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Jodi Arias Trial - Dr. Robert Geffner Reviewed & Re-Scored Psychological Tests

**Updated info below**

Just when you thought the Jodi Arias murder trial couldn't get much stranger, is reporting that the prosecution has requested their own expert in rebuttal to the defense's surrebuttal witness Dr. Robert Geffner. reported this morning that the prosecution will call Dr. Jill Hayes, a forensic psychologist licensed in Arizona and Louisiana to testify.

Dr. Hayes is quite accomplished. Among other things, she has been featured on A & E's American Justice and Court TV's Forensic Files. This has become the battle of the experts. In a highly unusual move, Judge Sherry Stephens is allowing Dr. Robert Geffner to testify has a surrebuttal witness to the prosecution's expert Dr. Janeen DeMarte. I'm beginning to lose track of the experts here. Will this all be a mute point in the end? If these jurors don't believe Jodi Arias' allegations of abuse, the expert testimony won't go far. Is the defense trying to prove that it would be unlikely that Jodi Arias could fool three seasoned professionals? That seems to be the case. Good for Juan Martinez, asking for his own expert to dispute the surrebuttal witness testimony. Did we really expect Mr. Martinez to take this sitting down?
I noticed that Deanna Reid and Jodi Arias's grandmother are in the gallery today.

**Update** Dr. Robert Geffner has been on the stand for the last 90 minutes.  Dr. Geffner has never met with Jodi Arias. 

Geffner just testified that he has never met with Jodi Arias, so his testimony is limited to the review and re-scoring of tests that were given to Arias by Dr. DeMarte. 

They have discussed the MMPI2, MCMI/Milan test, PTSD/PDS test and TSI1/trauma inventory test. Jennifer Willmott is handling the direct examination. The testimony is dry - we've heard this all before, ad nauseum. If I heard Geffner correctly, he confirmed one of the tests that Dr. DeMarte performed was valid. He also stated that in the Milan test, Arias answered in "socially elevated ways" - trying to make herself look more "normal", perhaps? He testified the MMPI test DeMarte gave Arias, scored by the proprietary computer program of the maker showed "numerous symptoms". He said this can be a sign to use caution, that there may be symptoms and issues that need to be further explored.

Jennifer Willmott seemed to be trying to discredit DeMarte by discussing the copyright issues around one of the tests she gave Arias. If you recall during her cross examination of DeMarte, she insinuated that DeMarte gave the prosecutor information that was copyrighted and should only be given or shared with other psychology professionals. However, Dr. Geffner testified that the profile can be shared, just not the questions or answers which are proprietary in nature. The tests can only be scored by Pearson, the test maker.

Court was in recess, but is now back in session!

With the trial in the final day of testimony, Judge Stephens told the jurors they would stay today as long as was required to complete the testimony. Closing arguments are slated for tomorrow and Friday. This trial seems to be one for the record books, in length and irregular motions granted by this judge. I don't have much time to write about Dr. Hayes, but I can offer you this: like Geffner, she has a PhD, she received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a minor in behavioral neuroscience. She began her career at the LSU Health Sciences Center Department of Psychiatry in New Orleans where she completed a forensic psychology and neuropsychology fellowship. She also completed the Citizen's FBI Academy. Dr. Hayes forensic private practice focuses on criminal and civil legal consulting and evaluations. 

In other related news, Travis' friend Brint Hiatt and his family spoke out in an interview with recently to talk about the friend who became part of his "Arizona family". Brint said that during one of the last conversations he had with Travis, he told his friend he was through with Jodi Arias, "I have to stop seeing her", he said. Travis had brought Jodi to Sunday dinner at the Hiatt's, and the Hiatt's were not impressed with Jodi. They didn't believe the introverted Arias was right for their outgoing friend. Travis also relayed his fears about Arias - and his suspicions that she had slashed his tires and broken into his cellphone to send herself text messages. Could Arias have created some of these text messages we've seen displayed in court?

Court is in session, got to run! Have a great day!

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