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Showing posts from September 5, 2013

"Pillowcase Rapist" Christopher Hubbart Being Released?

Thanks to Nancy B for bringing this unbelievable story to light in one of her recent comments. The women of California need to know this man's face - and be aware that he may soon be wandering the streets of their neighborhood. I'm still at a loss for words that Santa Clara Judge Gilbert Brown granted the " conditional release" of Christopher Hubbart - a man who admitted to violently raping nearly 40 women throughout the state of California.  Those are the rapes he admitted to, who knows the real number?  Why in God's name would any Judge, any court in the United States of America release an inmate with this type of predatory background?

Here's some background on Hubbart. Beginning in 1968, he began raping women in San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.  In the year 1972 alone, he reportedly raped 25 or 26 women.  Yet in 1983, he was paroled - and on the same day of his release, he raped another woman.  The SAME DAY of his release he found his next victim. H…

"Cold Justice" Heats Up Unsolved Murder Cases

This is my third blog post on TNT's new reality show, "Cold Justice".  Cold Justice pairs former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler with former Las Vegas CSI Yolanda McClary, who travel to small rural towns across America to look at unsolved murder cases.  Their first episode which aired Tuesday has already delivered results - the arrest of Ronnie Hendricks (see yesterdays post for details) for the murder of Pam Shelley. TNT lists an episode guide online, and 
I couldn't resist taking a peek and looking for details on those cases.  I was astonished at what they have accomplished in their first season.  This is more than just another crime drama, these ladies are committed and determined to bringing justice to those who may have escaped it previously in small towns that may lack the resources to bring a suspect to trial.

You can see the episode guide on their website. They give a brief description of the victims and circumstances of their deaths. Here is a list of this seas…