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Jodi Arias Raking In The Cash While Taxpayers Foot The Trial Bill?

My apologies in advance, this blog entry is very light on trial news and heavy on outrage!  It's no secret that Jodi Arias has practically incorporated during her incarceration and trial. It appears to me that at times she is actually drawing during the proceedings! If this bothers you as much as it bothers me, I urge you to sign this petition at to urge Wordpress to stop these sales:

I'm certain the Alexander family is aware of Arias' jailhouse business and they have got to be fuming. Although I have a difficult time understanding how this type of activity can be conducted from behind bars, apparently all it takes is a friend on the outside to run her website and peddle her wares. She is making a mockery of our entire criminal justice system, almost a "catch me if you can" type of taunting via Twitter and the thousands of dollars she's raking in from murderabilia sales.

First things first - the criminal trial is more important than anything else here but again, I seriously hope she gets slapped with a wrongful death suit to ensure ANY money she makes off this tragedy goes to the victims family. I'll get off my soap box now but this really gets to me! There are enough stories on the Internet about Arias selling her artwork now that I'm hoping some of the stats will be brought to the court and jury's attention during the penalty phase of this trial. So this is what she was doing during her own trial?

It's a good thing this trial is coming to an end, because the jurors are starting to drop like flies. Juror #8 is the latest, and he was reportedly nicknamed "the CEO" and a likely candidate for jury foreman. There are still 15 jurors left, and with closing arguments less than a week away I think the jury will make it. The big question is, what will we hear in the form of this surrebuttal witness on Wednesday? Judge Stephens made it very clear that all testimony will be completed on Wednesday, regardless of how late they need to stay. I can't say I'd be surprised if the defense takes 90% of the allotted time and leaves Juan Martinez with 15 minutes for cross examination. What can this THIRD expert tell us we haven't already heard? Does the defense think this is going to make that big of an impact on the jurors?

This is no longer a battle of the experts. This trial will boil down to the defendant's credibility. Will 18 days of testifying in her own words be her undoing? Arias has looked the jurors in the eyes and lied to them, under oath. It may have ONLY been a gas can return, but it calls everything else into question. Why did she have to lie about returning a 5 gallon gas can? Under oath means under oath, regardless of how small the detail is that you are testifying about is. There are no "little white lies" in court (oh I can hear Alyce LaViolette's voice in my head....).

With a 5 day break in the court proceedings and a potential verdict on the horizon, my thoughts and prayers are with Travis Alexander's family and friends. They have been living this nightmare for almost 5 years now, patiently waiting for the wheels of justice to turn. They have shown up every day in that court room, they've been asked to shut down their reactions and emotions and they have had to endure hearing horrible stories told about the brother they knew and loved. They deserved the truth, but that's not what they got. At least there is still the hope that they will receive justice.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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