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Showing posts from September 4, 2013

"Cold Justice" Delivers In First Episode - Ronnie Hendricks Murder Trial Begins Sept. 9th

I've been waiting for months for this show to begin, and last night's premiere did not disappoint.  Pairing former Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler with former Vegas CSI Yolanda McClary was brilliant.  They are both credible, no-nonsense professionals who seem to compliment each other's strengths well.  In their first televised case, they traveled to a small town called Cuero - where a detective there long suspected a shooting death that was ruled a suicide was likely a murder.  Siegler and McClary hit the road and toured the small rural community, met with the Sgt. who held on to this case since January of 2001 in the hopes of getting justice for victim Pam Shelley, her children and her family.

The small town police force had long believed that Shelley's live-in boyfriend, Ronnie Hendricks was responsible for shooting Pam and staging the scene to make it appear to have been a suicide.  Shelley was shot in the head, the case was quickly ruled to be a suicide after Hendric…

Juan Martinez Prosecuting Former Cop Richard Chrisman

Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez is a busy man.  One would imagine that the time he has spent preparing for and prosecuting Jodi Arias has taken years of his life, and it’s not over.  He still has a retrial of the penalty phase off somewhere in the future – but the fact of the matter is he has other cases on his desk.  He is currently prosecuting former Phoenix Police Officer Richard Chrisman for second degree murder, aggravated assault and animal cruelty stemming from a domestic violence call the officer responded to in October of 2010 in which Chrisman fatally shot 29 year old Daniel Rodriquez and his dog “Junior”.
On October 5, 2010 Rodriquez’s mother called police from a neighbors trailer after her son began destroying her property inside of the trailer and became angry and aggressive towards her.  Officer Chrisman and partner Officer Sergio Virgillo responded to the trailer and began knocking on the door.  When Daniel Rodriquez would not open the door, his mother reportedl…