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Video Of Arias Arrest Shows More Bizarre Behavior

After another abbreviated court day yesterday, additional video footage was released from the day Jodi Arias was arrested and handcuffed by Detective Esteban Flores. We have already seen Arias' odd behavior during interrogation videos where she appears to do yoga stretches in her chair, and more recently when she is left alone in the interrogation room she rifles through a garbage can, scolds herself for not applying her makeup, sings a Dido song and laughs to herself in an evil and chilling manner. This is one odd woman.

**UPDATE** I'm trying to locate the piece of footage I described in this post. It was shown on Jane Valez-Mitchell's show last night, and on her webpage they refer to it as "hours of new interrogation video released", but the clip they attached to it is JVM and her guests talking about the new clip. I'm determined to find this online for you, and will post a link as soon as I find it. It was shown last night on JVM and it's worth finding. I had never seen the footage before, and it's the first time she is seen sporting handcuffs. 

New video footage emerged yesterday of the moment when Arias is informed by Detective Flores that she has been indicted for first degree murder. She asks Flores "so everybody will know now?" and "will this be reported on the news tonight?" - and she seemed very concerned if the Alexander family knew she was being arrested. She asked Detective Flores if he had spoken to Travis' family - he told her that they had been calling every day, but they had not yet been informed of her suspected involvement.

Arias is handcuffed and left alone in the room. She can be seen sitting indian style on the floor, with her hands cuffed behind her back - when she begins flipping her hair to fluff it up. When Detective Flores returns, during her sobbing she asks him if she can "clean herself up" before they take her to be booked into jail! So here's a woman who has just been informed that a grand jury indicted her on the first degree murder of a person she described as her best friend and ex boyfriend, and her first concern is her physical appearance. This speaks volumes about the narcissistic personality of Jodi Arias. She knows the jig is up, and Travis Alexander's friends and family will soon know the truth about her. Unfortunately, his friends were right to be concerned about Travis' involvement with Jodi Arias. Now they would all know, she could no longer blend in with his grieving family and friends. She was the monster who did this to him.

A woman who worked at Pre Paid Legal and knew Travis Alexander was interviewed last night on one of the HLN shows, and she told a disturbing story of an encounter she had with Jodi Arias at a PPL event. Her name is Clancy Talbot, and she was a colleague and friend of Travis who lives in Salt Lake City. During one of the many PPL events we've heard about during this trial, she and Travis had an innocent interaction in which Travis helped Talbot to her table. The following day, Jodi Arias managed to isolate Talbot in the ladies room, and she told her in no uncertain terms that "Travis was hers" and she wanted her to know that she and Travis were an item. Clancy Talbot said she had always had a bad feeling about Jodi Arias, even prior to this encounter. She says Arias blocked the exit door of the restroom until she was done basically telling Talbot that Travis was off limits.

Clancy Talbot was amazed at how Jodi Arias was able to follow her into that ladies restroom, which was on a floor reserved for "Directors" - Arias clearly was not anywhere near that level in PPL, but Travis was. She claims Arias was very jealous of all of Travis' friends, both male and female but especially his female friends. When asked what she thought about Arias's court room demeanor versus the Jodi Arias she knew before her arrest, she said that the portrayal of Arias as someone who has low self esteem and non-confrontational is false. She referred to her as an effective manipulator who can hold her own.  Interesting to hear from people who have interacted with Jodi Arias with Travis Alexander - it gives a more true and accurate description of who she is and how she behaved in their relationship. Talbot was on the Prosecution's witness list, but wasn't called. This may be why we haven't heard from her until now. 

It's been interesting to see the new interrogation footage, I'm not sure why it's coming out piece by piece as it has. Each clip seems to be even odder than the last! Why is the jury only seeing parts of this footage? Did the judge deem it to be too prejudicial, with Arias so concerned with the way she looks for her booking photo - and her various yoga poses, standing on her head, rifling through the trash, talking and singing to herself and that evil cackle of a laugh has to be the most chilling part of it all. The footage makes her look like she has absolutely no remorse about what she did, and I don't believe she is remorseful to this day. If she wasn't going to be able to have Travis, there's no way she was going to let anybody else have him. Especially not Marie Hall. She told the detective that "Travis was desperate to get married" during the 7/15/08 interrogation, and she knew by her experience and conversations with him, through the content on his blog and through his friends that she was not a viable option to be his wife.

When she realized that Travis was not going to change his mind about his travel plans and he would be spending time alone with another woman - a woman who was more wife material than she was, she came undone. She wouldn't have been able to handle those days and those nights thinking about what he was doing in Cancun Mexico with a woman she knew he had an interest in. Those thoughts consumed her and drove her to the murderous rage that claimed the life of Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias killed him and never looked back. She continued on her trip to Utah, as if nothing happened. She would likely be on to the next man, had she not been arrested and indicted for murder. Better to have Travis dead and gone than to worry and wonder about who he is sharing his time and his life with. In a way, killing him finally set her free. Her freedom was short lived. Was it worth it?

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