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Lies, Lies, Lies - Jodi Arias Murder Trial Continues

My, my, my!  The Jodi Arias murder trial continued yesterday and oh my - the lies just get more outlandish every time Jodi Arias opens her mouth.  Yesterday, the jury was shown parts of the 7/15/08 and 7/16/08 police interviews/interrogations between Arias and Detective Esteban Flores.  Knowing what we now know about what Jodi Arias's role was in this senseless and brutal murder, it's just unreal to watch and listen to what she initially tells Detective Flores during those two interviews following her 7/15/08 arrest in Yreka, CA.

I think Detective Flores did an outstanding job with these interviews with Arias.  One of my biggest pet peeves is that often times during these interviews, the detectives interrupt the perpetrator or don't allow them to fully answer a question before moving on to the next question.  This doesn't appear to happen here, and Detective Flores just lets Arias talk, and talk, and talk!  If Arias doesn't end up taking the stand, the jury will have at least had an opportunity to view these interrogations and see how easily she seems to formulate her stories and lies.  During the 7/15/08 interview, Arias sticks to her story "I wasn't there", even when Flores states that he has proof she was.

You can almost see the wheels turning in Arias's head at those points - I really don't think she believed she would be suspected or caught for this murder.  As she tries to explain away things that Detective Flores confronts her with, such as the pictures recovered from the digital camera - it's almost as if she truly believes if she adds just one more tidbit of information or another detail that her story will be believed.  Flores doesn't give an inch - he is calm and very confident. 

Story/Version #2 is given by Arias during the 7/16/08 interview, where she concedes that she WAS there, but they were both attacked by two armed intruders.  She gives small details to Flores, about what the "intruders" said to her and even to one another.  Her story is so unbelievable - she clearly didn't think this through when she fabricated story #2! It makes absolutely no sense that these two intruders would come into the house, kill Travis Alexander and let a eyewitness walk away.  It's also unbelievable that HAD that really happened, SHE WOULD'VE DIALED 911!  Is it reasonable to believe she could really just walk away from the scene she described, in which she claims Travis Alexander was still alive when they let her go?  Lame story.

My thoughts are this:  how is a jury going to believe anything that Arias says after seeing and hearing the numerous lies and stories she has been telling law enforcement officials throughout these interviews?  Credibility is the one asset that a defendant MUST have, and she clearly has blown hers out of the water.  Her lies don't even make sense, they are self serving and I think the jury will see through the "self defense" claim.   Wow, the prosecution has done an excellent job putting forth this evidence in a clear and concise manner.  There is so much physical and forensic evidence against Arias, the defense has to be reeling at this point.

As an average citizen, I personally don't feel that Jodi Arias acted in self defense - rather, this was a rageful, spiteful, callous execution.  She couldn't stand the though of Travis Alexander moving on in his life without her in the picture.  The 6/10/08 Cancun trip may have pushed her over the edge - here they are, taking pictures of one another with the brand new camera he purchased - possibly to take on the Cancun trip, and he was taking another woman.  She snapped.  She would've been much better off just telling the truth from the beginning.  I think people would be more compassionate for somebody who "snapped" and did something they really regretted, IF they took responsibility for the crime right away.  She did the opposite.  She lied and tried to cover her trail.  

She is probably kicking herself in the a@@ for leaving that digital camera behind....the weapons have not been recovered, but if the police didn't have that camera, she may have been able to weave a little more elaborate web of lies.  It certainly would've left more room for "reasonable doubt" if not for the photos, but those photos tell the truth for Travis Alexander.

Coverage continues today!


  1. Jodi Arias is an uneducated pompous bafoon who has a criminal mind. All criminals who premeditate their crimes have one thing in common--they deem themselves to be smarter than others. They are legends in their warped minds. If they had any decency, they wouldn't violated or exploit another human being. There's nothing worse than a person who has no regard for others, viewing them as expendable. Jodi Arias is someone I find hateable with all her lies, phoniness, and seething passive aggressive anger. The jury would have to be braindead if they can't see that she is a very dangerous and unstable psychopath who is very out of touch with her emotions. This narcissist needs the death penalty or a natural life sentence. She is a self serving, relentless ego driven cold hearted nervy @#$%%. May this arrogant @#$hole rot in hell.

    1. I agree - she did believe she could outsmart the police and ultimately a jury of everyday citizens. She tries to portray and carry herself in a certain manner, but when they played that "phone sex" tape, I believe the jury heard the real Jodi Arias talking for the very first time. Her stories are so outrageous and at odds with what the evidence reveals. Does she believe that based on her words alone, this jury will believe her? She has truly underestimated the police, the jury, the prosecutor - and overestimated her own ability to come across as the victim in this case. It's not working for her at all. The cross examination showed her story doesn't make sense nor does it hold any water. I just hope the jury takes a good look at the crime scene and autopsy photos when they are deciding the fate of this woman. She decided Travis's fate without the benefit of a trial, and she shouldn't be spared just because she is a woman. Thanks for commenting!

  2. well said, god bless travis , his family and the state for they are travis voice


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