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Showing posts from March 22, 2013

Jodi Arias Arrest Clip From Siskiyou County Sherriff's Department

Just a quick post in response to the many requests about the new video footage with Jodi Arias when she is being arrested in Northern California back in July of 2008. During the clip that aired two nights ago, she can be seen wearing handcuffs, and sitting on the floor "indian style", flipping her hair as women do when they want to add a little volume to their hairdo! 

After she is informed of her murder indictment, she begins to panic and asks Detective Flores "so this is going to be public now" and she specifically asks if Travis's family has been informed or if they have called the Sheriff's office. Detective Flores tells her that while the Alexander family calls nearly every day, "they don't even know we are talking to you", he tells her. This clip may not include everything I posted about a few days back - in that clip, she asks Flores if the story of her arrest will be on the news that same night.

You can almost feel the panic setting in f…

Arias Jury Wary of Dr. Samuel's Assessment

The jury had plenty of questions for the defense's "expert" witness, Dr. Richard Samuels yesterday. I didn't write many of them down, because many of them were long and similar in nature to one another - but there was a common theme. The jury doesn't seem to share Dr. Samuel's opinion that "it's irrelevant" that accused murderer Jodi Arias took the PTSD test while still lying about two armed intruders killing Travis Alexander. Dr. Samuels has repeatedly stated that it wouldn't effect the test results because trauma is trauma - and he still believes her trauma was real and it triggered the PTSD and "dissociative amnesia".

I've heard enough about Jodi Arias's supposed mental and memory problems. I quite frankly don't understand why this even matters - this all started with her "fog", her lack of memory during the time she was stabbing and slashing Travis Alexander's throat. She did these things, what differen…