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Travis Alexander's Law - Sign This Petition For Change

If you are interested in signing this petition for "Travis Alexander's Law", to prohibit the use of unsubstantiated and claims about murder victims in future trials, please go to this link and sign. They have 8,409 signatures and need 10,000.  Let's all help effect change in our judicial system so another family doesn't have to go through what the Alexander family has been through!

Today, Prosecutor Juan Martinez will continue his cross examination of domestic abuse expert Alyce LaViolette - this should be the last defense witness and her testimony has left many wondering why she chose to believe what Arias has told her about the alleged physical abuse suffered at the hands of Travis Alexander and her parents for that matter. Does LaViolette know that Arias lied to another expert who tried to help her? She lied to Dr. Richard Samuels, who administered tests to Arias under the "2 armed intruder" pretense. 

After listening to additional Arias testimony, I caught something interesting - Arias took karate lessons. She also was so upset after seeing Travis Alexander on the couch with another woman, she called home looking to talk to her sister. When she called her parents home, she ended up talking to her father about what she had witnessed. He told Detective Flores "she wanted to marry this guy". Do you really think if she told him about that incident, she wouldn't have reached out to them after being choked to the point of unconsciousness? These are little pieces to a bigger puzzle. Arias has had a lot of time to think through why she did certain things and failed to do other things.  Had this trial occurred sooner, who knows what her defense would have been.

If LaViolette is the last defense witness, it's the State's turn - the all-important rebuttal case. I cannot wait to see what Juan Martinez produces to disprove much of Arias's story. From there, closing arguments should begin and then it will be in the hands of the jury. Will they believe Arias was abused, and therefore in fear of her life? Or will they believe she stole a gun and planned the covert trip down to the smallest detail, telling no one she was heading to Mesa? A reasonable person would ask themselves "why hide that trip"? If you believe Jodi that Travis was in fact angry after she dropped the camera, would you be able to shoot him and then continue the assault by stabbing and slashing him in that manner? After the first injury, I think I would be so sorry and concerned about the other person I would have called for help. But that's just me.

Well it's 10:26AM, and still waiting for court to begin. Will this trial ever start on time? Is it any wonder the cost is now estimated at $1.4MM?


  1. If you are interested in signing this petition for "Travis Alexander's Law", to prohibit the use of unsubstantiated and claims about murder victims. sell policemen's pension payments

    1. Albina,
      Thank you for your post. When I signed this petition a few days ago, they were around 1600 signatures shy of the 10,000 they need. I hope that people will sign, to stop allowing these unsubstantiated claims from being used in court! Remember what Jose Baez said about Casey Anthony's father? That he sexually abused her in the worst way - and he NEVER presented one once of evidence that it was true. I was outraged then, and I'm outraged now. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Wow how low can people get I bet those attys don't sleep at night and they shouldn't shame on them that girl should have been aborted

  3. Alice Laviolette <<<<Dumb


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