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Will Today Be The Day Travis Alexander Receives Justice?

It's Tuesday, May 7th 2013.  The Jodi Arias jury will begin their second full day of deliberations this morning after a 5 month journey through the lives of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander - sadly, much of this trial has been about Jodi Arias the victim and Travis Alexander has been portrayed as the perpetrator.  The defense went for broke on this case, taking every opportunity to trash the man who was savagely murdered and taken from his family and friends far too soon.

Throughout the trial, self-defense has been the theme. "Jodi had to kill Travis". She had to? Really? For all of the reasonable people out there watching this trial, can you count all of the opportunities Arias had to escape if she were really in danger that fatal evening of June 4, 2008? She had ample time and opportunities to leave that house. Would a naked and wet man really chase her outside into his own neighborhood? Were there no working telephones in that house, how long does it take to just DIAL 9…