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More Testimony on Recovered Photos - Jodi Arias Murder Trial

During the first two weeks of this action packed trial, the jury has heard from several first responders, the friends of murder victim Travis Alexander - who had the unfortunate task of finding him dead in his home after he had been killed 5 days earlier, forensic experts, latent print experts - all from Maricopa County law enforcement agencies as well as hearing from an officer who responded to a reported gun theft from Jodi Arias's grandparents home in Yreka, CA just about a week prior to the murder.

30 year old Travis Alexander was found dead in the shower of his Mesa, AZ home on June 9, 2008. He had been stabbed more than 27 times, had his throat slit and had been shot in the face.  Evidence recovered from the crime scene included a bloody palm print of Jodi Arias, as well as several photos that had been previously deleted from the victim's digital camera that placed Arias at the scene on the day police believe he was killed - June 4, 2008.  Photos that were taken, and later deleted (presumably by Arias) captured Alexander and Arias in various states of undress and they appeared to have been having consensual sex during that visit.

The recovered photos also depict some photos of Travis Alexander that were taken in his shower, while he was alive - followed by pictures that would seem to represent a fierce struggle between the two.  Finally, photos of a dead or dying Alexander were captured, then deleted.  It is unknown if Arias meant to take those final pictures.  The recovered photos have been essential in breaking down Arias's previous lies to police - she denied seeing Travis in several months, then claimed 2 armed intruders killed him. When the overwhelming forensic evidence started coming back proving she was there, she adjusted her story and claimed she killed him in self defense.

Just to recap - my understanding of self defense is, that you defend yourself with enough force to escape the immediate danger.  This killing involved the victim being stabbed 27-29 times, several of those stab wounds were to his back, his throat was slit from ear to ear before finally being shot in the face with a .25 caliber gun.  Coincidentally, Arias's grandparents - where she was living in Yreka, CA reported a break-in at their home on 5/28/08 where a .25 caliber gun was "stolen". The prosecution has alleged Arias took the gun with the intent of using it on Travis.

Alexander was set to leave on a Cancun, Mexico vacation with friend Marie "Mimi" Hall on June 10, 2008.  When she hadn't heard from Travis in several days, friends went to his house to see if he was alright.  How horrifying to walk into that bloody crime scene where Travis's body lay for 5 days.  Nobody should have to see things like that.

Arias's demeanor in court has been somewhat subdued - she seems to cry at the appropriate moments. It's hard to tell if she is really upset, seeing what she ultimately did to this man that she loved or if she is crying for her potential death sentence she faces if convicted. Maybe it's a little of both?  She has been taking notes and sharing them with her attorney Jennifer Willmott throughout the testimony of the Yreka police officer. Perhaps she's offering insight into things that are being alleged? Who knows for sure.  

What we do know is that she FINALLY, when backed into a corner of physical and forensic evidence admitted to killing Travis Alexander. I don't believe this was a case of self defense, as the defense has alluded. This was a rageful and out of control blitz attack on Travis Alexander. I don't think Arias could handle the fact that Travis chose to take another woman on the Cancun trip - a respectable woman from the Mormon church.  She was not going to let that trip happen!  Just my humble opinion.

She's going to have to take the stand if she's going to claim self defense....or will she?

Jodi Arias Murder Trial Enters Into Third Week

Testimony continued this morning in the Jodi Arias murder trial.  This morning, the jury has heard testimony from Officer Kevin Friedman from the Yreka Police Department in regards to a reported burglary on 5/28/08 at the home of Jodi Arias's grandparents home - where she was living at the time.  Among the few items reportedly stolen from the home was a .25 caliber handgun, the same caliber used to shoot Travis Alexander in the face on 6/4/08.

Jurors viewed photos of Arias's grandparents home and heard from Officer Friedman on the items that were reportedly taken:  the handgun, $30 in cash and a DVD player were taken. Just as importantly, Prosecutor Juan Martinez pointed to items that weren't taken, such as the television, Arias's laptop, and stacks of quarters were located immediately above the cabinet where the 25 caliber gun was taken.  Other guns remained untouched in the home.

The prosecution is trying to show the link between the reported burglary of this gun and suggest this was the gun used to shoot 30 year old Alexander in his Mesa Arizona home on 6/4/08.  This would go a long way to show Arias's intents on that fateful night.  

Arias's credibility has been greatly damaged due to the many stories, outright lies and inconsistencies she has given about these events in a very public fashion. She gave at least 2 interviews while being held on $2MM bail at the Estrella Jail in Maricopa County where she first denied seeing Travis Alexander for several months prior to his murder, then changed her story to say that 2 armed intruders came into the home and attacked them both - she was able to escape unharmed but never reported the attack on Alexander to police.

Finally, when confronted with indisputable evidence that she was in the house on 6/4/08, she confessed to killing Travis but said she did so in self defense.  The jury is out on a lunch break now, but when they return they will hear more testimony from Maricopa County Office Michael Melendez - he is the technician who recovered deleted photos from Alexander's digital camera that seem to show the crime as it was happening.  The pictures have been called the "smoking gun" in the case, but Arias also left a palm print and other DNA evidence at the crime scene.

More to follow as the day progresses.

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