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Showing posts from May 17, 2013

Arias Defense Team Wants Off Case

Yesterday the third and final phase of the Jodi Arias death penalty murder trial got under way with opening statements and victim impact statements in the sentencing phase.  Jodi Arias has not been silent since the reading of the guilty verdict, and it's become more apparent that her attorneys are frustrated with their lack of control over their client.  Arias, famous for giving media interviews before and after her trial seems to want to continue talking despite her attorneys advice.

The differences between Jennifer Willmott, Kirk Nurmi and Jodi Arias reached a peak last week when the defense team petitioned Judge Sherry Stephens and asked to withdraw from the case.  Apparently Arias wants to run the show, and I suppose it IS her trial - but despite what we may think of her distasteful defense, these two attorneys have gone to battle for her.  And how does she repay them?  Not an hour into her conviction of first degree murder the finger pointing began, or as I like to say the bro…