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Jodi Arias Raking In The Cash While Taxpayers Foot The Trial Bill?

My apologies in advance, this blog entry is very light on trial news and heavy on outrage!  It's no secret that Jodi Arias has practically incorporated during her incarceration and trial. It appears to me that at times she is actually drawing during the proceedings! If this bothers you as much as it bothers me, I urge you to sign this petition at to urge Wordpress to stop these sales:

I'm certain the Alexander family is aware of Arias' jailhouse business and they have got to be fuming. Although I have a difficult time understanding how this type of activity can be conducted from behind bars, apparently all it takes is a friend on the outside to run her website and peddle her wares. She is making a mockery of our entire criminal justice system, almost a "catch me if you can" type of taunting via Twitter and the thousands of dollars she's raking in from murderabilia sales.

First things first - the criminal trial is more important than anything else here but again, I seriously hope she gets slapped with a wrongful death suit to ensure ANY money she makes off this tragedy goes to the victims family. I'll get off my soap box now but this really gets to me! There are enough stories on the Internet about Arias selling her artwork now that I'm hoping some of the stats will be brought to the court and jury's attention during the penalty phase of this trial. So this is what she was doing during her own trial?

It's a good thing this trial is coming to an end, because the jurors are starting to drop like flies. Juror #8 is the latest, and he was reportedly nicknamed "the CEO" and a likely candidate for jury foreman. There are still 15 jurors left, and with closing arguments less than a week away I think the jury will make it. The big question is, what will we hear in the form of this surrebuttal witness on Wednesday? Judge Stephens made it very clear that all testimony will be completed on Wednesday, regardless of how late they need to stay. I can't say I'd be surprised if the defense takes 90% of the allotted time and leaves Juan Martinez with 15 minutes for cross examination. What can this THIRD expert tell us we haven't already heard? Does the defense think this is going to make that big of an impact on the jurors?

This is no longer a battle of the experts. This trial will boil down to the defendant's credibility. Will 18 days of testifying in her own words be her undoing? Arias has looked the jurors in the eyes and lied to them, under oath. It may have ONLY been a gas can return, but it calls everything else into question. Why did she have to lie about returning a 5 gallon gas can? Under oath means under oath, regardless of how small the detail is that you are testifying about is. There are no "little white lies" in court (oh I can hear Alyce LaViolette's voice in my head....).

With a 5 day break in the court proceedings and a potential verdict on the horizon, my thoughts and prayers are with Travis Alexander's family and friends. They have been living this nightmare for almost 5 years now, patiently waiting for the wheels of justice to turn. They have shown up every day in that court room, they've been asked to shut down their reactions and emotions and they have had to endure hearing horrible stories told about the brother they knew and loved. They deserved the truth, but that's not what they got. At least there is still the hope that they will receive justice.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Petition signed! This whole trial has people in such a state of disgust, frustration and fear...disgust via the trashing of an innocent and loved young man, frustration over the defenses dirty tactics and delays, fear of another Casey Anthony outcome.

    I too hurt for Travis' family and I couldn't help but hurt for Jodi's poor grandmother. The pain was so visible on her face. I really, truly hope the Alexander family files a wrongful death suit at the end of this. That murderous piece of scum deserves nothing.

    1. Anonymous (4/26 at 3:52PM),
      I felt sorry for the grandmother too. She looks bewildered. Probably wondering how things ever got to this point. I'm sure nobody would ever believe their grandchild was capable of such brutality. Glad you signed the petition! The blatant sales of these "art" pieces, while receiving a free $1.4MM defense - and doing all of it under the noses of authorities is outrageous. Pure greed. Thanks for your comments! And yes, once Arias is convicted bring on the wrongful death suit. Crime should NEVER pay.

    2. Its amazing how she can collect money for her stolen art and not pay taxes on it..yet the taxpayers of Arizona are forced to pay for her defense. This sickens me and makes me wonder who is keeping track of her sales.

  2. Something else I wanted to add, Jodi may think all this attention the trial is getting is because SHE is just so gorgeous and so enigmatic. That is so not true. Travis is the one who drew people to have such a vested interest in this. His smile, his personality and his amazing sense of humor. Just like with Casey, it wasn't the disgusting vile human being that drew our attention, it was that sweet, perfect little girl with the big brown eyes that enamored us. So Jodi, it is NOT about you.

    1. Anonymous (4/26 at 4:04PM),
      Oh great comment! So true, at times she seems to be basking in the limelight, almost unaware that the attention is 99.9% negative? It must be killing her that her attorneys have dressed her down for trial - I'm sure she'd rather be in full makeup and form fitting clothes instead of the clean-cut modest clothes Jennifer Willmott is bringing her each day!

  3. Great comments Anon! My Forte! You made my day to find the petition!!She's back on Twitter to hawk her limited edition crapola! Feel so much better knowing that the petition is out there. I intend to post it in as many places as I can. Wordpress has a lot of nerve allowing such garbage, imo.

  4. I’m predicting a First Degree Murder Charge. As far as the DP in this case, I believe it will be imposed. This is a vicious, brutal murder. I hate thinking about the extent that he surely suffered. JA has been exposed as an obsessed psychopathic ex-girlfriend who took vindictive to a whole new level.

    As far as that sorry excuse for a mitigation specialist – major fail for you! JA exposed her various personalities on the stand and the sum total of observing that 18 day sideshow showcased for all, that she is a ugly hollow shell and unlikely to offer much of anything worthwhile to others, should she be allowed to live. Her lies on the stand became very transparent, particularly regarding the many versions of the gun. Juries do not respond well to being treated like idiots.

    Juan has done a remarkable job of rehabilitating Travis’ character as a loving and generous human being who treated JA with kindness and simply responded to her sexual advances in kind. Finally, the presence of a grieving family has a big impact on a jury. They can feel the loss. Justice for Travis is very close to a being a reality.

    1. NancyB,
      I hope you are right. I hope the jurors have been able to see through the lies as easily as we have. At each and every point of her story, it would take a huge leap of faith to believe what she has alleged. Whatever the jury decides, I just hope she never walks the streets as a free woman ever again.

  5. No need to apologize. As always, your commentary is thought-provoking. (I look forward to your new entries each day.) I appreciate the link to the petition and signed it.

    If Arias is acquitted, her life will be as Anthony's life, bankrupt, lonely, and in constant danger. She will forever be a prisoner but without food, shelter, & medical care she would receive in prison. I think even her mother & aunt will face the same fate. Their behavior in court has earned them a place on the list of America's most hated.

    If Arias is set free, the Alexander family will have to sue her. She must not benefit from the notoriety she enjoys so much, achieved by the heinous murder of Travis Alexander.

    It is beyond annoying that Arias has fans who send her money, purchase her doodles, and believe in her innocence. Who are these deranged individuals? Would they want to be tortured and murdered the way Travis Alexander was? Would they want to suffer as Travis' loved ones must?

    How sickening it must be for the people who love Travis to know facts of his death. Which was worse for him - the unabated horror, the pain, or the grief when he knew he would die? I am certain they are overwhelmed by the thought of Travis, dead and alone, slumped in that shower for days, decomposing.

    I've read many comments asserting that this jury is smart. How does anybody know? I heard some stupid questions come from the jurors. Some of the jurors have not submitted questions. For all we know, one or all of these jurors, if not a juror, would be in Arias' deranged fan club.

    This trial went on far too long with too many minute & irrelevant details that dragged on for days. I think a week, if not more, more was wasted because of Nurmi's self-indulgent, snail-paced speech pattern. More time was wasted with Wilmott's inability to fluently formulate questions, her constant fumbling through her notes, and taking notes whilst questioning witnesses.

    Many of the defense witnesses - Gus, Dick, Alyce, and Arias - were clearly afflicted with verbal diarrhea. Worse was their refusal to properly cooperate with Mr. Martinez. They would not just simply answer most of his questions. I do not know why the judge allowed these witnesses to waste so much time.

    Hopefully, the people on the jury will deliberate the relevant facts only. If they do, in less than one hour, they will have a verdict of first degree murder.


    1. AZVegan,
      Nice post - great points. This trial DID go on for far longer than it should have. Whether it was because of an overly cautious judge or the defense team's need to go back to Arias' teen years, they held center stage long enough. In the long run it probably won't matter. They cannot change the facts and evidence regardless of how many "experts" they call to the stand. They can't unring the lies Arias has been caught in. Unless this jury has a distorted view of what "reasonable doubt" is, she should be convicted of 1st degree murder. I pray this isn't one of those juries that has a problem with that concept! Thanks for writing.

    2. AZVegan, I agree with you. I get really annoyed when I hear people saying "the defense team is just doing their job". Their job was not to drag Travis through the mud, defame his entire personality and allow unfounded lies to be told. If they were a decent defense team they would have refused to support any sort of self defense plea on the part of Jodi. They should have told her no, we'll try for a lesser charge than murder one but we will not try to defend such a preposterous defense. I think they've angered everyone by supporting Jodi's outrageous lies and false accusations.

    3. I understand that it is difficult to appreciate what the defense is doing just in the fact that they are protecting a monster, not to mention JW's snarky attitude in general and KN's snide requests for mistrial. JA did want to represent herself! The judge knew it was not a good idea and convinced her to have representation. They are dealing with a crazy person and they have to examine every stupid story she comes up with. Not only that but they have to figure out what's the best possible defense based on her BS. And a couple of years ago they offered guilty to 2nd degree to the state but the state declined. Once they figure out what's the best possible defense they have to vigorously pursue it. Meaning if the witness is say a biased quack, you have to press them to expose the truth. Yes they went too far IMO! But now because there has been no stone left unturned the conviction will stick. If JM hadn't pressed JA and Dr. S on the stand we wouldn't be able to determine that they are not credible. The defense has to do same. The judge is really having a tough time denying multiple mistrial requests, no you can't admit a blown up eyeball reflection, juror dismissals etc, etc. The problem is the media needs to portray two sides but sometimes there is just one way to see it. The majority of people I talk to clearly think JA deserves the DP. The jury is going to fall in the same majority but they have the advantage of not hearing the media crap. So the media can postulate endlessly but remember our man JM already has one woman on death row who claimed dom violence and self defense.

    4. Anonymous (4/29 @ 10:34AM),
      Nice post! Wouldn't it be interesting to know what Willmott & Nurmi REALLY believe happened on 6/4/08? Do they believe her, or are they only doing what defense attorneys are paid to do - represent a client (whether guilty or innocent)? I personally feel they have crossed several moral boundaries in their pursuit of a "vigorous" defense of Jodi Arias. They cannot knowingly allow witnesses to lie on the stand, but as we saw in Jose Baez's opening statement relating to George Anthony molesting Casey, the statement was made but no proof was ever offered. It's disgusting and I don't think I could ever be a defense attorney, knowing that you may have to represent someone like Arias. I am glad Juan Martinez is prosecuting this case too. I followed the Wendy Andriano trial as well - her claims of self defense were ludicrous and she's sitting on death row due to Juan Martinez's relentless battle for justice. I admire his work ethic and his no nonsense style. If I knew someone who was murdered, I'd pray for a Juan Martinez to prosecute. Thanks for posting!

  6. Yes, My Forte, NancyB & others. Everyday, I read/see/hear increasing accounts of repugnant acts, perpetrated by despicable creatures & celebrated by the media- like the montage of Arias' photos of herself, her changing hairstyles in court, what color she's wearing, her singing & artwork. It's nauseating. As far as I know, it takes no special talent to savagely murder another human being. Period. People buying her "artwork"- & I'm using that term loosely, as I've seen better sketches at a carnival for $10- are just as depraved. Who wants to have anything she touched?! Sick. Again, as a surviving family member & friend of murder victims, this is beyond disgusting. You don't see her sending the proceeds to the Alexander family. As w/ everything else this vile creature does, it's for herself. She was crying in court when Judge Stevens announced the end of the trial, sheduled for next week... why? Because her moment of public interest will be over. It's not a minute too soon, for me. I heard yesterday that Nurmi begged for more than his $125/hr to defend Arias a while ago, because he couldn't live on such a paltry salary. His hourly rate was raised to $225. No surprise he's been dragging this out, droning on & on. Greedy b#%tard. How he puts his head on the pillow at night & sleeps, is beyond me. My only wish is that Travis' family receives the justice they deserve & Arias will soon be forgotten in a haze of obscurity. Any & all profits from her jailhouse crap should be immediately handed over to Travis' family & since she has minor employment skills, she should spend the rest of her miserable life paying the AZ taxpayers back. As for her poor grandmother: this was just another ploy by her defense team, to elicit sympathy, from the jury. Nurmi/Wilmott/Arias have stooped to a new low, by using this ailing, elderly woman. Remember when Arias' father was in court? It was the day her blackmail sex tape & other graphic testimony was given by her. That's the only reason she was able to feign embarrassment (like a Strasberg method actor), as Cluster B personality disorders have no shame. Travis' grandmother didn't live to see her grandson vindicated. The shock of his murder probably caused her untimely death. The Alexander family has suffered the unimaginable horrors, perpetrated by this vile miscreant & her equally revolting defense team. I'm just praying she gets Murder 1, & is quickly flushed down the memory hole, like the end result of a Fleet enema.

    1. Anonymous (4/27 at 9:03AM),
      Ah, yes - the defense was playing the sympathy card with the grandmother front and center. I guess Arias is making enough peddling her court doodles to fly the whole family out. I doubt there is any depth to which this defense team wouldn't sink to! The more desperate they become, the more apparent it is that they are flailing. Their "experts" can't undo Arias ridiculous because-I-say-so allegations, lies and I believe she has talked her way into a murder conviction. I can only imagine the shock and sheer terror that Travis went through that night. Completely caught off guard, if not - Arias would have surely suffered greater injuries than cuts to the hands. The rage it had to take to drive a knife into a persons body that many times is hard to understand. I'll bet she remembers each and every moment of the killing. You can just tell when she sneaks a peek at the monitor when they show graphic autopsy photos. Covers her eyes, but she's looking. Creepy!

    2. My Forte - I agree that ever since she was interviewed by Det Flores her mouth has been giving her enough rope to hang herself with. I truly believe JA fully attacked him while he was down in that shower and he had to fight his way out. I think he did do a linebacker move and that's when she stabbed him in the back. The part that is the most heartbreaking is that he had once second when he coughed in front of the mirror, what he must have thought and felt at that moment before trying to flee... Awful. I had the same thought about JA when I saw the first time the ME testified. She cried and cried but kept having to look, sick.


    3. Sonja,
      I can't even imagine the terror he must have felt once he realized what was happening - I have a scenario that plays out in my head, based on the photos and evidence and it's just terrifying. He didn't die quickly, he suffered. He didn't stand a chance, up against a gun and a knife - completely caught off guard and likely went into shock & denial. The knife wounds to his hands and his back tell the story of MURDER, not self defense. I have no sympathy for Arias, mostly because after killing him in 2008 I believe she fabricated all of her abuse allegations. Travis was not physically violent with any other woman or person at any time in his life. If there was ANY proof that backed up her claims, it might be different. But nothing justifies what she did! I hope the jury shows her the same mercy (NONE) that she showed Travis on June 4, 2008. Thanks for posting!

  7. Since she admitted to killing him, on the stand, the Alexander family should sue her ass now in a Civil court. Doubt that it's possible but they should do what the Goldman's did, own the naming rights to that other sick bastard.

    1. Anonymous (4/27 at 9:59AM),
      Oh I hope they file a wrongful death suit when the criminal trial has concluded. They have to be just outraged, she brutally killed their brother on 6/4/08, then tried to kill his character in this trial - and to add insult to injury, she's making more money from behind bars than she did out in the real world now, peddling artwork. A few sketches look an awful lot like the Alexander siblings. Can you even imagine the nerve?

    2. Anonymous (4/27 @ 9:03AM),
      I responded to your post, but wanted to add that Nurmi has tried to get taken off this case for a long time! There are court documents on the internet that show the various attorneys who have been assigned to, and removed from the case - also when Arias wished to represent herself. Nurmi wanted out, he was ordered to remain on the case but he was given a fat pay increase. I think he may have been a public defender, then left for private practice and tried to get taken off the case but it was too late. I'll see if I can find that document and post it. It's amazing how many times the representation has changed before this case started but Nurmi definitely wanted out!

  8. Just heard it, and did anyone of you heard that the defense is going to bring a doctor to refute Dr. Horn’s testimony? I did not hear if the Judge is going to allow it yet. Did you? Unbelievable. Does it make a difference anyway?

    1. Anonymous (4/29 at 2:05PM),
      I haven't read or heard anything about the potential rebuttal to the ME's testimony. NancyB posted a comment relating to it though, so I believe this has been requested by the defense. As NancyB pointed out, if the defense had a medical expert to refute Dr. Horn's testimony, the time to put them on would have been during their own case, not now. Dr. Horn did not introduce new evidence during the State's rebuttal, and that's the only way they would be able to have surrebuttal testimony. Who knows, Judge Stephens has been so lenient with the defense, we shall see!


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