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Former Co-Worker Claims Arias Was "Obsessed"

A woman who used to work with Jodi Arias while she lived in Palm Desert spoke out about Jodi Arias on Jane Valez Mitchell this afternoon.  Former co-worker "Veronica" (didn't want to give her last name) spoke to JVM today and provided interesting insight into the Jodi Arias she knew and worked with.  

She described Jodi as being "absolutely obsessed" with Travis Alexander - leaving multiple messages for him, and even driving to Arizona after getting off work to see him. When asked about her observations about Arias, Veronica said "all that's missing was a rabbit in a pot on the stove" - referencing the "Fatal Attraction" movie starring Glen Close.

She said that Arias was determined to get Travis Alexander and have a family with him.  When asked about her courtroom persona she said that Jodi always had a "flat affect" - she could get into trouble at work and have absolutely no reaction.  Sound familiar? JVM asked her if she believ…

Redirect of Jodi Arias - Snoozefest Heats Up

Am I the only one having a hard time staying awake during Kirk Nurmi's redirect of Jodi Arias? The jury has got to be so tired after hearing Jodi Arias talk for 14 days straight. Attorney Kirk Nurmi has such a slow way of questioning Arias and it feels like he is discussing the same things as he previously did on direct. It's my understanding that on redirect, he is only supposed to cover things that were brought up under the cross examination.

Nurmi has tried to have Arias clarify the issue with the injury to her left ring finger. Juan Martinez challenged Jodi Arias's story that she received that injury after being kicked by Travis Alexander during a fight on January 22, 2013 by displaying a photo of Arias and her sister Angela - the photo was taken in May of 2008 and Jodi has her arm around Angela's neck, her left hand is clearly displayed and there is no visible "bend" to that finger. He suggested that Arias broke or injured that finger on June 4, 2008 whil…