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Arias Support Website Publishes Jurors Names - Thanks Holdout

In my last posting, I incorrectly identified the holdout juror in the Jodi Arias sentencing phase retrial as juror #12, while sources say it was juror #17 who spared Arias from a death sentence.  It is now being reported that Maricopa County is providing security for juror #17, after her name was "leaked" vis social media. No doubt Arias supporters will have a field day with this development and if you listen closely you can almost hear them drumming up more conspiracy and/or misconduct theories.

There are so many things that were wrong with this trial, much of which was advantageous to the defense. Only AFTER the fact are we hearing about the possibility that the holdout juror's husband was previously prosecuted by the same DA or DA's office? Between that connection and the disclosure that she has been a victim of domestic abuse, how in the world did she end up on this jury panel?  All of the time and resources that were thrown at prosecuting this case and I'm wondering how this came to be.  Juan Martinez is a meticulous prosecutor and very detail oriented so how could the wife of a man his office prosecuted end up serving on this very high profile trial? 

As for the name of the holdout juror, I'm not disclosing it here but someone on Twitter apparently did, which allegedly led to death threats against her. I will publicly state here that the Jodiariasisinnocent website did name each and every juror who voted for the death penalty on their site. Above the list of their names, it says something like "these are the jurors who tried (unsuccessfully) to have Jodi killed" which I'd like to respond by stating "here is the name of the woman who successfully murdered Travis, and her name is Jodi Ann Arias". Arias succeeded in delaying, postponing and finally wiggled her way out of what should have been a trip to death row.  This murder was so savage, so cruel, completely unnecessary and there was so much rage and outright overkill involved, if these actions don't warrant the ultimate punishment then I'm not sure why the option of death is still available in the state of Arizona.  Arias' mitigating circumstances presented in court were so generic and unconvincing that I'm having great difficulty understanding why or how they were weighed against the unspeakable cruelty, physical and mental anguish Travis Alexander must have experienced as his life was ending at the hands of a woman he let into his home. The horror of looking in the mirror at a knife yielding woman and the pain inflicted with each and every blow.  I cannot even imagine how scared he must have been as he saw the blood draining from his body.

The Arias defense team managed to reach that one juror and it saved her life. They alway say that you only need to connect with one, convince one person their client was damaged in some way and therefore they are somehow less responsible, but you really don't fully understand the enormity of reaching one juror until you have a 11-1 mistrial such as this. It's devastating to hear how absolutely convinced the 11 jurors were in their sentencing decision and how unwilling the holdout was to deliberate with them. Immediately following the mistrial announcement there were allegations that the holdout had a hidden agenda, a stealth juror who flew under the radar? Or is she simply convinced Jodi's psychological deficits were so great that murder was a reasonable outcome? Even if you believe Jodi is damaged goods, her deficits didn't prevent her from planning and executing her plan which included a cover story, an elaborate alibi and coverup as well as a getaway and disposal of key pieces of evidence that could have tied her to the Mesa crime scene.  Those are the actions of a woman who thought things through enough to remember to buy gas cans so she wouldn't be captured on video getting gas in Arizona!

My point is that this was clearly premeditated murder, committed in an especially cruel and heinous manner.  The punishment here should have been the death penalty. Jodi's actions since the murder is nearly as disturbing, as she embraces the media attention and has sought to capitalize on her notoriety since the first interview after her arrest. I hope the Alexander family goes after her in a wrongful death suit now that the criminal trial is all but over. She should not be raking in tax free cash and hiding it among family, friends and "Appellate Trust" accounts. It's time to shut down "Arias Inc" now!

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