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Retired Judge Belvin Perry Comments on Casey Anthony Case

It seems like with the upcoming 3-part special presented by Investigation Discovery ("Casey Anthony - An American Murder Mystery") we are beginning to hear more about the mystery surrounding the death of 2 year old Caylee Anthony and the surprising acquittal of her young mother Casey.

The residing judge on what has been referred to as "the social media trial of the century", Judge Belvin Perry was interviewed by USA Today and he believes Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter Caylee, but not intentionally.  He still believes there was sufficient evidence to take the murder case to trial and he didn't say whether or not he agreed with the verdict.

I always find it interesting to see what Judges think about the cases they reside over.  Their job is to ensure the defendant receives a fair trial, however they have to have their own thoughts and opinions about what may have happened. He pointed to the evidence of Casey's internet searches on the use of chloroform as an important piece of the puzzle - one that may point to her trying to use the agent to quiet Caylee or put her to sleep and she may have given her a lethal dose.

From what we have seen from all of the Casey Anthony jailhouse videos of her visitations with her parents, it seems if she did accidentally cause Caylee's death in such a manner there is no way she would or could admit that to her mother. Instead, the story she concocted was so outrageous that it became a national story and stayed in the headlines for months.  The more the public heard, the more outraged people became.  One thing is certain - Casey Anthony is the only person who really knows what happened.  I doubt she would ever come clean if she hasn't by now.  The death by accidental drowning/cover up just makes no sense when you look at the behavior of her grieving parents at the time Caylee was missing.

I'll always believe the duct tape over Caylee's mouth may have been placed there to go with the kidnapping story she came up with.  The placement of her body so near to the family home and near where the Anthony's used to bury their deceased pets is no coincidence.  These are things she cannot explain.  We still really don't know where Casey went every day when she pretended to go to work.  There are so many things we don't and probably will never know.  This is beginning to have the feel of the Jon Benet Ramsey case - only in the public's desire to know what happened.  No other similarities in the cases, but when children are killed, it hits home.

I tend to agree with Judge Perry.  I never really thought it was an intentional act, but Casey is the only one who can say for sure.  If you are still interested in this saga, be sure to tune in to ID's special beginning 4/9. Have a great week!

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