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Barbara Sheehan Acquitted in Shooting Death of Husband - Battered Woman's Syndrome Tested

Over the Labor Day weekend, I was catching up on my reading online and came across a story that caught my interest.  The news wasn’t new, the story was about 52 year old Barbara Sheehan who in June of this year began serving a five year prison sentence for a gun possession charge.  Sheehan was a mother of two, a secretary and was married to retired NYPD Sgt. Raymond Sheehan.  After seeing a photo of this woman, who looks like the average American mother – I was curious about the gun possession charge so I read on.  What I found surprised me.  Sheehan had been acquitted of second degree murder after shooting her husband 11 times and killing him on February 8, 2008.  Acquitted of murder, but convicted on gun possession?  My curiosity drove me to look up this case, the trial and find out what happened with Barbara & Raymond Sheehan.
Turns out that Barbara Sheehan admitted to killing her husband, shooting him more than 11 times with two of his guns while he was shaving in the bathroom …