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Jodi Arias Makes More Outrageous Claims

Wow.  Jodi Arias took to the witness stand for the 4th day yesterday, and made more outrageous and serious claims about murder victim, 30 year old Travis Alexander.  IMHO, this gets more unbelievable every single day.  To summarize the allegations Arias has made thus far:

  • He had an affair with a married woman
  • He was attracted to young boys
  • He initiated sexual intercourse with her while she was asleep
  • He broke her finger and kicked her in the ribs
  • He subjected her to humiliating sexual acts (his "antics") for the fulfillment of his own fantasies
She is still expected to testify about a phone sex recording she made, in which Travis tells her she sounds like a 12 year old girl - or something to that effect.  How many different deviance themes are they going to come up with here?  How believable is it to think that a 30 year old man with ALL OF THESE behaviors would not be discovered by anybody other than Jodi Arias in his life?

This is simply outrageous - and I can't wait for her be cross examined about these allegations. My sense is that MAYBE she is mixing 5%-10% of truth in with 90% fabrications - maybe he did have some fantasies he asked her to participate in, but in my opinion she was a willing participant.  What are the chances that this man was attracted to YOUNG boys (5-6 years old), teenage girls, married women - and also had a fairly normal sexual appetite for Jodi Arias?

Remember, the police did a thorough search of Alexanders' home, computer(s) and phone - they never recovered anything related to children on any of his computers or found any such evidence in the home.  They are all over the map, and I hope Martinez nails her on every inconsistent allegation she has made.  Hey, guess I could be wrong and she could be telling the truth.  Highly doubtful that she would be the only person in the world who knew all of these things about Travis. Every act she accuses him in are considered highly immoral in the Mormon faith - and in most religious faiths.  

All the while she is painting herself as the submissive, "I went along with it", coy little girl who was just controlled by this overbearing deviant man.  This is hard to watch folks!  Can't wait to see what she alleges today.  They are running out of things to slander him with and when the prosecution gets their shot, watch out!  What do you think of her testimony?  The jury will be instructed that Arias's testimony is NOT evidence, so hoping they see through to the truth.

My last question - why did Arias feel the need to record the so called phone sex tape?  Had to be one of two reasons.  She either wanted to relive the moment, or use it AGAINST him.  Also, what happened to the Spider Man underwear we've heard so much about? She seems to have photos of everything else that could help her.  Where are these?

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