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Willmott Continues To Snipe At DeMarte's Diagnosis Of Arias

The Jodi Arias murder trial is under way, as Jennifer Willmott continues her cross examination of prosecution expert witness Dr. Janeen DeMarte. The questions this morning began with discussion about short and long term memories and how they are effected during "fight or flight".  This has been discussed in relation to Jodi Arias's alleged memory issues during the murder of Travis Alexander. The defense experts argued that Arias doesn't remember because memories were never formed. DeMarte examination of Jodi Arias found Arias didn't have "continued memory loss". They talked about what happens to the brain during fight or flight, what chemicals are released into brain etc.

The questioning became more aggressive when Willmott began asking DeMarte about the photos that were deleted from Travis Alexander's camera. DeMarte testified that Arias had continued "executive function" immediately after the killing, citing the deleting of photos and att…

Casting Revealed For Lifetime's "Dirty Little Secret - The Jodi Arias Story"

The Jodi Arias murder trial was cut short on Wednesday, speculation is that Ms. Arias was suffering from another migraine headache. Arias has reportedly been suffering from these headaches which have caused at least three abbreviated court sessions. The trial began on January 2, yet yesterday marked only the 49th day of testimony! The defense held center stage for 38 of those days, and as I mentioned yesterday I hope the prosecution takes enough time to show to full force of their rebuttal case. Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott continued to press prosecution expert Dr. Janeen DeMarte yesterday about her credentials, her hourly rate and her expertise in PTSD and battered women's syndrome. The questions regarding her rates were not effective, as DeMarte's rates mirror those of defense expert Alyce LaViolette who spent significantly more hours interviewing the defendant. Many people were critical of LaViolette who seemed to form a relationship with Arias.

Willmott's tone was…