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Jodi Arias Case To Be Featured On "Deadly Sins"

We can now add Investigation Discovery's Deadly Sins to the growing number of crime shows that have featured Jodi Arias and the murder of Travis Alexander in recent years.  The sensational murder trial and the circumstances and evidence associated with the case has captured a large audience as cable and network television continue to pounce on this story while it's hot.  To date, Jodi Arias has been featured on the following:

Dateline48 Hours Hard Evidence20/20"Dirty Little Secrets - The Jodi Arias Story" - Lifetime NetworkWho The Bleep (Did I Marry).....-  Investigation DiscoverySnapped - OxygenDeadly Sins - Investigation DiscoveryIn addition, Arias has given a number of interviews to local media in Phoenix before and after her trial.  Investigation Discovery's Deadly Sins is hosted by Darren Kavinosky, who often appears as a guest on Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell's shows on HLN network.  Deadly Sins has featured a number of high profile cases, and some…