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Jury Continues To Question LaViolette's Assessment Of Jodi Arias

Domestic abuse expert and defense witness Alyce LaViolette returned to the stand this morning to continue answering jury questions in the Jodi Arias murder trial. Yesterday, LaViolette was asked numerous juror questions in her ninth day of testimony. In general, the jury questions had a tone of skepticism over LaViolette's absolute belief in everything Jodi Arias told her, her lack of communication with Travis Alexander's family and friends and her methods in general for coming to the conclusion that Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias were in a domestically abusive relationship.

LaViolette's testimony has been heavily tilted in Arias's favor and the jury seems to have picked up on what could be viewed as an unfair and unbalanced report. LaViolette seems to have done very little face to face research with people who knew Travis and those who had relationships with him in the past. She relied heavily on the 44 hours of interview time she had with the defendant in jail, text …

There's Something About Jodi Arias's "Broken" Finger

32 year old murder defendant Jodi Arias has testified in court about the emotional and physical abuse she suffered during her relationship with the man she is on trial for murdering. Arias has made unsubstantiated claims of physical violence against her by former boyfriend and murder victim Travis Alexander. Arias cited four such incidents of physical violence, including a claim involving her left ring finger. In court testimony, Arias recounted a fight between the pair in January of 2008, in which Travis Alexander allegedly "body slammed" Arias to the ground in the bedroom of his Mesa Arizona home, and while she was on the ground she claims he began to kick her in the ribs. She raised her left hand towards the jurors in court under direct examination and displayed a bent finger.

She believes her finger was broken during the January 2008 kicking incident, when Arias raised her hands to protect herself against the kicking from Travis Alexander. She claims she never sought trea…