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Arias Defense Alleges State Deleted Porn Files

Wow, I've only recently began reading up on what's been happening in that Phoenix courtroom and the never-ending trial of Jodi Ann Arias. Convicted of first degree murder in 2013, Arias remains unsentenced - and what was supposed to be a 6 week penalty retrial has turned into almost a bigger circus than the guilt phase of the trial!

It's been difficult to get a real sense for how things are playing out in the courtroom this time around, without the television coverage we are dependent on the written words and observations of those who are in the courtroom.  It's not remotely the same because when you are watching for yourself, you can pick up on things other people may not feel are important.  One thing is certain, this trial has gone into triple overtime and is bordering on nasty. Attorneys on both sides are alleging misconduct and Arias' new computer expert's "bombshell" revelations and allegations about what has been described as thousands of porn f…