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Jodi Arias Sketch Causes Maria De La Rosa To Be Banned From Maricopa County Jail

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the woman who sat quietly behind the Jodi Arias defense table for more than 5 months, Mitigation Specialist Maria De La Rosa. It is now being reported that De La Rosa was "banned" from visits at the Maricopa County Jail after deputies there confiscated what has been described as a "pencil drawing" from Jodi Arias. Apparently Arias gave De La Rosa a sealed manila envelope addressed to Jennifer Willmott during jailhouse visit on February 26th, which was eventually intercepted by one of the guards who found that it contained a drawing and a note to Willmott that it could be used for mitigation.

The drawing was confiscated, as visitors are prohibited from removing such articles from jail visits - and as a result Maria De La Rosa was banned from visiting the Maricopa County jail facilities for a period of time that just ended a few days ago.  This has given the Arias defense team another reason to cry "foul", citing this as another reason why Arias has been denied access to her counsel as she awaits the penalty phase retrial. On March 13, De La Rosa's neighbors reportedly observed detectives "snooping around" her house, peeking through garage windows and the windows of her car as it was parked in her driveway. The following day, the detectives knocked on her door and asked to speak to her about her work as Jodi Arias' mitigation specialist.  De La Rosa told them she'd be more comfortable answering their questions with her attorney present, to which they said "this isn't a criminal matter".  

Nonetheless, De La Rosa got attorney Dan Raynak on the phone, and he was on the line with her as the detectives read a letter aloud stating that she was no longer allowed to visit the jail, and her phone number was no longer considered a "legal number" - essentially cutting her off not only from Jodi Arias but all of her clients who are being held at the Maricopa County Jail! They told her that any attempts to visit would be considered trespassing. And the reason for the so-called ban? You guessed it, that non-legal document she received from Jodi Arias. This is all very bizarre to me, since Arias has been managing to get drawings out of the jail since she's been incarcerated there - in fact we have all been wondering why the Sheriff has been allowing this to continue for so long since it's no secret that Arias is selling them online!  Didn't a Maricopa County Sheriff spokesman say something like "we can't stop her from giving the drawings to people during visits" recently??  I think cracking down on the activity is the right thing to do - Arias should not be selling her artwork from behind bars, but the action they took against Maria De La Rosa seems harsh.  They are punishing ALL of her clients, not just Jodi Arias. Chances are that she didn't even know what was in the sealed envelope to begin with.

Maybe Sheriff Joe was feeling a bit humiliated himself by all of the postings from people like us who were wondering why his staff was allowing Arias so much freedom to run these money-making schemes while at "America's Toughest Jail"? The "ban" against Maria De La Rosa was recently lifted, so she's no longer prohibited from jail visits but this has given the Arias defense team a little something to run with. They are alleging that Maria De La Rosa was targeted for harrassment because of her infamous client. They are going to use this lack of access period against the State, citing that Arias was denied effective counsel because she couldn't see or talk to her mitigation specialist. I can see this coming a mile away....from the Maricopa County Superior Court website, under Jodi Arias' case history:


A few more interesting notations on her case page:



Hmmm. We are seeing Expert Witness Cheryl Karps' name appear again. Are they trying to sneak in some testimony that wasn't heard during their case in chief?

 Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott reportedly also have taken issue with the latest delay that caused the March retrial date to be pushed back to September.  Wait, aren't they the ones who asked for the re trial date to be pushed back last year to this March? Prosecutor Juan Martinez was ready to go in the weeks following the mistrial. The trial delays are mind boggling in this country.  I've been silently wondering what would happen if even half of the cold murder cases in this country were solved how many new prisons we would need to build to hold all of these people? That statistic they cite at the beginning of Cold Justice stands out in my mind - over 200,000 unsolved homicides, that's just staggering.  I'm not sure what period of time that covers, but you get the jest.  

The Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial is now projected to begin with jury selection on September 8, 2014.  Wow. Convicted on May 8, 2013 and still hasn't been sentenced.  What will Juan Martinez do differently this time? He had to be absolutely crushed by the non-verdict, as many people were.  Will he approach the jury differently this time around? This is his last shot at sending Jodi Arias to death row.  With more than a year's time having passed and cameras banned from the courtroom, how will things change for this trial? How long will this "mini-trial" take and how what exactly will be presented to the jury? This will be very interesting to watch unfold, unfortunately for all of us who really want to watch it live, we will have to get our news the old fashioned way.

Until then, we watch and wait.


  1. My Forte,
    Thanks very much for this update!
    I got an interesting response from Chris Hughes a month ago that I sent to him in May 2013.
    • Conversation started May 12, 2013

    5/12, 1:46pm
    Nancy Brenner
    I'm a RN and have worked in Trauma Centers/ER's for decades. I also am a member of Webslueths. I can't describe how proud of you & Sky I am for the way that you both of conducted yourselves throughout this horror story of a real life ordeal.
    I’ve thought about how tortuous Travis’ death was over and over again for months. When I first read the autopsy in Jan. I immediately became persuaded that JA definitely knew “how” to thrust a knife quite savagely. One of the anterior chest thrusts disturbed the costochondral cartilage so severely that the ME cut out the specimen to save for further analysis. That she made so many shallow cuts was initially puzzling to me. For instance, the cluster of stab wounds on Travis’ back were an average of only an inch deep. It appeared to me from this pattern of stabs that she didn’t intend to stab deeply in the back. There is no mention of the knife becoming stuck in the posterior ribs, or damaging the posterior ribs. It appears to me from the AR that these cuts were made at that depth “on purpose”– and not because she inadvertently kept hitting ribs. And they sure don’t look or sound like “hesitation” wounds.
    And so I began to think more about this, I kept thinking that it’s more than possible that she was taunting and torturing him while he was still very much conscious at the sink and spewing blood from the perforated Superior Vena Cava vein that she transected when she stabbed him in the heart. Intentionally not stabbing too deeply, as opposed to wondering “why won’t you die” and continuing to stab.
    JA definitely knows where the vital organs are in a person. She also has a good idea how deep inside the body they are. I kept wishing that the ME had talked about this more in his testimony– the clusters of shallow wounds, versus the very savage wounds. But perhaps that was felt to be too speculative, since the sheer number of wounds are so savage.

  2. Here is the rest of the email:

    Then in Juan’s sur sur-rebuttal he spoke about the possibility that JA had already cut the tendon in her ring finger and that stabbing any deeper was painful. That also has the ring of truth.
    Weeks ago when I saw JA’s 7/16/2008 interrogation with Detective Flores and this next part gave me *chills*.
    At one point, Flores asks: What injury did Travis have other than the gunshot?
    JA says:
    TA and JA were about halfway in the hall. There was a little bit of a struggle. The female intruder had a knife – and JA demonstrates it in her left hand (but then says it was in the right) Travis was naked, but JA didn’t care. JA was saying, “c’mon, c’mon” Travis said: “But I can’t… I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS.” (emotionally)
    The last statement made my hair stand up.
    My immediate thought was that TA sustained an injury to something called the “dorsal columns” in the spinal cord just above the midpoint of his back. Then, I reviewed the ME report, and knew that kind of injury could occur with some of the middle back stabs if they penetrated between the vertebrae.
    There is a good medical reason that Travis couldn’t feel his legs – he sustained stab wounds to the center of his back that could have cut the part of the spinal cord (the dorsal columns) that carries the sensory feelings from the legs to the brain.
    Losing feeling in the legs and not also the arms is too highly a specific symptom to just randomly make up. How could she make up the neurologically rare syndrome of not feeling one’s legs with only an 11th grade education, unless it actually happened? But, it is entirely plausible given TA’s stab wounds.
    Two conclusions:
    1. The fact that she stated the medically unique symptom that TA reported (indeed, so unique that she is unlikely to be able to make it up), indicates she remembers a lot more of the knife struggle than she admits and probably remembers every moment of it.
    2. And, I’m so sorry to say this… It helps further demonstrate how tortured TA was during the struggle. TA was conscious, getting weaker, and eventually by the end of the hall where she caught up to him, he could no longer move because of blood loss, but likely also because he had now lost sensory function below the navel. Was this when she stomped on his feet and lower legs, I think so. And, worst of all….he would have been totally aware that all of it was happening and that includes when next she slashed his throat from ear to ear.
    • Tuesday

    2/18, 11:28pm
    Chris Hughes
    Nancy, I am so sorry for the delay. This went to my "other" folder, so I just got it! Thank you for your email. It makes perfect sense, and your findings are backed by stuff that was not allowed in! I am going to send this to Flores. If Juan would describe it as you did- it would be so powerful! Let's hope he does!
    Thanks again! Chris


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