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Cold Justice Team Helps Solve Another Cold Case - Willie Louise Kellum Homicide

Chalk up another one for TNT's Cold Justice team.  In episode 2 of Season 2, Kelly Siegler, Yolanda McClary and the team headed to Camp Hill Alabama - population 900, to review the 2005 unsolved homicide of 78 year old Willie Louise Kellum.  Ms. Kellum was a beloved mother, grandmother and life long friend of the community where she lived before being sexually assaulted, beaten and strangled to death with a cord in her home on February 21, 2005. Willie Louise was last seen in town grocery shopping and going to a laundry mat on the day she was found dead by her grandson, who was staying with her at the time of her death.

Camp Hill Police Chief Roosevelt Finley was the first officer to arrive at the crime scene back in 2005 and what he saw disturbed him greatly. He knew Willie Louise, he knew her family.  He couldn't imagine who would want to cause harm to Ms. Kellum. Crime scene photos showed an empty metal Brinks Security box near Kellum's lifeless body, and police believed…