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Ryan Burns Appears On ID Show "Who The Bleep"......

It seems I've been watching too much TV these days, as evidenced by my "Cold Justice" posts.  I usually don't watch the Investigation Discovery Channel's "Who the Bleep Did I Marry", mostly because the format seems a little lame and too scripted - but after catching the first two minutes of an episode yesterday, I realized the episode was on Ryan Burns and his experience dating convicted killer Jodi Arias. Burns was a key prosecution witness who through a wrench in Arias' alibi when he told police Arias was more than a day late showing up to his house in Utah during the time Travis Alexander was killed.

I don't know how to read Burns' appearance on this show. I'm certain he was paid to appear, in fact at the end of the show it gives you information on how to contact the show if you want to appear and have a story. You can't blame a person for trying to make a buck, but I can't say it sits well when people are paid for appearances in this manner when someone was butchered. Ryan Burns had a story to tell, but I can't say he said anything we didn't hear at the trial - no "exclusive", rather just a recap of what we already have heard. No doubt there will be more stories on Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. I wouldn't be surprised to see Jodi Arias on an episode of Oxygen's "Snapped".

I do credit Burns for cooperating with the police, despite his romantic interest in Arias and sharing what he knew about where she was or more importantly where she was not during the time it is believed the murder occurred. On the show, Burns' credited Travis Alexander for inspiring him to succeed and he felt he owed it to Travis to bust Jodi's timeline wide open and report her late arrival and unanswered phone calls and text messages during her trip to Utah. We all know where she was and what caused her delay, what is still chilling to this day is how calm and normal everyone who had contact with her reported Arias to be in the days after the murder.

Ryan Burns is now married with children - but he did say on the show that Jodi Arias wanted to go back to Utah for another visit after Travis' death and before she was ultimately arrested on July 15, 2008. He wisely heeded the advice of his close friends and told her he didn't think it was a good idea.  He still wonders where Arias was going when she was arrested and weapons were found in her car. 

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