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Jodi Arias Trial - Dr. Robert Geffner Reviewed & Re-Scored Psychological Tests

**Updated info below**

Just when you thought the Jodi Arias murder trial couldn't get much stranger, is reporting that the prosecution has requested their own expert in rebuttal to the defense's surrebuttal witness Dr. Robert Geffner. reported this morning that the prosecution will call Dr. Jill Hayes, a forensic psychologist licensed in Arizona and Louisiana to testify.

Dr. Hayes is quite accomplished. Among other things, she has been featured on A & E's American Justice and Court TV's Forensic Files. This has become the battle of the experts. In a highly unusual move, Judge Sherry Stephens is allowing Dr. Robert Geffner to testify has a surrebuttal witness to the prosecution's expert Dr. Janeen DeMarte. I'm beginning to lose track of the experts here. Will this all be a mute point in the end? If these jurors don't believe Jodi Arias' allegations of abuse, the expert testimony won't go far. Is the defense trying to prove …