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Jodi Arias On The Stand - Travis Had a "Bill Clinton" View About Sex!

Murder defendant Jodi Arias took the stand for the 3rd day and provided more insight into her relationship with victim Travis Alexander. During her testimony, she told jurors that her relationship with Travis developed into a physical relationship within days of meeting.  She testified that Travis had a "Bill Clinton view" about sex - implying that he felt oral sex wasn't really sex. Arias claims she had different views, feeling it was all considered sex. 

As she described how they met at a Pre Paid Legal conference and how Alexander introduced himself to her, she spoke quite easily and seemed relaxed at times but said the testimony about their sex life was "embarrassing" for her. She stated that within 2 days of meeting, Travis made it clear he was interested in being more than friends. Arias went on to describe an incident where she and Travis were staying with friends (the Hughes), and although Jodi was assigned her own bedroom to sleep in, Travis made his way into her room that night. She claims they began to kiss, and Travis began removing her clothes - then they had oral sex. This would become a recurring theme, and Arias claimed it made her feel "used and dirty", but she never complained to Travis because she really liked him!

She went on to describe other encounters, and said some of those left her feeling like a prostitute!  My question is this:  if the guy made you feel so ashamed, so used, so cheap - why did you continue to call, e-mail, text and see him? I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but Jodi Arias herself has described ending other relationships she's had, and she had the opportunity to end this one too. By all accounts, Travis Alexander was a normal, 30 year old man and like any other 30 year old red blooded man - he thought about sex.  Being raised in the Mormon faith didn't allow him to act on these feelings, presumably until he met Jodi Arias, who was not raised as a Mormon and had previous sexual relationships with other men before she met Travis.

I believe this must have been a very powerful tool that Jodi possessed after the very first encounter with Travis. I believe she knew exactly what she was doing - providing him with something he couldn't ask of the other (Mormon) women in his life. We are only hearing her side of the story right now, and Kirk Nurmi is doing his best to paint Arias as someone who was used and hidden from family and friends. Unfortunately, Travis Alexander isn't here to tell his side of the story. Arias has been a calm and composed witness, but she's had nearly 5 years to prepare for this moment.  Travis Alexander is NOT on trial for violation of the Mormon vows of chastity here!  Yet the defense is trying to paint a picture of a demure, soft spoken woman who was controlled by this big powerful man.

We've yet to hear the infamous "phone sex tapes" that Arias recorded of calls between her and Travis Alexander. My question is this:  why did she feel the need to tape these calls?  Was she planning on blackmailing him, or exposing his secrets to his bishop or friends and family? Or was it so she could re live the moment over and over?  Who knows - but there had to be a reason she recorded them. Could come in handy if one was on trial for murder, right?

The defense has still failed to provide any testimony from any person that Travis Alexander was physically abusive to anybody in his life. Had he been killed by a single gunshot wound, or a single stab to the chest  - self defense may have been a viable defense. There is NO defense for what she did to him. In order to believe this brutal murder was an act of self defense, Jodi Arias should have had broken bones, cuts and bruises or other injuries consistent with a struggle with Travis Alexander. She simply did not have injuries, other than the cuts caused by the bloody knife she used to stab him sliding down her hand and cutting herself. This wasn't a fair fight folks.  There has been no evidence pointing to this "life and death" struggle Jennifer Willmott described in her opening statement.  Where's the beef defense team?

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