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Jodi Arias Trial - Aggravation Phase Delayed Until 5/18/13!

The aggravation phase of the Jodi Arias trial was set to begin today at 1:00PM - the families were there, the jurors were waiting, the attorneys were there and from what I understand they were ready to roll when it was announced that they were unable to proceed! No reason was given for the cancellation, but May 18th is the date cited for the aggravation phase to begin.

Hmmm.  Could this have anything to do with the interview Jodi Arias gave yesterday following the guilty verdict, where she told a local reporter with KSAZ that she'd prefer death to spending life in prison? The 45 minute interview stunned everybody. "I believe death is the ultimate freedom", Arias told the reporter. This interview had to have been planned in advance. It's not easy to gain access to a murder defendant and it's virtually unheard of for somebody to give an interview just minutes after being convicted of first degree murder.  Is this the final card Jodi Arias has left to play? It has be…

Who Is Maria De La Rosa - Mitigation Specialist For Jodi Arias?

Now that Jodi Arias has been found guilty of first degree murder for the June 4, 2008 killing of 30 year old Travis Alexander, we should be seeing and hearing more from the woman who has been seated directly behind Jodi Arias and the defense team throughout the 5 month long trial.  Maria De La Rosa is Arias' mitigation specialist, and I wanted to take a look at her profile explore her experience and how she hopes to help Jodi Arias avoid Arizona's Death Row.

According to information obtained from LinkedIn, De La Rosa has been a "Capital Mitigation Specialist" for seven years, beginning in May of 2006. From June of 1999 to May of 2006, De La Rosa worked as a probation officer with the Maricopa County Adult Probation Office.  From November of 2004 through May of 2005, she worked as a "Victim's Advocate" for the Maricopa Office of the Prosecutor's office.

Her educational background on LinkedIn indicates that she attended Northern Arizona University from …