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Another arrest for "Cold Justice" Team

Larry Leflore arrested
"Cold Justice" has assisted another police department in securing an arrest warrant on a cold case homicide.  The reality television show is in it's 4th season and continues to net results with the case profiled on the first show of this new season.

Larry Leflore was arrested in June of 2017 after a grand jury indicted him in the 1991 murder of his ex wife Mary Jane LeFlore.  Although he had been a suspect during the course of the original investigation, authorities did not believe they had enough evidence to secure a conviction and the case went cold.

From the outside, Mary Jane Leflore and Larry LeFlore appeared to be a typical married couple living in Huntsville Texas with their young son Brandon. Both of the LeFlores worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Mary Jane as a socialologist.  Friends say both were known to have had extra marital affairs during their marriage, and friends and collegues of Mary Jane reported seeing her come to work with clumps of hair missing and marks and bruises on her neck and body. 

Larry LeFlore was known to be jealous and controlling and this certainly caught the attention of law enforcement who would later investigate her disappearance and ultimately her murder. On July 19, 1991 Mary Jane LeFlore was last seen alive when she left work and was believed to be headed to a local mall for an appointment. When she failed to pick up her son as planned, Larry LeFlore says he drove to the mall to look for his wife - he claims that he saw Mary Jane in the passenger seat of a car exiting the mall parking lot.  Believing she may be having another affair, Larry told investigators he followed the car but he gave several versions of why the chase ended.  In one instance he claimed he lost the car he was following; in another he claims he was low on gas and had to stop the chase 

Whatever the reason for not following the car he claims his wife was in, he failed to even report her as missing until July 21, 1991.  The police were suspicious of Larry's story but had no evidence to dispute it and eventually the missing person case went cold until February 9, 1993 when a potential land buyer found a body in a rural area.  The badly decomposed body was soon positively  identified as Mary Jane LeFlore.  By the time the body was discovered, Larry  LeFlore had already filed for and was granted a divorce from Mary Jane and he collected life insurance proceeds from her death.

Larry LeFlore went on living his life while his wife's unsolved homicide went cold.  The arrival of the "Cold Justice" team was about to thaw out this cold case.  Former Harris County prosecutor Kelly Siegler and former homicide detectives Johnny Bonds and Steve Spingola rolled into town with a plan - to re-examine the details of this case with fresh eyes and perspective.  They planned to re interview all potential witnesses and people close to Mary Jane and Larry.  The scene where Mary Jane's body was discovered yielded no real clues as to the killer, although her cause of death points to it being a personal crime or a crime of passion.  By the time Mary Jane's body was found very little was left aside from skeletal remains which had been scattered, jewelry and few other personal effects.  Just because the killer did a good job of concealing the body does not mean he will get away with murder.

Larry Leflore will finally be made to answer for his crime.  He lived many years as a free man and I consider those years to be a gift - a gift he did not deserve if he is guilty of the crime for which he has been charged.  KUDOS to Kelly, Johnny, Steve and the local law enforcement team that is bringing him to justice!!

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