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Jury Selection Begins - Jodi Arias Retrial

It's been more than 6 years since Jodi Arias slashed, shot and stabbed Travis Alexander to death in his Mesa Arizona home.  It's been nearly a year and a half since a jury found her guilty of first degree murder yet were unable to decide on sentencing, forcing Judge Sherry Stephens to declare a mistrial. After countless delays and an attempt to self represent by Arias, 300 or so potential jurors were expected to be on hand in Phoenix today to choose a new jury to hear aggravating and mitigating circumstances and decide whether Arias' life should be spared or if she should be sent to Arizona's Death Row.

We are already hearing that nearly two dozen potential jurors have been dismissed because they said they could not be impartial. reported that 20 people were dismissed during the first 20 minutes of proceedings, stating they could not be impartial and they had seen and heard so much of the trial.  One of Travis Alexander's sisters was said to be in the courtroom.  Arias reportedly turned around to look at the court watchers and the media and smiled just before potential jurors filed in. Typical. I'd expect Arias to be trying to connect with all potential jurors, probably trying to zero in on those she feels she can get through to and those who aren't receptive to her facade. I'd imagine she probably will have some input on both sides of the coin, remember that Arias (incorrectly) predicted that no jury would ever convict her.  That means she has a hell of a lot of confidence in her ability to tell stories.

It's been a very long time coming.  Aside from the sensational trial that drew in millions of viewers on television and online, Arias has done everything in her power to remain in the spotlight even after the guilty verdict was handed down.  She remains in the Estrella jail where she has lived since her arrest in September of 2008 and where countless jailhouse interviews were given by the convicted killer.  Arias has courted the public and media through various websites, peddling everything from her artwork, wristbands, right down to the glasses she wore throughout the trial.  Everything about Jodi Arias seems to come back to the all mighty dollar.  She even set up a trust to raise funds for her appellate attorneys, although who knows exactly where any of these funds will land. 

During her infamous "speech" to the jury prior to deliberations, Arias shocked and angered many court watchers by holding up one of her "Survivor" t-shirts and telling jurors that "100% of the proceeds" from sales of the t-shirts were being donated to charities that support domestic abuse causes.  I happen to know for a fact that the site that originally was selling those shirts said "a PORTION" of the proceeds....we have been paying attention, Ms. Arias.  Jodi has said that money that has been donated or raised through her artwork was being used for her family to offset travel costs during the months long trial - I don't believe anybody really knows just how much she has raked in from "supporters" over the past 6 years.  All the while, claiming to be indigent and on the brink of bankruptcy she has the benefit of a $2,000,000 (and counting) defense. What are the chances Arias will donate to THAT cause?  Less than none.

Jury selection marks the beginning of the end for Jodi Arias, and I hope that her sentencing brings some relief to Travis' friends, families and all of the people who loved and miss him dearly.  Jodi Arias and her defense team did their best to dirty up his reputation through Jodi's 18 days on the witness stand, but I get the sense that the public largely discounted her testimony as little more than vicious lies.  Just as she viciously murdered him on June 4, 2008, she continues to stab him with vicious lies.  Arias, who we all know loves the media and the attention it brought her fought tooth and nail to keep the cameras out of the courtroom this time around.  Claiming her mitigation witnesses were threatened and too frightened of the public to testify previously, Judge Sherry Stephens exercised an over abundance of caution and declared no trial footage would be aired until after a verdict was rendered.  It's Stephens first death penalty trial, and many believed she has been very generous with the defense and their Motions.

Do you mean to tell me that the media is responsible for Jodi Aria being found guilty?  If the public and the media has that big of an influence on the outcome of trials, why was Casey Anthony acquitted?  Why wasn't Arias sentenced to death?  Has the Arias case gotten more media air time and attention than Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, Casey Anthony or OJ Simpson's trials?  These were the highest profile cases I can recall - and we can't forget the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.  All of these cases were televised, and Jodi Arias' trial should be no different.  The Judge in this case says she has a good reason for the blackout, but there has been rumors of more death threats and general intimidation of witnesses so we have to live with this. While many believe this sets a dangerous precedent in the transparency of our legal system, Judge Stephens is trying to ensure Arias gets the fairest trial possible and that no issues arise that would give Arias ammunition for an appeal.

So while Arias and her defense team won that battle, it's been disclosed that Jodi Arias gave permission to a documentary film maker and crew to interview and film her at the Estella jail!  That's right, I guess she's only worried about the way the media will portray her - and she apparently has found a sympathetic documentary film maker who has worked with domestic abuse survivors in the past, and Arias unsuccessfully tried to get them into the Estrella jail to follow her plight behind bars and through the American legal system. "As Sheriff in charge of Ms. Arias' incarceration, I do not feel it is in the community's best interest to play into her hands and glamorize this inmate, her crime and her tale of woe", said Sheriff Arpaio.

Brenda Clubine, released from prison after 26 years

The documentary film maker is Olivia Klaus, who sought permission for a one day shoot with Jodi Arias back in February of this year. Klaus is known for the documentary film "Sin By Silence, which won many awards following the stories of women behind bars for killing their abusive spouses or partners - Brenda Clubine was one of the women featured.  Clubine was started "Convicted Women Against Abuse" from behind bars at the California Institution for Woman in 1989.  Brenda Clubine's story is far different than the story of Jodi Arias. Brenda Clubine spent 26 years behind bars for the murder of her abusive husband, and Olivia Klaus' documentary was instrumental in bringing attention to her and the cause of domestic abuse in general. Clubine had a well documented case of domestic violence against her husband.  There were numerous emergency room visits and regular beatings. She truly did fear for her life when she took his.  This is very different than the plight of Jodi Arias, they aren't even in the same league.  While I have to concede there's a chance that Jodi isn't lying about everything she claims Travis did to her, I think with most abusive men it doesn't start and end with abusing just one woman.  The defense wasn't able to find one single woman who dated Travis that could say he ever abused them.  Travis may have been guilty of dating more than one woman or lying about the nature of his relationships, but that's a far cry from physical violence.  Jodi is the only woman in Travis' life who alleges he was physically abusive and therefore she feared him.  She feared him so much that she willingly detoured on the way to Utah to see him?

Outspoken Sheriff Joe Arpaio very wisely refused the request to allow the film maker access to Arias or the jail.  In fact, Sheriff Joe issued a press release to all members of the media that no further interviews for inmate number 438434 will be allowed during her retrial.  Arpaio believes Arias played the media, and refers to it as "self-aggrandizement".  Good for you Sheriff Joe!  "America's Toughest Sheriff" also revealed that he as on to certain people on the outside who have been assisting Arias in getting items such as the eye glasses and artwork out of the jail and onto websites where they are being sold or auctioned off. He's aware and they are watching.  Nobody is gonna make a fool out of Sheriff Joe.  

It's public knowledge that Arias' mitigation specialist was caught red-handed leaving the Estrella jail with Arias' artwork and other "personal items" and she was banned from the jail for a period of time for the discovery.  And who could forget the secretly coded magazines Arias attempted to smuggle out of the jail through a friend, meant for Matt McCarty?  This is a woman who is willing to do and say anything to evade full responsibility for her brutal acts.  Is there any doubt who was the victim of domestic violence in this case? Juan Martinez needs to drive this point home - the only way the much smaller and weaker Jodi Arias slaughters the much larger and stronger Travis Alexander is by catching him completely off guard and off balance.  Wet, naked and completely vulnerable - trapped in his own shower stall.  Make no mistake, this was an attack and the only wounds from self defense were on Travis.

So when the new jury is finally seated, what will they see and who will they hear from? The matter of guilt or innocence is no longer in question, it's all about deciding punishment for the crime.  The mini-trial is expected to last through December.  That seems like a long time and a lot of testimony.  Will the jurors hear again from medical examiner Kevin Horn? Will Detective Flores return to the stand and will the new jury see all or some portion of the numerous pre and post verdict Arias interviews? Will they see her websites, hear about the auctions and read all of the Twitter activity? I certainly hope so.  What it shows is how self absorbed Jodi Arias really is.  This is and always has been about her, when it should have always been about Travis Alexander.  She tried her best to turn him into a perverse womanizer, someone who used her as his own sexual play-thing, abused her and tossed her aside like trash.  The first jury didn't hear about the stalking behavior, the slashed tires for example.

According to Arizona law, the new jury will be able to consider the entire record from the previous stages of the trial, including nearly five months of testimony - yet it's not clear how those records will be presented.  The new jury will be notified early in the proceeding that Arias was convicted of first degree murder and Arias committed the murder in a "cruel manner", according to Jerry Cobb, public information officer for the Maricopa County District Attorney's office. Attorneys may get a chance to present evidence, and the jurors may be given transcripts of prior testimony.  There is also a chance Arias may return to the witness stand to testify during the new phase of the trial.  She will also have the opportunity to give a statement to the jury that will not be subject to cross-examination, as in the first trial.  

Will previous witnesses Chris and Skye Hughes testify? They could offer potential insight into when this murder was set into motion. Remember, in late May of 2008, they believe Jodi Arias had done something considered unforgivable to Travis, which caused Travis to respond in a way they had never seen before. Some sort of betrayal, could it have been that audio sex tape? Did she reveal to him that she taped the phone sex call and threatened to play it for his Bishop or his Mormon friends? It had to be something on that level, but the Hughes have stated that they believe this event may have been what led to her deciding to kill him because it happened on May 26th and on May 28th, her grandparents gun was stolen and she asked Daryl Brewer to borrow the gas cans.  The very next week she told Ryan she was coming for a visit.  Did Travis' reaction and him essentially cutting her out of his life, coupled with the fact that he was getting ready to go to Cancun with another woman send her into a furious jealous rage?  It's all related.  I simply do not believe this happened because of a dropped camera.  That story never rang true.  And if Jodi really was "body slammed" on the tile floor in the bathroom, wouldn't she have been hurt by that impact? Think about it, that would really really hurt.  And although I'm no wrestler or fighter, I think one has to have a lot of traction to pick up another person and body slam them. That's quite a maneuver even for a person who is dry, I can't imagine a slippery and wet person having the footing to pull that off.

The whole story was so outrageous from the start.  Just about as likely as Josh Powell's story of taking his 2 very young children on an impromptu camping trip on a snowy Sunday night when wife Susan went missing.  It was a school and work night and it stank from the time it came out of his mouth. Yet he stuck to that outrageous and unbelievable story. It's bull. It's not true, and we know how tragically the Powell story ended.  There were no survivors. 

It will be interesting to see how this penalty phase retrial plays out.  I don't know what to expect, and I'm counting on Internet and television sources to bring us as much information as possible.  I still feel like the public should be watching this play out - that's our judicial system in America, or that's what it's supposed to be!  Apparently as long as they are allowing the public into the trial, they are fulfilling their duty but I think it's a grave injustice and an over reaction by the Judge in this case.  Will we ever know what the reasons were for her decision?  I guess we will have to trust and wait.  

Justice is just around the corner!

Jodi Arias Won't Represent Herself

Is anybody surprised as her day of reckoning inches forward that Jodi Arias has flip-flopped once again about acting as her own attorney at her penalty phase retrial?  I didn't believe for a second that when it came trial time, Arias would be acting in that capacity - her motives for all of this is a mystery.  What we do know is that she does not like her lead attorney Kirk Nurmi, and many believe Arias was attempting to twist the Court's arm by acting as her own attorney unless they agreed to let Nurmi off the case.  Obviously that strategy backfired.  When Arias' Motion to represent herself was granted by the Judge, she received additional time out of her cell to conduct research and "witness interviews" at the Estrella jail complex where she has been held since July of 2008.  She also received additional phone calls acting in capacity of her own attorney and some believe this was part of her game as well.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has to be shaking his head at this point.  He struck back at Arias by asking for sanctions against her for failing to provide information she is required by law to give to the State, such as her witness list.  Arias and her defense team refused to give this list to the State and has been tight lipped around who will testify at trial.  I noticed on a 9/2/14 court minute entry the defense is now required to have defense witnesses ready for interview on 9/22/14 - that's just a week before jury selection is set to begin! That doesn't give the State much time to conduct their own investigations into these witnesses and gather information to impeach things they may say. This is just incredible that she seemingly has been allowed to run the show here:

IT IS ORDERED setting Capital Case Management Conference on 9/15/14 at 8:15 a.m. in this division.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED setting Oral Argument on David Bodney’s Request for Camera Coverage and Modification of May 21, 2014 Ruling on 9/15/14 at 8:30 a.m. in this division.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defense is to submit their witness names and addresses in a sealed document to this Court by 12:00 p.m. on 9/3/14.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the State is to schedule interviews with Defense witnesses through Defense and not contact the witnesses directly.
Defense counsel informs the Court that their expert is available to be interviewed by the State on 9/22/14.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all other interviews are to be scheduled and completed during the week of September 8, 2014.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Defense expert is to provide any raw data and scoring sheets to the State by 9/9/14.

Based on Defense Motion to Release Property and there being no objection by the State, IT IS ORDERED granting the motion and affirming that the Defense investigator may pick up the property listed in the motion.

Filed: Defendant’s Motion to Release Property
9:39 a.m. Matter concludes.

This case is eFiling eligible: http://www.clerkofcourt.m

So if I'm interpreting this correctly, the State cannot contact defense witnesses outright, rather they have to contact the defense to arrange interviews?  The second phrase I highlighted has to do with raw data and scoring sheets.  Will Arias introduce a new psychologist or new test results, hoping to validate that she suffered from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder she argued she had during the trial?  I get the sense from these minute entries that she is still going to try to argue that she was a victim of domestic violence.  OK, I don't believe that but even if you give her argument some validity, there is so much evidence of a violent attack against Travis Alexander and so little injury to Arias that she's out of her mind if she thinks this murder was justified in any way.  This did not appear to be a kill or be killed argument with Travis.  It appears to have been an unprovoked ambush while he was vulnerable in the shower!

So much of this trial just infuriates, and it's all because of Jodi Arias and her inability to take responsibility for her cowardly act of violence. I have little doubt she could have walked out of that house, while Travis was showering or even if you believe he "body slammed" her over a dropped camera - she could have gotten out.  I don't believe a naked and wet Travis would have chased her into his front yard had she simply left.  As we know, Arias has hired her own investigator to review evidence from the crime scene - here is the latest minute entry from 9/4/14:

The Court has reviewed the For the Record (FTR) recording of the sealed court 
proceeding conducted on August 20, 2014. The minute entry for that date incorrectly stated the Court’s order.

IT IS ORDERED amending the Court minute entry dated August 20, 2014, page 3, paragraph 4, as follows.
Defendant requests that the State set a date and time certain for her investigator to review evidence maintained at the Mesa Police Department. The prosecutor will contact his case agent immediately following this hearing to schedule a date and time certain for that review to occur. The meeting shall occur on or before August 28.

So Jodi Arias, who has received a $2,000,000 plus defense free of charge now has funds to hire a private investigator.  Did the funds come from her supporters and sales of Arias' art or from her JA Appellate Fund?  I don't know what else to say about Jodi Arias, except for I cannot wait for this trial to conclude.  Since she killed Travis Alexander, it's been all about Jodi and her rights.  She's managed to drag her trial out for 6 long years, and even managed to put a year and a half between the guilty verdict and her sentencing.  I guess you have to hand it to her for learning how to work the system.

After Sentencing - What's Next for Jodi Arias?

 I'm already wondering what's next once we learn if a jury sentences Jodi Arias to life or death.  We are fairly familiar with what should happen if Arias becomes one of the few women sentenced to death:  1.  Direct appeal; 2. Post Conviction Relief and 3. Federal Habeas Corpus.

In the automatic direct appeal, the Arizona Supreme Court independently reviews the sentence and focuses on the facts and circumstances of the crime at issue and the character and record of the defendant.  As soon as the mandate is issued affirming a defendants conviction and sentence, the Arizona Supreme Court automatically issues a post conviction relief proceeding.  Post conviction relief hearings allow the defendant to voice claims relating to whether trial counsel provided effective representation during the trial and sentencing hearing, any "newly discovered" evidence that would have changed the verdict or sentence had it been presented at the time of trial; and whether a change in law that applies retroactively would probably change the conviction or sentence.

Federal Habeas Corpus - under 28 U S C 2254, a state prisoner may seek relief in federal district court for claims that his federal constitutional rights were violated at trial or at sentencing.  A federal constitutional claim can only be raised in federal court if it has first been raised in a procedurally appropriate manner in state court.  If the prisoner's claim was not properly presented in state court, he can still pursue the claim in federal court if he establishes "cause and prejudice" for his failure to present the claim in state court or that failure to consider the claim would result in a "fundamental miscarriage of justice"; i.e. actual innocence or ineligibility for the death penalty. 

Jodi Arias has referred to the long appellate process that comes with a death sentence many times. She has said that sentencing her to life would allow Travis' family and friends a chance to move forward while shipping her away to prison and forgetting about her.  I doubt the Alexander family will ever forget Jodi Arias.  According to the ACLU, life without the possibility of parole "is a swift, severe and certain punishment".  They further mention that no one sentenced to LWOP has ever been released on parole in any state.  One study shows the average number of years for death penalty case appeals is 17 years and increasing. The ACLU also reported that in California, which has the most people on death row than any other state in America (*more than 660 prisoners) had 4 times as many prisoners die from other causes while awaiting execution then have actually been executed.  I understand the point, and the statistics around the cost and effectiveness of capital punishment as a deterrent to violent crime.  But while the death penalty remains an option in the state of Arizona, some crimes are so brutal, heinous and when evidence of guilt is overwhelming it should remain an option for these jurors.

If Arias ends up being the rare female sentenced to death, we can expect her to meander through the long appellate process.  A long appellate process should not be a consideration in determining her sentence for the crime she committed.  Had she not been caught red handed, I truly believe she never would have come forward with a guilty conscious and had she been able to sell the 2 masked intruder story or the self defense theories she would have stuck with whichever best served her to the bitter end.  

If the second jury is unable to reach an unanimous verdict for a second time, Judge Sherry Stephens will be tasked with sentencing Arias to natural life or life with the possibility of release after serving 25 years.  With credit for time served and with good behavior, she could potentially be out of prison by the time she's in her mid fifties if she doesn't receive a natural life sentence. That will be up to the Judge and it's hard to read Judge Stephens based on her trial rulings, which have seemed to lean towards the side of caution where the defense is concerned.  That doesn't mean she feels the crime wasn't horrible and worthy of a death or LWOP sentence! She has to remain impartial and protect the integrity of the trial record so she's probably right to be cautious. This was also her first death penalty trial.

A person sentenced to LWOP receives only one automatic appeal and is not provided any court appointed attorneys.  Once the sentence has been determined and any appeals have been exhausted, I have a feeling Jodi Arias will find herself tangled up in a whole other legal web - the possibility of a wrongful death suit by the family is still there.  The Alexander family has had to patiently await their day in court until the criminal trial has concluded.  The most important thing is to see their brother's killer put away and punished for taking his life.  And to have to sit back while Jodi Arias launched a full on smear campaign against their brother during the trial, based not on fact or evidence but only her word had to be torture.  Their time will come, but sadly the damage has been done and no punishment or financial ramifications against Travis' killer will give them what they most want, their brother.

Jodi Arias will soon be sentenced and either way she'll be leaving the familiar surroundings of the Estrella jail complex she's lived at for the last 6 years and will find herself in a much different prison setting.  There are no media interviews in prison, so the spotlight will indeed fade for Arias soon as she integrates into her new world behind bars.  Still, I can't help but think we haven't heard the last of her.  Chances are she will continue to tweet and post crap from wherever she is being held!

Justice Delayed - The Jodi Arias Trial

 The penalty phase retrial for Jodi Arias should have been starting on Monday, but once again the defense has successfully argued for more time to prepare for their case.  Unless you've totally avoided the countless stories about this trial, you know that Ms. Arias has decided that she is the best possible person to represent herself this go around.  Oh man, that has to have Juan Martinez grinning big time!  On September 29th, jury selection is supposed to begin and this 6 year long ordeal may finally come to an end.  Justice may be delayed, but we have to believe it won't be denied. 

Convicted murderer slash attorney at law Jodi Arias faces the death penalty or life for the June 4, 2008 murder of 30 year old Travis Alexander.  Since this sad story came to light 6 years ago, it seems it's been all about Jodi Arias - when it should be all about Travis Alexander.  He is, after all the true victim of this horrendous crime - brutally killed in what should have been the safety of his own home at a time when he was most vulnerable; in the shower of all places.  Naturally, as Arias tells it he attacked her and she fought back.  The jury apparently found plenty of reasons to doubt her kill or be killed story because they found her guilty of murder in the first degree.  It's truly a shame they were divided on her punishment after months of testimony and millions of dollars were spent providing the defendant with legal council.  With judgement day just around the corner, what could Jodi Arias have left in her bag of tricks?  She's a well documented liar, probably the most well documented liar seen in a courtroom since Casey Anthony.  Casey Anthony had the sense to keep her mouth shut, which probably went a long way in gaining an acquittal in her murder trial. I have a feeling her verdict may have been much different had she spent 18 days on the witness stand and had she taken any of those media outlets up on interview requests!

In choosing to represent herself, Arias has reportedly gained additional phone calls and time out of her cell to prepare for trial. It's been a huge sticking point for people around the country, myself included who are outraged that Arias has been able to peddle her artwork and fund raise from behind bars! We all know who is footing the bill for her defense after all - so where is the money going that she has managed to get her hands on?  Does anybody actually think one red cent of it will be used to repay the good citizens and taxpayers of Arizona, or is it more likely Arias' family will retain control of the funds and use them however they see fit?  Who knows, but it is outrageous that she's been "free" to do so much while incarcerated.  First there were the arts sales at auction websites such as ebay (who later banned the sales due to public outrage), then Arias managed to get people on the outside to create and maintain websites for her where she could post her artwork for sale to the highest bidder.

And let's not forget those "Survivor" t shirts, the ones she told jury #1 that 100% of the proceeds are donated to battered women's shelters and domestic violence causes. Most of us have been paying close attention and know for a fact that the website said "a portion of the proceeds.....", not 100% of the proceeds as she claimed in her mitigation speech.  She must have had that footnote amended to 100% just prior to her trial, in an attempt to make herself look less opportunistic and greedy.  Then there were the Jodi wristbands, did they say "Free Jodi" or something to that effect?  I just remember they were like $20 or $25 bucks.  And who could forget the "JAA Appellate Trust Fund"?  Created for the purpose of collecting the public's funds to foot the bill for legal fees associated with any appeals.  Call me skeptical, but I feel like she's pulling a fast one - I'd love to see that trust document which probably gives Arias free reign to spend the money however she sees fit.  I do remember the site had a disclaimer that the money was non-refundable!!  Naturally.

Sorry I seem to go off on this aspect of the case frequently, but it's just such an outrage.  One more comment on Arias' fundraising.  There's a snippet on that's reportedly part of a taped conversation between Jodi Arias and an unidentified person in which Arias can be heard telling them "I wanted the collected money to stay within my family.." Doesn't that say it all? Hard to believe it but she does actually have some "supporters" out there, as well as a whole lot of what she refers to as her "dedicated haters".  Those would be the people who didn't buy into the abuse and pedophile allegations she smeared Travis Alexander with at trial.  The latest reports has Arias hiring an investigator (probably with those very same funds!) wanting to snoop around the crime scene.  What does she hope to gain by these types of activities?  She does realize this trial isn't about her guilt or innocence right? She should be focusing her energies on finding a way to make herself come across as a remorseful and humble human being who made the worst mistake of her life.  She needs to take responsibility for her horrible act and stop portraying herself as the victim in this.  In my opinion, that's the only way she stands a chance of getting life in prison.  She needs to own it and stop the slander and smear campaign on the murder victim.

That being said, does anybody out there think she is capable of doing that? Or will this trial be all about justification of her crime?  Will she try to convince the new jury that despite what the first jury decided, it was a case of self defense? I don't know what exactly the Judge will let into this phase of the trial, I have no idea what to expect legally.  It's hard to decide the penalty without hearing the story to some degree.  What will be allowed in, will the defense be allowed to introduce new evidence at this trial?  I wouldn't think that would be allowed.  How long will the retrial last?  And will Arias really end up questioning witnesses or will she ultimately defer to Willmott or Nurmi?  The questions racing through my head are endless.  I've never seen a penalty phase retrial and there's been so much secrecy around this one it's hard to know what to expect.  But with this case, we've all come to expect the unexpected.  You just never know what Jodi Arias is going to do.  

It's truly a shame and disservice to the public that the trial will not be televised until after the verdict is announced.  Our justice system is supposed to be open and on display to the public.  But apparently Jodi Arias feels the very same media she had lined up at Estrella jail to interview her turned the public against her and influenced the jury.  I seriously doubt the media was to blame for her guilty verdict.  She was convicted because she did it, and with an overabundance of evidence beyond any reasonable doubt.  Let's lay blame where it belongs.  Had the media coverage been as big of an influence on the first jury, don't you think Jodi Arias would be sitting on death row right now?  I do.

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