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Jodi Arias Attorneys Ask Judge To Delay Retrial Until Next Year!

It's been a while since my last posting - I was out of town for a week, and hadn't seen much in the way of new information. As the June 20th status hearing nears, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery stated during a recent news conference they are still preparing to move forward to retry the penalty phase in the Jodi Arias murder trial. Jury selection is slated to begin on July 18, 2013, however, Jennifer Willmott and Kirk Nurmi are asking the judge to delay the retrial until next year!

They apparently have some scheduling conflicts with the July 18th date, but also claim to need additional time to gather witnesses to testify on Arias' behalf - so they are asking for a delay until next January in order to "find an alternate means of painting the picture of Arias' life to jurors", according to  Umm, didn't they HAVE witnesses lined up and scheduled to testify during the penalty phase?  It's unfortunate that their client muddied the waters so much that many of those potential character witnesses could not testify without exposing something Arias lied about or something they did that could potentially embarrass them or weaken their own credibility, but how is that the court's problem?

I would also argue that after 5 years, these attorneys and Jodi Arias have had plenty of time to prepare for the trial and have been granted numerous delays already.  It's time to see this through and put an end to the horrible legal limbo the Alexander family has been living in! It seems so unfair that the victim seemingly has no right to a speedy resolution to their murder. Outrageous. recently reported that Ms. Arias has not been the model prisoner her attorneys would have us all believe.  She may not have had an actual criminal record prior to committing one of the most vicious murders in recent history, but her behind-bars behavior includes at least 14 infractions including attacking another inmate. Apparently the Sheriff's office was very concerned with Arias being able to move freely around the courtroom and into the judges chambers without handcuffs during trial. He was worried enough to voice their concerns to the court about potential escape attempts by Arias.

Tanisha Sorenson's husband Harold recently posted a message to supporters on the Justice4Travis Facebook page.  He wrote that while the family is emotionally drained, they are overwhelmingly grateful to the court, Judge Stephens, the jurors and especially Prosecutor Juan Martinez.  The family will be meeting with Attorney General Bill Montgomery soon and hopefully they will cement their plans to seat a second jury.

Finally, we are hearing from a juror who voted for life during the penalty phase, and I'm talking about jury foreman Bill Zervokos - otherwise known as Juror #18.  Several of the jurors who voted for death have spoken out, but those who voted for life have been relatively silent - possibly fearing their vote was not a popular one.  Mr. Zervokos seems to have fallen for Arias' abuse tales.  He voted for a life sentence citing multiple mitigating factors including Arias' age, lack of criminal history, her dysfunctional family and most notably "abuse"! He said, and I quote "you don't put people to death for being stupid, you don't put people to death for lying".  I'm sorry Juror #18, but if that's all you took away from the five month trial, I question whether or not you were paying close enough attention.

What about Travis Alexander, shouldn't his age, lack of criminal history and dysfunctional family be just as much of a factor? He went through considerably more than Arias did as a child and didn't grow up and butcher another human being. I don't understand our criminal justice system, sometimes it just seems to fail and those committing these heinous acts have more rights and considerations than the person they murdered.  The criminal's rights are protected at all costs, there is a blank check given to defend them and yet they can sit in their jail cell and sell artwork and collect donations from the public.  What's wrong with this system? What value/worth is being put on Travis Alexander's life? He was a very young man. He had potential, he had people who loved him - sure, he wasn't perfect but who is? Why is Jodi Arias' life given so much more value than his was? I know that nothing can bring back the murder victim, but it seems more and more that their rights get buried with them.

What will happen during the June 20 status hearing? Will Arias be granted her delay? Will Willmott and Nurmi remain on as her council?  I hope the judge forges forward and holds them to these dates. Enough with the delays, 5 years is long enough and they should have had their witnesses and strategy in place for the penalty phase a long time ago! Their mitigation specialist billed the state for 100 hours that we are aware of. Isn't that her job specifically, to figure out how to handle that phase of the trial?

That's all for now.  The George Zimmerman trial starts this month - does anybody know if that trial is going to be televised?  Have a great weekend!


  1. The fact that the mitigation woman sat on her ass and appeared to do nothing but collect wages really bothered me from the start.
    Thankyou for stating so eloquently that which I cannot My Forte.

    1. Anonymous (6/16 @ 1:59AM),
      I agree completely! The mitigation specialist should have been completely prepared for every possible scenario - there is no excuse for them to not have been prepared to offer mitigation at the conclusion of this 5 month trial. It's public record that she billed and collected fees for at least 100 hours of service! Is it the State's fault Arias tainted her own witnesses? Why should these trial costs now be taken into consideration where the victim and justice for him is at stake? The system seems broken...I just hope they grant her no further delays and move forward with the penalty phase without cost in mind. She certainly had a "blank check" defense, the victim is entitled to the same! Thanks so much for your comments.

  2. Here is a link for a live feed for the GZ trial... I am pretty sure there are cameras allowed but you will have to check when you know the trial will be on :)


  3. George Zimmerman trial is streaming live from the court house right now with jury selection. Google it and you will find many media links covering it live.

  4. If another jury is seated for the penalty phase, I truly believe that it will end in another hung jury. Possibly, a life sentence, but I don't think they will vote for the death penalty. That being said, I would like to see both sides agree on a life without parole sentence for JA. Don't get me wrong, I am a supporter of the death penalty, but let's end this once and for all. I also believe that the jury foreman voted against the death penalty for all the wrong reasons. He was sucked into her web of lies and false allegations. How will the public react if Judge Stephens grants the defense their motion to delay the trial until January? Hopefully, she will do the right thing and press on until a conclusion is reached. JA deserves no more special consideration. She has played the judge, the court, the media, her witnesses and the viewing public long enough. She made her bed, now it is time for her to face the consequences!

    1. Anonymous (6/18 @ 11:33PM),
      I think juries in general have a difficult time sentencing females to death. However, since an Arizona jury sentenced Wendi Andriano to death for the brutal murder of her husband, I thought Martinez stood a good chance of getting the same outcome w/Arias. Her crime was so extremely cruel and brutal, she tortured him. How can that be overlooked or overshadowed in light of everything this woman has done to his family? I just don't understand the non-verdict. I hope that in the interest of fairness and the law, a second jury is seated. Regardless of whether or not they are able to reach an unanimous verdict, at least Travis Alexander will have his day in court. He deserves nothing less than due process. I completely agree with your comment about the jury foreman! I don't know that the jury really just considered mitigation during that penalty phase? Did they weigh mitigation vs. aggravation as they were supposed to, or did they take some of their sympathy for JA into that deliberation room? Nice that we haven't seen any more jailhouse interviews though, right?


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