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The Prosecution's Case Against Jodi Arias

Many court watchers, myself included were surprised yesterday when prosecutor Juan Martinez stood up and rested its case in chief against murder defendant Jodi Arias.  According to reports, there were many more witnesses that were on the witness list, going into next week.  This happens frequently and isn't necessarily a sign of anything.  I really don't think anybody expected the State to rest after hearing the testimony of Arias (and Alexander) friend Leslie Udy.  If the State wanted to go out with a "bang", many feel they missed their mark!

Although Udy was called as a prosecution witness and did provide a first person insight into how Arias behaved in the days that followed this brutal murder, she also bolstered the defense's portrayal of Jodi Arias as a "soft spoken & kind" person.  How much weight will this have on the jury's perception of her?  The State must have strategic reasons for ending their case in this manner.  

Much has also b…