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Shades of Arias : The Shauna Huber Murder Trial

Well it seems as if there is a new murderess in Kentucky who's antics in the police interrogation room give Jodi Arias a run for the title of most bizarre. 24 year old Shayna Huber's was recently convicted of first degree murder for the 2012 shooting death of boyfriend Ryan Poston in Kentucky and sentenced to 40 years in prison.  There were only 9 days of testimony before fhge jury came back with a verdict.

Ryan Post on was a 29 year old attorney who had just started his own firm specializing in personal injury. He came from a well respected and close family and by all accounts he was a rising star. He was a  very handsome and smart young man who began casually dating after a long term serious relationship had ended. Huber was one of the women he was seeing although close friends insisted Ryan was not serious with her and hadquicklylost interest in her. He was having a hard time ending the relationship as Shauna would not let him go.

She reportedly sent him up to 75 messages a day which qualifies as obsessive. Ryan had no shortage of women who wanted to date him and he was supposed to meet a blind date the very night he was killed. His date, set up through friends was with Miss Ohio. I sense this enraged Shauna and she killed him purposely in a jealous rage.  You may see the parallels with Jodi and Travis here, but the police interview tapes seal the crazy link.

After admitting to killing Ryan,Shauna was read her Miranda rights, but she DID NOT remain silent by a long shot! She began to explain her version of events, setting the stage for the old go-to self defense battered woman scenario. She told detectives that Ryan threw her around the room and into walls. She exposed her neck, throat and arms for photos that didn't show even the tiniest of bruising, scratches or any other injury one would expect in a self defense killing. The fact that she shot Post on SIX times didn't jive with self defense either but rather an execution.

Huber asked detectives a handful of questions about prison life. She wanted to know if she would be able to bring her phone, if she would be able to shower or if they just live dirty. She expressed shock after asking if she would  have to
Shower in front of other prisoners! Welcome to the Department of Corrections! When the detectives left Huber alone in the interview room, the crazy went out on full display as she did some ballet moves around the table, belted out a few verses of Amazing Grace and rambled to herself "I did it, I DID It" ,very creepy almost as if singing a song. 

She drank several glasses of water and paced the room. All the while the detectives were careful to not ask HER anything as she asked for a lawyer, although Shauna just kept on talking and digging a nice hole for herself throughout. The most calleous comment she made was about the victimRyan. She told detectives that Ryan was vain and wanted a nose job. She said "I gave him the nose job he always wanted". Wow, did she really just say that? 

Missing from her explanation of what happened that night was emotion, regrer, remorse or any other form of empathy for Ryan or his family or friends. Not a single tear. I'm telling you, it scares me that there are more of these women out there. I also think a 40 year sentence where she could be out in 20 is just not severe enough. She shot him 6 times in the face and many of those were to the face, as if she wanted to destroy his handsome face.

I just saw this story on 20/20, and I'd like to know more. Please post comments if you  are familiar with the case! Until next time....

In other developments, Jodi Arias has been ordered to pay the Alexander family $32,000 in restitution. That was ordered by the trial judge and I believe its separate from any wrongful death suit proceedings. I'm still having to post from a tablet, so I'm unable to do a lot other than type one letter at a time so I apologize for any typos I miss!  Take care until the next jealous nutbag strikes. 

Natural Life Sentence For Jodi Arias

It' finally happened. Jodi Arias' fate was sealed last week when Judge Sherry Stephens formally sentenced her to natural life with no chance for release. This is the harshest punishment available to the judge, who ultimately cited the extreme cruelty of the murder, the preparation and planning involved in the murder plot, the use of two weapons, her attempts to destroy evidence and her attempt to conceal her involvement as factors that contributed in her decision.  The mitigating factors cited in the defenses sentencing memorandum were insufficient to warrant leniency, according to the judge.

The judge set a hearing date in the matter of restitution for June 1st, wherein Arias' lead attorney Kirk Nurmi restated his desire to withdraw as her attorney in any and all further matters.  Jennifer Wilmott handled the bulk of the arguments at the sentencing hearing.  On behalf of the Alexander family, one of Travis' aunts spoke, as well as 3 of his younger sisters - Hillary Wilcox, Tanisha Sorensen and Samantha Alexander.  On Jodi Arias' side, only her mother Sandra was there to speak for her daughter although she stated other family members were absent due to financial reasons.  

The first to speak was Travis's aunt who lives in Ohio but had been staying with her nieces and nephews in a rented house though the trials.  She spoke about her memories of Travis and how the crime has affected her nuclear family as well as her nieces and nephews and their families. She has missed countless family functions and had to step down from her job as a store manager at Starbucks to be in Arizona for Travis.

Next to speak was Hillary Wilcox. Her words were filled with tears from start to finish as she recalled the memories of her big brother and friend.  When she was planning her wedding and didn't have much money, Travis gladly stepped up and helped pay for her wedding.  With their own father dead, Travis danced the daughter/father dance with her.  She fought through tears while explaining that she now tries to forget Travis, because the memories are too painful to face. She asked the judge to give Arias the harshest sentence available.

Tanisha Sorensen was up next.  She told the judge that her family too has been harassed and threatened by a small group of Arias supporters who send pictures of Travis' autopsy and gruesome crime scene photos to her Facebook page.  Their lives have been turned upside down and they have been thrust into the social media spotlight because of Jodi's actions.  She prayed every
day before court that Jodi would come clean and tell the truth. Instead, Arias told stories and lies. In a powerful moment, Tanisha recalled one of Jodi's journal entries in which she wrote that whoever was responsible for this crime deserves the needle - she turned to face Arias and asked "what happened to that Jodi?". 

Samantha Alexander was the last to speak for the family. She remembers the voicemail she received from her grandmother while on a boating trip - she knew from previous experience that the tone of her voice meant that someone was dead.  She just knew. But when she called back and Tanisha told her Travis was dead, she was floored. She talked about the last time he came to her home a few weeks prior to the murder and he wanted her to read the first few chapters of a book he was writing called "Raising You".  He was sharing private details of their tough childhood to inspire others to rise above their circumstances.  She was sickened that Jodi tried to use his words to aid her "ridiculous defense".  OShe pointed out that the murderer in this case seemingly has so many more orights than her victim and it's so wrong.  She challenged Jodi's claims of childhood abuse as well, telling the judge that Jodi threw her own parents under the bus to save herself.  She dragged out the trial and used the system when the family was willing to offer her a plea if she got "life row", which I'm not familiar with, but Arias refused to budge.  Samantha thanked Judge Stephens for seeing the trial through to the end and asked for a natural life sentence.

Juan Martinez spoke about hope, and how the State and family hoped for a death sentence, "but that was not to be".  He argued the same things as he did at trial but summed it up by saying they thought Arias deserved natural life not to be vindictive, but because what happened in that bathroom was a butchering.

Sandra Arias was the only family member in attendance for Jodi but said they all supported her - the expense was too great for them to attend.  This must be a mother's love because in the face of all of the evidence that says otherwise, Mom-Arias says she believes Jodi was just fighting to stay alive when she killed Travis.  Calling him "the worst thing that ever happened to Jodi, she blamed herself for not teaching Jodi how to leave an abusive relationship.  She was defiant in her statement that Jodi has been unjustly confined, caged and has had her rights stripped away, but saidc"they cannot take away her beautiful spirit. 

Jodi didn't say much, but she didn't waste any time in taking a swipe at Samantha's comment about abuse and plea bargains.  It was the Alexander family that would not budge.  In an about-face, Jodi now recalls slicing Travis' throat (as he lay dying on the floor) but insists that SHE was the one trying to escape and he was still coming after her.  I don't know how she can't see how outrageous that notion is, that a person so gravely wounded and crawling away on the floor was any threat at all while she was fully dressed, armed and had not been stabbed more than 2 dozen times - and shot in the face, as she continues to argue the gunshot came first.  Sorry, I don't believe for one minute that he was ever a threat after she plunged that knife into him the very first time.  Her claims fly in the face of modern medicine and forensic science.  

She should be off to Goodyear Arizona, where she will now only get one 15 minute phone call per week for the first several years her privileges will be few. For the woman who likes to be the center of attention, this may be the best punishment we could hand down.  No more media interviews, they are prohibited in that prison.  If Arias is lucky, maybe he I'll be housed near her old friend from Estrella Jail Marissa DeVault who is also serving natural life.  She should count herself lucky, as she came very close to being a neighbor of Wendi Andriano on death row.

Will Jodi's next court appearance be during a wrongful death suit trial?  I have no doubt Arias will appeal everything and anything she can.  We have not heard the last od Jodi Arias but I'm glad she will never enjoy the freedom she robbed Travis Alexander of. 

Our Search For Patches

This is a subject near and dear to my heart, pets. I've always had them, and they bring so much happiness and joy into our lives that I can't imagine not having one.  Since we love our pets like family, it hurts when they pass away, get sick or disappear.  I can accept the circle and cycle of life, but when things happen to our pets because of the deliberate actions of another - a heartless neighbor for example, I have discovered that the laws around the subject of pets is grossly inadequate.

My mom's cat "Patches" disappeared last November.  He has been her loyal and loving companion for 9 years, and a constant comfort to her through some pretty difficult times.  She LOVES this cat and so do I.  So when he went missing last year I searched high and low for him.  I passed out color flyers, went to animal shelters and walked the neighborhood countless times in search of Patches.  I am desperate to find him!  

A few weeks ago, we found out that a neighbor of hers had a hand in Patches disappearance, as wll as several other cats in the neighborhood. His wife finally felt guilty enough about what he had done that she spoke up and told one of the effected households that her husband trapped our cats in his backyard and drove them to remote areas of Modesto and left them to fend for themselves. When the neighbor found out what he had done to their cat, she police were called and this man admitted to trapping and dumping our cats. I don't know what he did with Patches or where he drove him but there are 2 sites he mentioned, one being an area by the Amtrak station in Modesto.  I have since been to that station in the early morning hours but after 5 months, what re the chances of me finding him now?  I continue to go to the animal shelters nd look online for any cat that fits his description.

I'm afraid at this point our only hope of finding him is to offer a large enough cash reward that people will actually take notice and call if they see him.  I also thought about taking out a large color ad in the Modesto Bee with his photo nd backstory. Patches has always worn a collar with ID, although the neighbor may have taken it off of him before he dumped him so he wouldn't be returned if found.  I can't say how upsetting this has been because this man had NO right to trap these cats and leave them out to fend for themselves when they have loving homes and people who truly value and cherish them.

This neighbor must not like cats.  He has to appear in court on the trapping issue and we will be there to hear what he has to say for himself.  He got fined a mere $200 for the violation! I have a sick feeling the laws around what I consider to be animal cruelty are not nearly strong enough and he will never be punished for his cowardly and selfish acts. Since our family lacks the financial resources to offer a decent cash reward or take out a large photo ad in the local paper, I set up a donation page for my mom in the effort to find Patches.  I'm hoping to raise a $500 cash reward and buy ad space if I'm able to pull this off. My mom is disabled and lives on a fixed income, and unfortunately I'm not in a position to help enough to get this done.

My mom's hot water heater and washing machine both just went out at the exact same time so her resources are tapped.  Although I'm at a loss for how or why people do these kind of heartless things, I still believe in the kindness of strangers and I know there are some awesome and selfless people out there who do care about others.  Im posting this link if anyone is interested in donating

Thank you for reading this post and I will let you know how the court day goes and if we are ever able to find our Patches - it would be a miracle,

Arias Support Website Publishes Jurors Names - Thanks Holdout

In my last posting, I incorrectly identified the holdout juror in the Jodi Arias sentencing phase retrial as juror #12, while sources say it was juror #17 who spared Arias from a death sentence.  It is now being reported that Maricopa County is providing security for juror #17, after her name was "leaked" vis social media. No doubt Arias supporters will have a field day with this development and if you listen closely you can almost hear them drumming up more conspiracy and/or misconduct theories.

There are so many things that were wrong with this trial, much of which was advantageous to the defense. Only AFTER the fact are we hearing about the possibility that the holdout juror's husband was previously prosecuted by the same DA or DA's office? Between that connection and the disclosure that she has been a victim of domestic abuse, how in the world did she end up on this jury panel?  All of the time and resources that were thrown at prosecuting this case and I'm wondering how this came to be.  Juan Martinez is a meticulous prosecutor and very detail oriented so how could the wife of a man his office prosecuted end up serving on this very high profile trial? 

As for the name of the holdout juror, I'm not disclosing it here but someone on Twitter apparently did, which allegedly led to death threats against her. I will publicly state here that the Jodiariasisinnocent website did name each and every juror who voted for the death penalty on their site. Above the list of their names, it says something like "these are the jurors who tried (unsuccessfully) to have Jodi killed" which I'd like to respond by stating "here is the name of the woman who successfully murdered Travis, and her name is Jodi Ann Arias". Arias succeeded in delaying, postponing and finally wiggled her way out of what should have been a trip to death row.  This murder was so savage, so cruel, completely unnecessary and there was so much rage and outright overkill involved, if these actions don't warrant the ultimate punishment then I'm not sure why the option of death is still available in the state of Arizona.  Arias' mitigating circumstances presented in court were so generic and unconvincing that I'm having great difficulty understanding why or how they were weighed against the unspeakable cruelty, physical and mental anguish Travis Alexander must have experienced as his life was ending at the hands of a woman he let into his home. The horror of looking in the mirror at a knife yielding woman and the pain inflicted with each and every blow.  I cannot even imagine how scared he must have been as he saw the blood draining from his body.

The Arias defense team managed to reach that one juror and it saved her life. They alway say that you only need to connect with one, convince one person their client was damaged in some way and therefore they are somehow less responsible, but you really don't fully understand the enormity of reaching one juror until you have a 11-1 mistrial such as this. It's devastating to hear how absolutely convinced the 11 jurors were in their sentencing decision and how unwilling the holdout was to deliberate with them. Immediately following the mistrial announcement there were allegations that the holdout had a hidden agenda, a stealth juror who flew under the radar? Or is she simply convinced Jodi's psychological deficits were so great that murder was a reasonable outcome? Even if you believe Jodi is damaged goods, her deficits didn't prevent her from planning and executing her plan which included a cover story, an elaborate alibi and coverup as well as a getaway and disposal of key pieces of evidence that could have tied her to the Mesa crime scene.  Those are the actions of a woman who thought things through enough to remember to buy gas cans so she wouldn't be captured on video getting gas in Arizona!

My point is that this was clearly premeditated murder, committed in an especially cruel and heinous manner.  The punishment here should have been the death penalty. Jodi's actions since the murder is nearly as disturbing, as she embraces the media attention and has sought to capitalize on her notoriety since the first interview after her arrest. I hope the Alexander family goes after her in a wrongful death suit now that the criminal trial is all but over. She should not be raking in tax free cash and hiding it among family, friends and "Appellate Trust" accounts. It's time to shut down "Arias Inc" now!

Holdout Juror Saves Arias From Death Row

First off, my apologies in advance as I'm having to post this using an iPad due to computer problems so I'm not able to type as fast and furiously as My mind would like to after the second disappointing NON VERDICT in the Jodi Arias penalty retrial.

Where do we even begin? This trial, in my opinion was one of the most poorly handled high profile murder cases I've ever seen or read of. Judge Sherry Stephens allowed this trial to be delayed longer than it should have, she allowed concessions to the defense at almost every turn - perhaps out of a misguided fear of having something overturned on appeal. The trial dragged on and the retrial dragged on nearly as long, did the time lapse between the vicious cold blooded and calculating murder and the actual criminal trial desensitize the perception of what she did to Travis?  How can such a savage and brutal murder NOT warrant capital punishment? This case should have been a prime example of why we have the death penalty as an option in Arizona!

I can't help but feeling that had Travis killed Jodi in the same manner under the same set of circumstances he would have been sentenced to death by the first jury. That's right...gender bias exists in death penalty cases, statistics don't lie but murder defendants do. The viewing public of concerned citizens should be outraged at all of the rights the convicted murderer has when compared to the ctual murder victim and the devastated families left behind to cope with their loss and the lack of justice and closure.

The Alexander family appeared completely shattered by the mistrial, knowing that after nearly 7 years of waiting for their day in court, Arias will be sentenced by a Judge...the same Judge who allowed their brother's name and reputation to be slaughtered much in the manner she used that knife and gun, only this time she used words and lies. The defense attorneys relied on stall tactics, sleazy and  highly questionable tales by a master manipulator who has managed to build her own empire while behind she remorseful?  I think she's only sorry she got caught. 

The one thing that has been openly communicated by many of Travis' family and friends is that they still take solace in believing Jodi Arias WILL someday answer to a much higher power. A power that can see through the lies and who knows exactly what took place in the early morning hours of June 4, 2008. She will be judged. Another thing to take solace in is that 11 of those jurors voted for death, only Juror #12 saw some redeeming quality or found that Jodi's mental issues made it impossible for her to cope with the unraveling relationship. The infuriating thing is the other jurors stated in their interviews with the media that this juror was dug in from day 1 of the deliberations and was really unwilling to debate or deliberate any of the issues with the rest of them. That is NOT the way juries deliberate. They voted on day 1 to get a sense of where they stood and Juror#12 was for life and never seriously considered changing her mind.

I believe a juror has the absolute right to stick with their convictions and should not allow themselves to be bullied into changing their vote just to get to a verdict. But when you have somebody on a jury who refuses to engage in deliberations and seems to have her mind absolutely made up and is so dug in from the start, you have a problem.  It has also been reported that this juror disclosed she had been a victim of emotional abuse with a husband oe ex husband during jury selection! How in the world did she even make the final cut in that pool of jurors nd alternates?

Another sad note is that one of the female jurors who was excused was not kicked off the jury, rather she was excused because her mother passed away, and she had to make funeral arrangements. Who knows what the outcome would have been had the alternate jurors been called in for deliberations? The overwhelming feelings from the jurors who woke to the media after the ministerial was declared expressed their sorrow and anguish that they were unable to secure the death penalty the other 11 jurors felt strongly that Arias deserved. Some of them wept and they were genuinely distraught and so apologetic to Travis' family..this affected them deeply and they fought for justice for Travis Alexander.  Twitter was abuzz with comments bout the mistrial, mostly outrage that there was a second hung jury. It's hard to comprehend that this case turned out the way it did, but it's a small victory for "Team Sleeze"...the defense attorneys in this case did everything they could to put Travis on trial and I hate that their lower than low tactics were successful.

So now we wait another month for Judge Stevens with the possibility of RELEASE after 25 years served or the more appropriate Natural life, which should ensure Arias will never have the opportunity to walk among us again.  But Jodivwill still have. Life to live, while Travis has been gone for years now. She will eventually be able to use good behavior to work her way into having more privileges in prison, she could get a job, get education and eventually she can work her way into the general population some day...gwith good behavior she will have access to activities she enjoys including craft rooms and I believe the prison even allows inmates to sell their wares at a store! I researched ll of this years ago and prison life is discussed in detail in an old post.

What more can I say? There's a lot more I want to say but will have to wait as this iPad isn't ideal for writing this way! Disappointment and disbelief is what we are left with. An empty feeling that justice is just out of reach..11-1 is hard to swallow. So close but yet so far. I'm so sorry for the family of friends of Travis. Please know that people did not believe the things Jodi said about your brother. He seems to have had countless friends an.d people he inspired and I think Travis will be remembered for his good heart and the people he helped and NOT for the man Team Sleeze tried to paint.

May God bless you and give you the strength and conviction to carry on - I hope you get to Arias in a wrongful death suit because I cannot stand to see how much money this woman is collecting from the blood of another..

My apologies for typos, no time to spellcheck!

Jodi Arias Trial - State Begins Rebuttal Case

 The defense finally rested their case in the Jodi Arias penalty phase retrial and Prosecutor Juan Martinez began the state's rebuttal case by calling Abe Abdelhaidi to the stand. Abdelhaidi told jurors he went on a date with Arias and they "made out" and he put his hand down the back of her pants..he called Arias manipulative and promiscuous, the point of his testimony would seem to br that Arias was no shrinking violet when it came to sex.  

The second witness called to the stand was Deanna Reid, a former girlfriend of Travis' who testified that at no point in her relationship with Travis did he ever man handle her as was alleged by a defense mystery witness via a affidavit. I'd love to know why Arias' witnesses require such secrecy, as if this were some kind of mob trial?  The Jodi Arias trial will undoubtedly go down as one of the strangest and most dirty handed criminal trials of our time.  The defense has been essentially free range to implore never ending stall tactics and it seems if anyone was being strong armed here it was Judge Stephens who lost all control over the defense team during the guilt phase of the trial and things only got worse from there.  I can't help but thinking they just chose the wrong Judge to reside over this trial and they should have considered choosing a judge with experience in death penalty trials as this judge seemed to be so afraid of potential appeals she let the defense call the shots and they held her hostage.

One of the most outrageous of her rulings was that Arias' testimony would not be stricken from the record even though Prosecutor Juan Martinez didn't get to cross examine her! In what court of law is that just and fair? Just outrageous and I don't know how Martinez is handling all of these rulings other than being more determined that Travis Alexander finally has some justice. As soon as the Arizona Court of Appeals put an end to the defense teams secret witness testimony and ordered the public be let back in the courtroom, Arias stopped talking and the State had no chance to Challenge anything she said so again she successfully manipulated the system in her favor but in the long run, her game playing may come back to bite her in a big way.  Jurors who have taken time out of their personal lives don't appreciate it when a defendant manipulates the court, I honestly believe that may do Arias in.

The State has the last word here andk Martinez doesn't waste time or mince words, he is hoping to go after her! I only wish the jurors were introduced to all of Arias' money making schemes of the last 6 years while in custody for murder. I"ll be waiting for the verdict and hope it is the appropriate one for such a heartless and cold blooded murder. Either way Jodi Arias will be on a bus to Perryville Prison very soon. Will she join Wendi Andriano on death row or will her life be spared? Jodi Arias should never know freedom or be part of our society again, if not for her murderous actions against Travis Alexander but or her actions since his death.  

The End is Near For Jodi Arias - Next Stop Perryville Prison

The clock is ticking down for Jodi Arias and her defense team and her days at the Estrella jail are numbered, regardless of the numerous outlandish motions filed by her defense team the end is near and this saga will be done.  For the Alexander family and those of us who have watched in utter disgust as this trial has dragged on beyond my wildest estimate of time it should take to sentence a person already tried and convicted of murder in the first degree, it's time to end this! 

Jodi received her very costly and lengthy trial and she was ultimately found guilt by a jury of her peers..unable to decide on punishment, a mistrial was declared and it took more than a year to get the case in front of a newly seated jury. The new jury heard a streamlined summary of facts and evidence from the first trial presented by prosecutor Juan Martinez. But then came the defense witnesses. Much like the case in chief, the defense paraded in more questionable experts who again based their findings on the word of a well documented liar in Jodi Arias and continued their defense by mudslinging and character assassination of the murder victim Travis Alexander.

This is supposed to be about the penalty or sentence the convicted murderer should receive, but it's turned into a continuation of  trashing Travis in another
 a weak attempt to justify her hideous plotting , planning and execution of murder..still trying to make the jury believe Travis deserved to be tricked, ambushed and slaughtered. When that tactic didn't appear to be working it was on to prosecutorial misconduct and the big bas media machine. The media has made it impossible for Arias to put on a complete mitigation case, claims attorney Kirk Nurmi..but that argument is full of holes as we all know how Jodi has gone out of her way to talk to that same media group she claims has so harmed her trial..Arias can't testify in public yet she can take her case to the Internet every chance she gets asking for your support and more importantly your hard earned cash! She is perhaps the most arrogant and despicable murderer tin recent memory as she to this very day continues to exploit her notoriety from spilling Travis' blood.

Her Appellate Fund continues to collect money to fund Arias appeals when we can be fairly certain she will utilize a court appointed legal team. The money collected in that JAA Appellate Fund is non refundable and is not tax deductible..Arias has pledged the money will be used to employ the best possible legal representation she can find but in reality nobody seems accountable for what the funds are being used for and I would be surprised if any of it is used for the funds stated purpose..
arias attorneys have been successful at stopping and otherwise delaying the trial by filing a flurry of motions, each of which must be considered and ruled on..the judge in this trial has seemingly lost all control over this trial and seems to be so afraid of something coming back on appeal that she's let the defense call the shots! It's not the way a trial should be run..the judge should be calling the shots and she needs to keep this trial moving and stop the madness now. This tail is one for the books and I believe it is an example of what can happen in a high profile case..nowArias' latest ploy is that since she has 14 mitigation witnesses who refuse to publicly testify they are again claiming they cannot put on their mitigation case as Jodi' 14 witnesses are so terrified for their lives they won't take the stand. When did this become a mob trial? What do they want to go into the witness protection program? Please! Stop the madness.

I personally have serious doubts she has 14witnesses PERIOD! Where did all of these witnesses come from between the last trial and now? And we are expected to take their word that every one of them are too fearful to appear in court? This just doesn't sound plausible or probable. The defense has no defense is what it boils down to. Jodi did not kill Travis out of self defense or because of pornography..she hunted him down and ambushed and killed him out of pure jealousy and the rage of being rejected and to top it off, she could NOT allow Travis to take anOther woman to Cancun where things could turn romantic.

She plotted and planned this murder and if that isn't a death penalty case I'm not sure what is..the day 
Near and the sentence will soon be handed matter oh
Iw many motions or delays they file it's coming to an end. I can only hope the Alexander's can attach the funds Arias collected from her various ventures and support stes so the exploitation of Travi
S Alexander's death ends once and for all. What nerve this woman has. Talk about heartless and greedy? That's the least of it. Arias is going away for a long long time IF her life is spared it would be far more generous than the sentence given to bt

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I wanted to apologize for the photo posted with yesterday's story about a large mural that appeared suddenly on Christmas Eve in NYC.  I...

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