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Juan Martinez Drills LaViolette On Her Belief In Jodi Arias's Honesty

Arizona prosecutor Juan Martinez continues to chip away at domestic abuse expert witness Alyce LaViolette during what has been described a slug fest. During her cross examination, LaViolette has been evasive with her answers, often times refusing to answer "yes" or "no" - even after being admonished by the Judge. LaViolette continues to speak to the Judge, telling her that it "doesn't feel like I'm giving a complete answer with yes or no". Who's running this trial anyway? LaViolette often is seen looking towards the defense table and Jennifer Willmott and she's been having a hard time keeping her answers to a simple yes or no. It seems to me she doesn't want to be tied down to some of her answers, rather she adds qualifiers to cover herself.

This morning, Juan Martinez continued his discussion about the content of the "Was Snow White A Battered Woman?" presentation LaViolette has given, yet LaViolette often backed away from th…

"Go Ask Alyce" - LaViolette's Cross Examination Continues

My apologies, I accidentally inserted the pic of the Sony camera from a previous post - can't seem to remove it  now!)Juan Martinez continues to drill away at defense expert Alyce LaViolette who testified that she believed Arias was indeed in an abusive relationship. Martinez questioned LaViolette on her methods for drawing such a conclusion, calling her findings "subjective" - and noting that another person evaluating the same case could come to a different conclusion.

When I heard LaViolette was testifying and I looked at her background, I was struck that a woman with her years of experience in this field would put forth an opinion based on journal entries, text messages, IM's and 44 hours of interviewing of the Jodi Arias. If I were Juan Martinez, I'd ask her "would it be important for you to know that this defendant lied to her other expert while he was testing her for PTSD?"

LaViolette has been combative and in my opinion, unprofessional on the stand…