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Jodi Arias On The Stand - Travis Had a "Bill Clinton" View About Sex!

Murder defendant Jodi Arias took the stand for the 3rd day and provided more insight into her relationship with victim Travis Alexander. During her testimony, she told jurors that her relationship with Travis developed into a physical relationship within days of meeting.  She testified that Travis had a "Bill Clinton view" about sex - implying that he felt oral sex wasn't really sex. Arias claims she had different views, feeling it was all considered sex. 

As she described how they met at a Pre Paid Legal conference and how Alexander introduced himself to her, she spoke quite easily and seemed relaxed at times but said the testimony about their sex life was "embarrassing" for her. She stated that within 2 days of meeting, Travis made it clear he was interested in being more than friends. Arias went on to describe an incident where she and Travis were staying with friends (the Hughes), and although Jodi was assigned her own bedroom to sleep in, Travis made his wa…