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Another Delay In The Jodi Arias Trial - Judge Stephens Moves Back Status Hearing

It really should be no surprise that Judge Sherry Stephens announced today that the September 16, 2013 status hearing in the Jodi Arias Saga will be moved back to October 4, 2013.  Stephens announced the move largely because she is not prepared to rule on several outstanding motions filed by Arias' attorneys Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott.  I certainly hope additional time will allow her to come into the court room on the 4th ready to rule and get a date on the court's calendar to begin the jury selection. I don't get these delays, as the issues she has to consider have been known for some time now - I know this isn't the only case on her calendar, but these delays have become far too common place and if I were a betting woman, it looks like Nurmi & Willmott may end up getting their wish for a January 2014 start date.
Judge Sherry Stephens, CBS 5 News
Jodi Arias, CBS 5 News

Not that I'm counting, but this is the third time a status hearing in the penalty retrial has been postponed. If I'm not mistaken, the prosecution still has to respond to these motions and make his arguments. It's beginning to feel like "Groundhog Day" - if October 4th roles around and we hear the intro to Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe" playing in the courtroom I wouldn't be shocked.

Juan Martinez has been ready and eager to set a retrial date since the mistrial was declared.  Remember way back when Judge Stephens told both sides to prepare for a start date of September? They aren't even close.  Who knows how long jury selection will take, or when it will begin. They still have to determine where the trial will be held, if the jurors will be sequestered, if cameras will be allowed in the courtroom and if the jurors will have to disclose any Twitter accounts.  Did I leave anything out? You know a trial has been going on for too long when you can recite the pending motions off the top of your head.  Looks like Nurmi/Willmott's stall tactics have worked. I'd be surprised at this point if this thing kicks off before the new year.  So must for swift justice.

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