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More Of The Same From Defense Expert Alyce LaViolette

The Jodi Arias murder trial is turning into one long "Twilight Zone" episode....After a scouring cross examination yesterday by veteran Arizona prosecutor Juan Martinez, LaViolette welcomed questions from defense attorney Jennifer Willmott and theme was the same. Jodi Arias was a victim of domestic violence and abuse, and Travis Alexander was a controlling and abusive man who dominated Arias and according to LaViolette, was not in fear of Arias despite his telling people so. 

I'm wondering if LaViolette is clairvoyant, in addition being an expert in domestic violence. I don't recall seeing that on her resume. I continue to be stunned, amazed and outraged that LaViolette has taken these leaps, to walk into a court of law and testify how somebody else felt. Nobody is qualified to testify as to the way Travis Alexander may or may not have felt about Jodi Arias, except for Travis himself - if Jodi Arias hadn't killed him, perhaps he could set the record straight for Ms. LaViolette?

The double standards and hypocrisy of the defense team tactics are blatant. According to their expert, it's perfectly understandable, appropriate and almost expected for a battered woman to return to her abuser and not to tell family, friends, an anonymous hot line for battered woman or law enforcement about the abuse. Yet the (male) murder victim could not have been afraid of Arias, despite saying he was because he continued to see her.  Doesn't that sound a bit hypocritical? Isn't LaViolette applying a double standard in this manner? She actually talked about the lack of corroborating evidence as the basis for forming the opinion that Travis didn't fear Jodi. Wow, do they really want to talk about the lack of corroborating evidence in this trial? 95% of what Arias has said hasn't been corroborated and cannot be corroborated since the only person who could tell us the truth is dead.

LaViolette seems to be unwilling to say anything negative about Jodi Arias. I find that strange and suspicious. Maybe Jodi gave her a copy of "The Law of Attraction". An unbiased third party evaluating a case such as this should problems with relying only on the words of a criminal defendant. 

An unbiased third party expert should take issue with inconsistencies in the information as told by a criminal defendant. After all, the defendant has much to lose and therefore a higher standard should be given in seeking out the truth. They would want to get as much independent information from sources close to both parties, people with nothing to gain or lose. Why didn't Alyce seek these type of people out? I think she was afraid of what she would find, and that would mess with her assessment of Jodi Arias.

I know I'm being tough on Alyce LaViolette, but I was open minded going in. I was impressed by her credentials and respected her for taking on the topic of domestic abuse in an era where it was not a popular topic. I believed a woman with her background would do more research outside of the defendant, and it certainly would have been helpful for her to get a sense of who Travis Alexander was before rendering her opinion. A truly unbiased expert would have been more interested in the truth, and look at both sides of the story. An unbiased person doesn't arbitrarily decide which statements to believe. I guess I'm disappointed that LaViolette isn't the "pioneer" I thought she would be. I'm disappointed that testimony can be bought.

No ruling from the Judge yet on the defense's motion for a mistrial from last weekend. They continues to pound the table for a mistrial based on prosecutorial misconduct and excessive media coverage. Have they checked out Arias's jailhouse activity, including a Twitter account and online art auctions? In a recent tweet by Arias, she said HLN is that it's an acronym for "Haters Love Negativity". Must be another "Law of Attraction" thing. Using former jailhouse buddy Donavan Bering, Arias has been tweeting her "followers", as if she's a celebrity. Bering was an early supporter of Jodi Arias, speaking out often on the "Hater's Love Negativity" network Arias is so fond of! Look who's taking advantage of the media coverage now.

It really feels like they have forgotten who's on trial here. I wonder how Ms. LaViolette would feel if Travis Alexander were her son. Would her opinion be different? Does she feel like Jodi Arias was justified in the action she took against Travis Alexander? What about the effect her testimony may have on MEN who may be victims of stalking? LaViolette completely discounted Travis's own words, that he felt like a "dildo with a heartbeat", and that he was fearful of the stalking behavior of his ex-girlfriend. She doesn't believe him. Why would any man watching this trial (or woman for that matter) ever seek out this woman's advice?  

I missed the last hour of trial coverage, but am looking forward to the jury questions. It will be interesting to see if they appear to be buying what LaViolette's selling.  Have a great day!


  1. I am surprised Laviolett hasn't pulled the Repressed Memory card,or the Satanic Ritual Survivor card.
    Quack quack quack...Laviolett.

  2. Does anybody know who Ashley Nicole Reid
    was? I just wanted to know because she committed suicide in early 2010.

  3. Still the same dribble out of Laviolett but the jury isn't buying.

  4. Judging from the questions posed by this very astute jury, they share the sentiment aka outrage of the public. They have Alyce's number. We aren't in Pinellas County anymore. Decisions have consequences and Alyce chose to sell out. She has ruined her career. She will never recover from this, professionally speaking. And rightfully so. The disservice she has done to the real victims of DV is astounding and her client base won't ever forget it.

  5. I seen the way Arias was scanning the jury
    during jury questions, I wonder if she is going to
    have someone from the jury removed. Is their
    court tomorrow?

    1. Yes, and there was a jury consultant going through all the files yesterday. I too, think that they want another woman off the jury.

  6. Laviolett needs lessons from STEEEEEV....

  7. I was just wondering if Ashley Reid & Ashley Thompson married name were the same person,
    I know I read somewhere that Ashley got divorced
    in 2008, ex-husband's name was Dustin. She was
    good friend Of Travis's. She lived in AZ.

  8. Is Donovan a man or woman ?What an idiot, obviously he/she is co-dependant!

    1. Donovan Bering is a former cell mate and convicted felon (arson) of Jodi Arias. She is a female from a chromosomal standpoint. She is the one operating Jodi's twitter account on her behalf. She is pond scum.

    2. Since so much of this trial has been based on the written word or the defendant's spoken lies, I think ALL text messages and ALL journal writings, along with cell phone records (for the I between communication) should be made available to the jury. So much of those writings were taken out of context. Travis' messages that were said to be negative, we're clearly taken out of context and were clearly a response to something did or said. Jodi was the batterer, stalker, and perp. Poor Travis felt more pain from Jodi than the pain from his father. He felt like a dildo with a heart beat. Who was the abuser here? Clearly, it was not Travis. Alyce kept saying she had evidence across sources. Did she listen to the interview of the Hughes? Is she speaking of the email from sky to Jodi? IMO, that email was written that way so not to set Jodi off. They were afraid of Jodi, as clearly stated in the TV interview. I sure hope JM calls them to testify, along with Matt McCartney, and the reps from Wal-Mart and Tesoro. Nails in the coffin, if you ask me. GO JUAN!!!!!

  9. Donavon is a person that ja is using. She is a freak that has no friends because she is an embarrassment to both gay and straight people everywhere. What is her motive for doing this? What has ja promised her? JA will use any low self esteem looser for her own gain.


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