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Status Hearing Today - Jodi Arias Penalty Phase

Well folks, it's already June 20th.  It seems like it's been a long time since Jodi Arias was convicted of first degree murder for the brutal slaying of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.  Maybe it was the continuous news coverage that drew us all in for more than five months (some of us for 5 years), but I think everyone who's been following this trial and the tragedy that caused it feels a deep sense of sorrow that this thing is still out there, unresolved.

It was highly dissatisfying to have Arias convicted but not sentenced.  We all watched, read, and listened to the trial and could almost feel the family's pain every time the court cameras panned to their faces. Their grief is heavy, yet they were asked not to react as the horrible photographs of their brother were enlarged and displayed, his wonderful qualities downplayed by the defense who sought to paint him as the bad guy. In the end, Arias got the verdict she deserved and that much was satisfying. It could have be…

Jodi Arias Attorneys Ask Judge To Delay Retrial Until Next Year!

It's been a while since my last posting - I was out of town for a week, and hadn't seen much in the way of new information. As the June 20th status hearing nears, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery stated during a recent news conference they are still preparing to move forward to retry the penalty phase in the Jodi Arias murder trial. Jury selection is slated to begin on July 18, 2013, however, Jennifer Willmott and Kirk Nurmi are asking the judge to delay the retrial until next year!

They apparently have some scheduling conflicts with the July 18th date, but also claim to need additional time to gather witnesses to testify on Arias' behalf - so they are asking for a delay until next January in order to "find an alternate means of painting the picture of Arias' life to jurors", according to  Umm, didn't they HAVE witnesses lined up and scheduled to testify during the penalty phase?  It's unfortunate that their client muddied the wate…

Jodi Arias Trial - Will New Jury Be Seated For Sentencing?

As the June 20th status conference date nears, speculation has begun on whether convicted murderer Jodi Arias will be offered a plea or whether the state will forge ahead with seating a new jury to repeat the sentencing phase of the murder trial.  Judge Sherry Stephens set a conference hearing date of June 20 immediately following the mistrial late last month.

Arias attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott have been using their downtime attempting to have the death penalty taken off the table, all motions have been denied at the highest levels.  Their next ploy has been to use the states expert's diagnosis of Arias having borderline personality disorder to their advantage - now referring to her as having a "mental illness"! OK let's see - first, they claimed she only killed Travis Alexander in self defense, having been a battered woman who was sexually exploited and abused. That didn't work, so they then tried to sell the heat-of-the-moment "she just snappe…

5 Year Anniversary Of Travis Alexander's Murder Passes - What's Next For Jodi Arias?

I was a little saddened yesterday when I looked at the date on the newspaper and noticed the date:  June 4, 2013 - Travis Alexander was murdered by Jodi Arias 5 years ago yesterday.  And still, the justice system has left the fate of Arias up in the air.  Will Maricopa County District Attorney Bill Montgomery follow the wishes of Alexander's family and seat a second jury to decide the penalty phase of this murder trial, or will budget considerations impact the decision and lead to a potential plea deal of life imprisonment for the 32 year old convicted murderer and wannabe-celebrity?

We can only pray that cost does not play a role in this very important decision.  Cost was not a consideration in ensuring the defendant received a fair trial including two defense attorneys, several paid expert witnesses and the mitigation specialist - the victim deserves the same considerations in seeking justice for this crime.  I think it would be a huge mistake on the part of Arizona's top bra…