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Cold Justice Helps Nab Killer of Tracy Lynn Allen - UPDATE

TNT's Cold Justice is set to open Season 2 next Friday, and the first case they are airing has already nabbed the suspected killer of Tracy Lynn Allen, who went missing in Altus Oklahoma back in May of 2001.  Allen's ex-husband Garland Allen, who was still at large when I first wrote about this case has been caught and arrested - charged with second degree murder of his ex-wife Tracy Lynn Allen.  Garland Allen, who had always denied any involvement in Tracy's disappearance - telling family, friends and the police that his wife ran off with another man, leaving her two children behind finally led investigators to Tracy's remains once he was captured. By the way, these men may want to use a different lie to try to hide a wife or girlfriend's sudden disappearance. The old "ran off with another man" story rarely rings true, especially when the woman has two children she would  never leave behind.
Garland Allen

Apprehended in Wise County, Allen told detectives that Tracy died after falling and hitting her head on an anvil in the yard. He said that he then took her body, wrapped it in a piece of carpeting and buried it in the woods at the Tom Steed reservoir near Altus.  Working with investigators in Wise County, Allen led police to the area where Tracy's remains were finally located.  A 12 year old mystery has been solved.  I don't know how much stock police are putting into Allen's claim of how Tracy died. At the time that Tracy vanished, she had a protective order against Garland Allen and it appears she truly had reason to fear her ex.  Allen was captured in early December after a brief time on the run.  The Cold Justice team of Kelly Siegler, Yolanda McCleary and Alan Brown teamed up with Altus police detectives Bill Perkins and Rusty Williams and Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy to re-examine the evidence and do some DNA testing which wasn't available back in 2001 when this crime occurred.

It will be very interesting to see Episode 1 of Cold Justice to see how they unraveled this 12 year old mystery and catch Tracy Lynn's killer. We'll have to tune in on Friday and watch the case as it unfolds!

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