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Former Co-Worker Claims Arias Was "Obsessed"

A woman who used to work with Jodi Arias while she lived in Palm Desert spoke out about Jodi Arias on Jane Valez Mitchell this afternoon.  Former co-worker "Veronica" (didn't want to give her last name) spoke to JVM today and provided interesting insight into the Jodi Arias she knew and worked with.  

She described Jodi as being "absolutely obsessed" with Travis Alexander - leaving multiple messages for him, and even driving to Arizona after getting off work to see him. When asked about her observations about Arias, Veronica said "all that's missing was a rabbit in a pot on the stove" - referencing the "Fatal Attraction" movie starring Glen Close.

She said that Arias was determined to get Travis Alexander and have a family with him.  When asked about her courtroom persona she said that Jodi always had a "flat affect" - she could get into trouble at work and have absolutely no reaction.  Sound familiar? JVM asked her if she believed Arias was bothered that Alexander was going to take another woman to Cancun, she said "oh yes, that threw her into a tizzy". Veronica was never contacted by the prosecution and isn't involved in the trial or case, but she did comment that she absolutely believes Arias was capable of the premeditated murder of Travis Alexander.  She was that obsessed. 

Naturally this is one person's observation and not proof of anything.  I believe HLN does their homework before they allow somebody to come on their show, so chances are "Veronica" did in fact work with Arias and she seemed to have a strong opinion based on the things she heard and saw working with Jodi Arias.  Interesting.

More observations were made today as Arias seemed to change her commentary around Travis to glowing words of love. She was defending him in many cases, and it has been suggested that the defense team has a copy of their expert witnesses reports on Arias and are now tweeking her testimony to better match that of a battered woman.  Trial resume tomorrow morning.


  1. I just found your blog and you have done an excellent job in your coverage of this trial! You write well.

    I literally could not stand listening to the crapola from this diabolical monster for another moment yesterday. My heart was breaking for Travis’ family. I do believe in the death penalty in cases like this one BUT today I’ve been thinking that maybe it would have been better for the family if she had gotten life without parole with the stipulation that the complete trashing of Travis in court would NOT be tolerated for even a moment unless there was substantial corroborating evidence independent of this pathological liar’s testimony.

    Then she would have to be placed in the general population and hopefully some of the lifer’s would beat the crap out of her during her initiation period. I have never been a violent person but I am so disgusted with this entire sideshow. I am dreading the Battered Woman Syndrome psychologist and the PTSD expert. I find it reprehensible and repugnant that these experts testimony is for sale regardless of whether there is any validity to their clinical evaluations, which there isn’t in this case. It is a complete insult to all the people that have truly suffered from those diagnosis’.

    1. NancyB, I couldn't agree with you more! I am dreading hearing the "experts" give any validity to Arias's tales! She exhibits whatever she needs to exhibit in order to escape punishment - they have tailored her testimony around this theory. It truly is painful to listen to when you believe she is lying. I feel so bad for Travis Alexander's family and friends, having to hear this distasteful testimony - they truly are scraping the bottom of the barrel. I am not a huge fan of the death penalty because studies have shown it doesn't do much to thwart murders, but certain cases just cry out for the ultimate punishment, death. This is one of those cases. She is a true psychopath! Thanks for writing, I appreciate it!

  2. When Jodi was arrested, she had just finished packing to go on another road trip. Police found two knives and a 9mm gun in the rental car. She admitted buying them which proves that she does travel with a gun and knives.

    Why is this information not in front of the jury? Why, was it considered too prejudicial? Was it because of the death penalty?

    Where in the hell is the search for the truth? Citizens have the right to expect that what is true will be discoverable at trial, and that obvious guilt can surely withstand the test of reasonable doubt.

    Legal decisions should make sense not simply to lawyers and judges; they should also appeal to the rightness and righteousness of ordinary people. What is a verdict if it doesn’t verify the truth — not some legalistic stand-in called legal facts, but the actual truth?

    It bears noting that travesties of justice happen less frequently in other western nations. Instead of having both sides fight a zero sum game, the winner-take-all, scorch the earth contests that make American trials similar to its sporting spectacles, other countries place a higher value on having both the prosecution and the defense work to uncover the truth. After all, everyone in society benefits when the truth is known and injustice is not allowed to prevail — in this case, the memory of Travis Alexander especially.

    1. NancyB, I heard about this too. I believe you are correct in that it would be considered too "prejudicial". This just gets me, she is allowed to trash Travis with no corroborating evidence yet the prosecution can't discuss the tire slashing or the getaway car? I'm sure Arias would say she had this gun because she planned on killing herself. How many times has she played that card? She keeps saying she wanted to die, didn't want to live, yet there she is!!

  3. I believe Veronica is describing Jodi to a tee. Paul Stern also talked about the time she needed to borrow money,
    that she was frantic she needed to get to Arizona and see
    Travis because she was in the middle of terrible break-up.
    And Jacob Mefford and his wife talk about the time Jodi
    showed up to their house unannounced, wanting to know why they didn't like her, they ask she to leave and she stayed another 15 more minutes, before finally leaving.
    And Abe said she was shy at all. Ryan Burns said she
    was very aggressive him him too,

    1. Anonymous, I'm not familiar with Paul Stern, but I've heard about the couple who were Travis's friends who didn't want Arias in their home - that's just creepy behavior. It's unfortunate that Travis didn't listen to the advice of his friends, because they always see things that you may be blind to and they have good instincts. So many people have said that Jodi Arias was flat out obsessed with Travis, and it sounds like she was always ready to accomodate the man she was with even if it meant changing religions. Do you think she is still a practicing Mormon? I doubt it, she only uses plays that card when she needs to - like the suicide card she keeps playing. She wants the jury to feel sorry for her instead of feeling sorry for the real (murder) victim!!

  4. Paul Stern lent her the money to go visit Travis on either
    the 1st. or 2nd. of June 2008. She planned this all out
    the pics, texts, etc. I think she was going to used the info
    to blackmail Travis with the church. On 7-7-2011 she
    wanted to make a plea deal.
    Read it and see what you think.

    1. Thank you for the link, I'll check it out. I didn't know Arias funded her murderous road trip with borrowed funds - that goes to show the lengths she was willing to go in order to get to Travis Alexander. Now those cash deposits she made to her bank accounts make more sense. She claims she was broke, yet rented a car (instead of taking her own or borrowing a car) had her nails done, went to Starbucks and spent quite a bit on in state gas! I knew her attorneys had approached the State with an offer to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder in exchange for a light sentence. Thankfully the State said "ah, no thanks - we'll see you in court!" I'll check out your link, thanks for sharing your insights!

  5. Here is Detective Flores investigating report.
    Dr. Horn's report

    I didn't know if you had seen these or not.

  6. Anonymous, I'm unable to pull up this PDF and would love to read it. Can you tell me how to find it? The link isn't working for me..Thanks

  7. No you will have to type in the website yourself.
    They both work, I just tried them. Flores report
    is 20 pages long, you just wait until it is

    1. thanks, I'll give it another shot.

  8. Thanks so much for your blog, My Forte. I agree with you and appreciate the other up here, too. I am trying to find out if people like Paul Stern will testify. I think his testimony is important. Any information on people testifying bout her obsession. It seems so important.

    Please excuse the typos...I can't correct for some reason.

    1. Unknown (nice alternative to Anonymous!),
      I don't know who Juan Martinez may call in his rebuttal case. I'm going to try to see if it's public anywhere online. It sounds like the prosecution had at least a few witnesses on their list that were not called. Last night a woman named Clancy Talbot was interviewed and she was on the State's witness list but wasn't called. She told of an encounter she had with a very jealous and territorial Jodi Arias at a PPL event where Arias cornered her in the ladies room and told her that "Travis was hers". She says Arias was very jealous of all of his friends, both male and female but especially his female friends! I agree it is very important for the jury to hear about the obsessive behavior of Jodi Arias - I'm not sure why it hasn't come up more. I know the tire slashing didn't come in because no report was ever filed against Arias and they had no proof she did it. Some of the info is considered too prejudicial so the Judge is erring on the side of caution so any conviction holds up under appeal.


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