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Mass Shooting Stuns Las Vegas - Take a Stand

Another headline announces the worst mass shooting in US history, surpassing the carnage in Florida at the Pulse Nightclub - Las Vegas and the Mandalay Bay now hold the unwanted title for the site of the worst mass shooting/killing in America.  This is a distinction nobody wants.  Why does this madness continue? Who has so much hate, destruction and callousness inside to be able to open fire on a crowd gathered to enjoy music in Las Vegas?  Is the shooter that angry at the world that he doesn't care who he hurts, maims or kills? Is the fact that the concert goers are enjoying themselves in a way the shooter is unable to?  The shooter must be someone incapable of feeling joy, empathy, hope or love.  All he must feel is hatred and a desire to punish those who are able to feel love and hope.

I will never understand how a person could point a gun in the direction of a large crowd and indiscriminately shoot, not caring who gets hit or how many lives are altered, cut down, forever changed or snuffed out by their actions.  What kind of monster did this?  

At latest count 50 people have died and over 200 are injured in the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting.  The 64 year old shooter Stephen Paddock is also reportedly dead. He took his stance from the 32rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and opened fire.  This marks the 338 mass shooting in just 273 days in the United States of America.  SOMETHING IS WRONG.  What does the NRA say about these shootings?  Wake up Washington - we have a massive problem here.  I know I know - the Second Amendment gives us the right to bare arms.  What about our right to go to a public venue to enjoy a music festival without the fear of becoming the next shooting victim?  What about the right to walk across a street without being caught in cross fire in an inner city?  What about the students who have the right to go to their schools without fearing a gun will be pulled by a bullied student?

There are far too many guns in America, and they are getting into the wrong hands.  Safeguards, laws, waiting periods may be in place, but clearly they are not foolproof.  We need real change.  We need less guns on the street PERIOD.  This doesn't even cover accident gun discharges and deaths - domestic violence related gun violence or gang related gun violence.  Lone wolf, home grown terrorist violence - there are too many scenarios to name.  Guns can save lives and are necessary for our protection by law enforcement.  However, guns take lives when they end up in the wrong hands.  They may begin their journey on the street in a legal sale to a righteous and responsible owner with a valid reason for ownership.  But when that gun is stolen, it more than likely will end up in the hands of someone who cannot or should not own a handgun.  There are too many weapons out there in our streets. The bad guys with bad intentions outnumber the good guys out to protect us.

Wake up Washington.  We are losing in the gun battle.  Time to rethink the gun laws and stand up to the NRA.  Do it now before things escalate and another massacre ensues.  How many families are effected by this latest Mandalay Bay shooting?  Many family's, friends - the loss is enormous and this is only the beginning. How are any of us supposed to feel safe in public places if not in Las Vegas at a highly organized event?  Where was security?  It's a scary scary world, I'm afraid to say.  What is happening to our society?  People - take a stand against gun violence!!

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