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A & E Special Revisits Laci Peterson Murder

A & E's mini series on the tragic murders of Modesto resident Laci Peterson and her unborn son Connor has been aired.  Anyone who lives in the greater Bay Area remembers the Christmas-time disappearance of the beautiful Laci, in part because she was 8 months pregnant and she vanished on Christmas Eve.  The story quickly went national and photos of the smiling Laci Peterson were being televised from coast to coast as Modesto residents turned out to help in the search for her.

Laci was reported missing by her stepfather on Christmas Eve, after husband Scott returned to an empty home after going fishing in the San Francisco Bay.  He told law enforcement that Laci was alive and well on Christmas Eve morning when he left for the Berkeley Marina - she planned on taking their dog MacKenzie for a walk in a nearby park.  A neighbor of the Peterson's reportedly found MacKenzie wandering on the street with her leash and put her into the Peterson's back yard.  It was approximately …