know who Arias was prior to meeting Travis Alexander in 2006, and he will attempt to convince the jurors to spare her life by discussing these 8 mitigating factors. He reminded the jury that they had all stated during jury selection they could consider a life sentence if Arias was found guilty, even with aggravating factors - h…

Jodi Arias Faces The Death Penalty

It's been nearly 5 years since Travis Alexander was viciously attacked and killed in his Mesa Arizona home.  Justice for Travis Alexander and his family is finally in sight as 32 year old Jodi Arias was found guilty of first degree murder with aggravating circumstances that make her eligible for the death penalty.

The aggravation phase of the trial was brief, lasting only a day and the outcome was widely expected as even Arias did not appear to be surprised the same jury that convicted her last week found Alexander's death was especially cruel, heinous and depraved.  Her attorneys did not put up much argument yesterday - arguing that 27 stab wounds, a slashed throat and a gunshot to the head wasn't cruel would seem futile. The jury took around 90 minutes to reach their "proven" verdict, meaning the state had provided sufficient evidence to justify the death penalty. 

This morning the defense is expected to begin arguing why the jury should spare Jodi Arias' lif…