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Jodi Arias Sketch Causes Maria De La Rosa To Be Banned From Maricopa County Jail

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the woman who sat quietly behind the Jodi Arias defense table for more than 5 months, Mitigation Specialist Maria De La Rosa. It is now being reported that De La Rosa was "banned" from visits at the Maricopa County Jail after deputies there confiscated what has been described as a "pencil drawing" from Jodi Arias. Apparently Arias gave De La Rosa a sealed manila envelope addressed to Jennifer Willmott during jailhouse visit on February 26th, which was eventually intercepted by one of the guards who found that it contained a drawing and a note to Willmott that it could be used for mitigation.

The drawing was confiscated, as visitors are prohibited from removing such articles from jail visits - and as a result Maria De La Rosa was banned from visiting the Maricopa County jail facilities for a period of time that just ended a few days ago.  This has given the Arias defense team another reason to cry "foul&…