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Shades of Arias : The Shauna Huber Murder Trial

Well it seems as if there is a new murderess in Kentucky who's antics in the police interrogation room give Jodi Arias a run for the title of most bizarre. 24 year old Shayna Huber's was recently convicted of first degree murder for the 2012 shooting death of boyfriend Ryan Poston in Kentucky and sentenced to 40 years in prison.  There were only 9 days of testimony before fhge jury came back with a verdict.

Ryan Post on was a 29 year old attorney who had just started his own firm specializing in personal injury. He came from a well respected and close family and by all accounts he was a rising star. He was a  very handsome and smart young man who began casually dating after a long term serious relationship had ended. Huber was one of the women he was seeing although close friends insisted Ryan was not serious with her and hadquicklylost interest in her. He was having a hard time ending the relationship as Shauna would not let him go.

She reportedly sent him up to 75 messages a d…

Natural Life Sentence For Jodi Arias

It' finally happened. Jodi Arias' fate was sealed last week when Judge Sherry Stephens formally sentenced her to natural life with no chance for release. This is the harshest punishment available to the judge, who ultimately cited the extreme cruelty of the murder, the preparation and planning involved in the murder plot, the use of two weapons, her attempts to destroy evidence and her attempt to conceal her involvement as factors that contributed in her decision.  The mitigating factors cited in the defenses sentencing memorandum were insufficient to warrant leniency, according to the judge.

The judge set a hearing date in the matter of restitution for June 1st, wherein Arias' lead attorney Kirk Nurmi restated his desire to withdraw as her attorney in any and all further matters.  Jennifer Wilmott handled the bulk of the arguments at the sentencing hearing.  On behalf of the Alexander family, one of Travis' aunts spoke, as well as 3 of his younger sisters - Hillary Wil…

Our Search For Patches

This is a subject near and dear to my heart, pets. I've always had them, and they bring so much happiness and joy into our lives that I can't imagine not having one.  Since we love our pets like family, it hurts when they pass away, get sick or disappear.  I can accept the circle and cycle of life, but when things happen to our pets because of the deliberate actions of another - a heartless neighbor for example, I have discovered that the laws around the subject of pets is grossly inadequate.

My mom's cat "Patches" disappeared last November.  He has been her loyal and loving companion for 9 years, and a constant comfort to her through some pretty difficult times.  She LOVES this cat and so do I.  So when he went missing last year I searched high and low for him.  I passed out color flyers, went to animal shelters and walked the neighborhood countless times in search of Patches.  I am desperate to find him!  

A few weeks ago, we found o…

Arias Support Website Publishes Jurors Names - Thanks Holdout

In my last posting, I incorrectly identified the holdout juror in the Jodi Arias sentencing phase retrial as juror #12, while sources say it was juror #17 who spared Arias from a death sentence.  It is now being reported that Maricopa County is providing security for juror #17, after her name was "leaked" vis social media. No doubt Arias supporters will have a field day with this development and if you listen closely you can almost hear them drumming up more conspiracy and/or misconduct theories.

There are so many things that were wrong with this trial, much of which was advantageous to the defense. Only AFTER the fact are we hearing about the possibility that the holdout juror's husband was previously prosecuted by the same DA or DA's office? Between that connection and the disclosure that she has been a victim of domestic abuse, how in the world did she end up on this jury panel?  All of the time and resources that were thrown at prosecuting this case and I'm wo…

Holdout Juror Saves Arias From Death Row

First off, my apologies in advance as I'm having to post this using an iPad due to computer problems so I'm not able to type as fast and furiously as My mind would like to after the second disappointing NON VERDICT in the Jodi Arias penalty retrial.

Where do we even begin? This trial, in my opinion was one of the most poorly handled high profile murder cases I've ever seen or read of. Judge Sherry Stephens allowed this trial to be delayed longer than it should have, she allowed concessions to the defense at almost every turn - perhaps out of a misguided fear of having something overturned on appeal. The trial dragged on and the retrial dragged on nearly as long, did the time lapse between the vicious cold blooded and calculating murder and the actual criminal trial desensitize the perception of what she did to Travis?  How can such a savage and brutal murder NOT warrant capital punishment? This case should have been a prime example of why we have the death penalty as an opt…

Jodi Arias Trial - State Begins Rebuttal Case

The defense finally rested their case in the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial and Prosecutor Juan Martinez began the state's rebuttal case by calling Abe Abdelhaidi to the stand. Abdelhaidi told jurors he went on a date with Arias and they "made out" and he put his hand down the back of her pants..he called Arias manipulative and promiscuous, the point of his testimony would seem to br that Arias was no shrinking violet when it came to sex.  

The second witness called to the stand was Deanna Reid, a former girlfriend of Travis' who testified that at no point in her relationship with Travis did he ever man handle her as was alleged by a defense mystery witness via a affidavit. I'd love to know why Arias' witnesses require such secrecy, as if this were some kind of mob trial?  The Jodi Arias trial will undoubtedly go down as one of the strangest and most dirty handed criminal trials of our time.  The defense has been essentially free range to implore never endi…

The End is Near For Jodi Arias - Next Stop Perryville Prison

The clock is ticking down for Jodi Arias and her defense team and her days at the Estrella jail are numbered, regardless of the numerous outlandish motions filed by her defense team the end is near and this saga will be done.  For the Alexander family and those of us who have watched in utter disgust as this trial has dragged on beyond my wildest estimate of time it should take to sentence a person already tried and convicted of murder in the first degree, it's time to end this! 
Jodi received her very costly and lengthy trial and she was ultimately found guilt by a jury of her peers..unable to decide on punishment, a mistrial was declared and it took more than a year to get the case in front of a newly seated jury. The new jury heard a streamlined summary of facts and evidence from the first trial presented by prosecutor Juan Martinez. But then came the defense witnesses. Much like the case in chief, the defense paraded in more questionable experts who again based their findings …