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The State of Utah vs. Dr. Martin MacNeill

Dr. Martin MacNeill's murder trial is set to begin on October 15, 2013 in Salt Lake City Utah. The trial is expected to be televised, although it is not clear if coverage will be local or national.  Court documents on HLN's website give us a peek into the state's case against the bad doctor, who also happens to hold a law degree.

In a court document filed on August 24, 2012, the state alleges that Martin MacNeill administered a lethal cocktail of drugs to his wife - enough drugs to render her unable to move about or function on her own, and then he drowned her in the bathtub of their Pleasant Grove, Utah home.  Michele MacNeill had underwent cosmetic surgery approximately a week prior to her death. The state alleges Martin MacNeill used the drugs prescribed by the surgeon (at his suggestion) to drug his wife.  According to many people who had contact with Michele after her surgery, she was recovering well and functioning on her own. She did not need the prescription painkil…