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More Odd Facts - Jodi Arias's Defense Team

Testimony is expected to continue today in the Jodi Arias murder trial. I thought I'd take a look at Arias's attorneys, to see what there areas of expertise are and what their backgrounds may tell us about the way this defense has been structured.

A search of Kirk Nurmi's name brought me to a website:

I'd be interested to see when Jodi Arias's claims that Travis Alexander was a pedophile began - was Kirk Nurmi hired before or after these allegations were raised by Arias?  Here is how Nurmi is represented on his website:

I can provide you with aggressive representation against
any accusation that you committed a sexual offense.

Sexual Assault   •   Sex Conduct with a Minor   •   Indecent Exposure
Sexual Exploitation of a Minor   •   Sexual Abuse   •   Molestation of a Child

At the Law Offices of L. Kirk Nurmi, we understand that you do not have to commit a sexual offense to be accused of being a sex offender. We understand that innocent people can be accused of sex crimes such as sexual assault , sexual conduct with a minor, or sexual exploitation of a minor, or any sex offense with very little evidence.  We also understand that being accused of committing such a crime is devastating and daunting.   However, we also understand the legal consequences are very serious and that if you are accused of a sex crime you need an attorney who has the experience and knowledge needed to provide you with an aggressive defense. Our results speak for themselves:

  • Sex Assault – NOT GUILTY
  • Sex Assault / Unlawful Imprisonment – NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (10 counts) – NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS
  • Sex Conduct with a Minor, Sexual Assault – ALL COUNTS DISMISSED
So if you find yourself accused of such a crime and you seek competent aggressive representation call our office at (602)XXX-XXXX for a Free Telephonic Consultation.
Law Offices of L. Kirk Nurmi 
2314 E Osborne Road 
Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Interesting, to say the least - this guy is very well versed on sex crimes and sexual conduct with a minor.  Is this where the defense was created? You've got to wonder, especially given the amount of time Arias has been incarcerated, at one time she was going to represent herself - before realizing she was in way over her head and settling in with Jennifer Willmott and Kirk Nurmi.  
I personally don't know why Nurmi is handling the direct examination of Jodi Arias when Willmott has a much more pleasant demeanor and may have connected more with jurors than Nurmi has. If Jodi Arias is found guilty of first degree murder with the special circumstance attached (murder in a cruel, heinous or depraved manner), what sentencing does she face in the state of AZ?
If found guilty of murder as charged, the jury will decide if she lives or receives the death penalty.  In the state of Arizona, a "life sentence" could mean:
A person guilty of first degree murder as defined in § 13-1105 shall suffer death or imprisonment in the custody of the state department of corrections for life as determined and in accordance with the procedures provided in subsections B through G of this section. If the court imposes a life sentence, the court may order that the defendant not be released on any basis for the remainder of the defendant’s natural life. An order sentencing the defendant to natural life is not subject to commutation or parole, work furlough or work release. If the court does not sentence the defendant to natural life, the defendant shall not be released on any basis until thecompletion of the service of twenty-five calendar years if the victim was fifteen or more years of age and thirty-five years if the victim was under fifteen years of age.

It appears under the sentencing guidelines, the least Arias could get is a 25 year sentence, meaning that she could see the light of day while in her late 40's or early 50's! She's already served nearly 5 years, and with time off for good behavior she could actually get out and have a life. I hope for the sake of all mankind (and womankind for that matter) this doesn't happen.  More trial updates later - have a great day!


  1. Yes, I've seen his website. Highly coincidental that his ENTIRE practice consists of defending pedophiles. Hmmm

    Thanks for the info on the sentencing law in Az. Very scary to think that the possibility exists that she could be out in late 40's or 50's.

    1. Yes, Arizona has an interesting process with death penalty eligible trials. If the State gains a conviction with the aggrevator, they decide life or death. If the jury doesn't find the killing was cruel, heinous or depraved however, that takes the death penalty off the table and then I believe the trial judge becomes involved in sentencing. I pray the jury convicts her. I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty, ONLY in cases such as this where anything less isn't severe enough. At least Arias is getting a trial, that's more than Travis Alexander received. When we get to the point where Nurmi/Willmott make their pleas to the jury about any/all mitigating factors on why Jodi Arias shouldn't be put to death, I hope Travis's family & friends can finally stand and talk about all of his wonderful qualities that have been overshadowed by the lies about deviancy. Their voices will be heard. I feel for them every time they are shown in court - especially when they show Samantha, she looks so much like Travis. Thanks again NancyB. I'd like to keep in touch with you when this trial is over - unfortunately there will probably always be tragic stories to write about. Did you follow the story a few years back about Sherri, Gavin and Garrett Coleman who were murdered by their own father (Sherri's husband) Christopher Coleman? That was another absolute heartbreaker. The trial wasn't televised here, but the story was covered when the news broke of the killings. Also had religious tones, since Chris Coleman worked security for Joyce Meyers Ministries. That story sickened me.

  2. I forgot to tell you that I gave your blog URL to this blog as she was asking for links to other sites to post on her blog. I see that today your blog is now listed!

    1. NancyB, thank you so much for your comments and for all of the support and insight you leave on this blog. I really do appreciate it! I am a first time blogger, and I have always been interested in the court process and certain stories/trials just seem to stick with me - it's amazing how many people are invested in a trial about a man we never knew. It was just such a tragic & senseless murder. I really have enjoyed the interaction with people like you, who are kind enough to leave comments and observations - it's been surprising to me that people actually read my blog and take the time to leave their comments here. Unfortunately, I was part of a mass layoff at a major investment firm last year, so I have had some free time on my hands and decided to pursue something I enjoy - writing and crime! Thank you again NancyB, I really mean that! Enjoy your day.

    2. NancyB, I just checked out the site you mentioned ( and see the listing. That was so considerate of you to submit my blog - I really do appreciate it. What a wealth of information there is on that website! Good stuff. I know I already thanked you on a previous comment, but I wanted to thank you again!

  3. Check this out!

    Murder victim, Travis Alexanders Mesa home attracts big crowds

    1. That's incredible. Remember all of the people who would gather near the wooded area where they found little Caylee Anthony's remains? I heard this morning that the line to get into court is beginning to get longer, and earlier in the AM. Heard a couple reportedly gave up a planned trip to Hawaii to attend the Jodi Arias trial instead! Remember the actual physical fights in Florida, where there were too many people and too few seats for the public? People held on to their admission tickets like they were seeing a big TV or movie star! It's unreal. This is one of THOSE infamous trials. Thank you for the tip!


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