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Arias Jury Has Over 100 Questions

It appears Kirk Nurmi may be getting closer to the end of Jodi Arias's redirect. It's being reported that the jury has 100 questions for Arias! Arizona is one of the few states that allows jurors to ask questions of the witnesses, and they have been seen putting pieces of paper into a box throughout her testimony.  Once the redirect has concluded, the judge will review the jury questions with attorney's on both sides and decide whether or not each question can be asked of Arias.

Jodi Arias has been on the witness stand for 15 days straight - this is like nothing I've ever seen, and I'm wondering how the judge is going to handle the large volume of questions in that box. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to take time away from trial to review the questions, but I have no idea how it will work.

This afternoon, Nurmi finally got around to the events immediately surrounding the murder.  Nurmi asked Arias if she would like to remember what happened on June 4, 2008 - since there are many "huge gaps" she testified to having and she described being in a fog. Arias answered "part of me wants to remember because I feel I'm the one who should sit with those memories because I'm the one who caused it, I'm responsible".  Nice to hear her admit she is responsible - at least she remembers that much. Arias talked about nearly having a nervous breakdown after her previous long term boyfriend Darryl Brewer yelled at her!  Is she really that fragile, or is this all a huge act?

Arias claims that when she entered the closet on June 4, 2008 she didn't go in there with the intention of getting his gun, rather she thought of it when she was already inside the closet with Alexander in close pursuit.  Here's another problem I have with her story.  She still insists the gun she used to shoot him is not her grandfather's stolen gun. We know that after she killed him, Arias attempted to clean up the scene and she took with her all the evidence she believed would tie her to the crime. She only left the camera there because she thought those pictures she deleted were gone. Otherwise, I'm certain she would've taken the camera as well. If that gun was Travis Alexanders and not her grandfather's stolen gun, why did she take it and throw it in the desert? Why not just leave it there, wipe her fingerprints off and leave it there? She put the knife in the dishwasher, I'm assuming she wiped it clean first so why take the gun if it's NOT her grandfather's gun? 

I can't wait to hear some of the jury's questions and get a better feel for if they are buying this story or not. I'm not, are you?

15th Day Of Jodi Arias - Redirect Continues

Murder defendant Jodi Arias returned to the witness stand today - she has now been on the stand for 15 out of the 28 court days! Have you ever seen anything like this? Does she know that she has a right to remain silent??  It keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Today, attorney Kirk Nurmi continued to review points that were problematic following the grueling cross examination by prosecutor Juan Martinez last week. They discussed more of Arias's journal entries - one of which she wrote about coming to the realization she could never marry Travis or have children with him, making a point to mention that she would "worry about my children". I'm not aware that Mr. Alexander wanted to marry Jodi Arias, but she wrote "he told me time and time again that if he could marry me he would have won the wife lottery". She told Kirk Nurmi and the jury that Travis made that comment several times and she felt it was a "high compliment".

She also testified that Travis had "no tolerance for traffic" and said that during a drive to Anaheim, he became so angry at the traffic he began yelling and screaming at other drivers and he "couldn't restrain himself". Who hasn't gotten angry over traffic? Seems to me they are grasping at straws now. Finally, they discussed some issues that are actually relevant to the trial.  

The gun:  Nurmi revisited the May, 2008 break in at her grandparents Yreka home, where a .25 caliber gun was stolen - the prosecution believes this was the murder weapon, and Arias staged the break in. Arias denies stealing the gun and claims Travis Alexander had a .25 caliber gun at his home. Nobody who knew Travis ever saw a gun in his home. Nurmi to Arias: "in late May of 2008, did you have access to guns if you had wanted one"?  Arias: "yes, Darryl had a gun, Matt had guns - in fact Matt had an unregistered gun, which is a no-no in the state of California".  She also said her father owned several guns. This means nothing, because the whole point was that Jodi Arias didn't want anybody to know she had a gun.  Silly argument by Nurmi.

The rental car:  Nurmi made a similar argument about the rental car as he did for the gun. Nurmi to Arias:  "did you have people you could have borrowed a car from for this trip if you wanted to?" Arias:  "yes", and she named several people that more than likely would've loaned or swapped cars with her.  Again, not many points for Nurmi and Arias.  

The gas cans: They reviewed the 3 receipts from the ARCO station she filled up at in Pasadena, and the gas cans she borrowed from Darryl. Arias borrowed 2 five gallon gas cans from Darryl and purchased a 3 gallon gas can from WalMart, but returned it the same day when she realized she really didn't need it. She claims she didn't get a receipt when she returned it, WalMart just handed her the cash. If Arias says she got the gas cans to buy "cheap gas out of state", why did she fill them up in Pasadena?  Anybody?

Court is taking their lunch break - how much longer is Arias going to be up on that witness stand? This is unreal.

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