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Time For Jodi Arias To Answer Jury Questions

Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi finished up his redirect of murder defendant Jodi Arias on Tuesday, her 15th consecutive day on the witness stand. More than 50% of court time has featured Jodi Arias, something relatively shocking in a day where most defendants never take the stand in their own defense. Arias had no choice but to take the stand due to the overwhelming physical evidence gathered from the Mesa crime scene, and the vicious nature of the murder of 30 year old Travis Alexander.

Arizona courts allow the jurors to ask questions of the witnesses in a case, and yesterday it was revealed that the Arias jury has submitted more than 100 questions throughout her 15 days on the witness stand. When cross examined by prosecutor Juan Martinez, Arias was often times combative, dismissive and otherwise uncooperative - answering "sure", "OK", "I don't recall", "I don't remember", and "I don't understand what you are asking me". She …