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More Testimony on Recovered Photos - Jodi Arias Murder Trial

During the first two weeks of this action packed trial, the jury has heard from several first responders, the friends of murder victim Travis Alexander - who had the unfortunate task of finding him dead in his home after he had been killed 5 days earlier, forensic experts, latent print experts - all from Maricopa County law enforcement agencies as well as hearing from an officer who responded to a reported gun theft from Jodi Arias's grandparents home in Yreka, CA just about a week prior to the murder.

30 year old Travis Alexander was found dead in the shower of his Mesa, AZ home on June 9, 2008. He had been stabbed more than 27 times, had his throat slit and had been shot in the face.  Evidence recovered from the crime scene included a bloody palm print of Jodi Arias, as well as several photos that had been previously deleted from the victim's digital camera that placed Arias at the scene on the day police believe he was killed - June 4, 2008.  Photos that were taken, and lat…

Jodi Arias Murder Trial Enters Into Third Week

Testimony continued this morning in the Jodi Arias murder trial.  This morning, the jury has heard testimony from Officer Kevin Friedman from the Yreka Police Department in regards to a reported burglary on 5/28/08 at the home of Jodi Arias's grandparents home - where she was living at the time.  Among the few items reportedly stolen from the home was a .25 caliber handgun, the same caliber used to shoot Travis Alexander in the face on 6/4/08.

Jurors viewed photos of Arias's grandparents home and heard from Officer Friedman on the items that were reportedly taken:  the handgun, $30 in cash and a DVD player were taken. Just as importantly, Prosecutor Juan Martinez pointed to items that weren't taken, such as the television, Arias's laptop, and stacks of quarters were located immediately above the cabinet where the 25 caliber gun was taken.  Other guns remained untouched in the home.

The prosecution is trying to show the link between the reported burglary of this gun and s…