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The Prosecution Rests In The Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Wow - the State of Arizona just rested it's case this morning in the Jodi Arias Murder Trial after calling the "Custodian of Records" from Sprint phone company, Detective Esteban Flores and Leslie Udy, a friend of Arias who saw her on June 5, 2008 in Utah.  

The Sprint representative explained phone records, but Leslie Udy provided a look into how Jodi Arias behaved when she saw her the day after Travis Alexander was killed.  Leslie Udy met Jodi Arias at a Pre Paid Legal conference in June of 2007, and they continued to keep in touch.  Udy stated that when she saw Jodi Arias on June 5, 2008 "she was Jodi", nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Arias told her that Travis Alexander had invited her to stop in Mesa on her way to Utah, but she declined in part to put some distance between them.  She further stated that although they were no longer together, they were "best friends".

I was fairly surprised when Prosecutor Juan Martinez rested his case this morning.  It seemed sudden.  They have put on a ton of evidence in the case already, still it seemed sudden.  The judge instructed the jury that they would not be required to come back to court for an extended period of time, I believe  she said January 29th?  The defense is arguing for the dismissal of some charges at the moment.  I believe they are arguing about the first degree murder charge specifically.

There are numerous problems with the self defense claim by Arias.  As we have seen by the layout of Travis Alexander's home, it was a fairly large master suite they were in during the June 4, 2008 visit.  They took nude photos of each other, Jodi Arias took photos of Travis Alexander while he was in the shower.  He appeared to be in a relaxed state.  What the recovered photos show me is that he was completely unaware of what was about to happen to him. He was posing for the camera.  There are no weapons showing in the shower or bathroom photos - Travis Alexander did not have ANY weapons with him.  This means that Jodi Arias HAD TO HAVE taken a knife into that master bathroom with her.

She had to have gone presumably into the other room, perhaps in her purse - and get that knife.  There is no evidence that the knife came from the crime scene, she brought it with her.  Had he "lunged" at her as she has alleged - that would put him OUT of the shower.  The State believes he was stabbed inside the shower, at least initially.  The attack appears to have moved into other areas of the bathroom, but it began while he was in the shower.  Defenseless.  I believe she caught him completely off guard and he probably was so shocked at what was happening that he had no time to react.  He had defensive wounds to his hands, he was stabbed in the back and head. All evidence points to Arias as being the absolute aggressor in this case.

Jodi Arias has lied from the very start.  She stuck to the "I wasn't there, I didn't do it" story right up until the time that Detective Flores put the recovered photos in front of her.  Even then, she says "that LOOKS like me".  She also asserts that photos can be "altered" and that she doesn't trust date and time stamps.  ONLY WHEN she couldn't deny that she wasn't there did she change her story.  And even then she didn't tell the truth.  She simply altered the story to fit the evidence she believed the police had against her.  Deny deny deny.  Detective Flores never believed the first or second stories she told him.  During the second police interview shown from July 16, 2008 (the day after her arrest), Arias is still lying and won't tell him the truth.

She tries to sell a story that two masked/armed intruders came into the home and killed Travis and threatened to do the same to her.  This was her opportunity to tell the police that she was abused and acted in self defense!  If it had truly been self defense, why would she make up these stories?  Wouldn't it have been easier to just tell the truth?  I believe if the police hadn't been able to recover those deleted photos, she may never have admitted to anything!

There are just too many things that point to premeditation and against self defense.  The 2,834 mile trip in a rental car, the .25 caliber gun that was "stolen" from Jodi Arias's grandparents home in Yreka, CA, the photos that appear to show a very consensual interlude between Arias and Alexander - Arias remaining at the crime scene and washing the sheets/camera and the victims body, Arias appears to have called Travis Alexander's voice mail and listened to his personal messages 6 hours after she killed him, Arias herself called Travis's cellphone several times and left messages for him - in an appearance to create an alibi - I could go on and on and on!

There hasn't been a single person the defense could call to the stand to verify Arias's claims of abuse at the hands of Travis Alexander.  The defense hasn't put on their case yet, but I expect the only witnesses they will call will be "expert witnesses" to testify about the way a "battered woman" would act.  It will be interesting to see what the defense tries to do when they put on their case in chief when the trial resumes.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez secured a first degree murder conviction with the death penalty attached just about 8 years ago when he prosecuted Wendi Andriano in 2004 for the murder of her terminally ill husband Joe.  Andriano also claimed she killed her in self defense.  Her husband was terminally ill, yet she tried to poison him with sodium azide, and when that didn't do the trick she struck him more than 20 times with a bar stool before stabbing him.  She is sitting on death row in Arizona, and Juan Martinez put her there.

Wow, what a day in that courtroom!


  1. Just some thoughts:

    I keep wondering about how long did Arias stay at the house after the murder.

    She had to have been covered with blood.
    Did she take a Shower at the home?
    Did detectives check other showers in the home for evidence ie: her hair, blood, etc.
    Where and how did she dress her hand wounds?

    2,834 miles is a heck of a lot of driving for one person....when did she sleep?
    Was someone sharing the driving duties?

    On June 9, 2008, Marie "Mimi" Hall said that she decided to contact Melissa Lowery and Dallin Forres, who then went to Alexander's house, where they found his roommate home with his girlfriend.

    Hall said they noticed a smell immediately upon entering the home, and thought maybe the dog had had an accident.

    Why didn't the roomate investigate what the source of the smell was?

    Thanks for this website!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I, too have wondered how long she remained in his home after he was dead. What we know is that she was there long enough to clean herself up - she had to be covered in blood. She removed the bedding, washed & dried it - and the prosecution seemed to believe that there was some attempt to clean up at least part of the crime scene. They also believe Travis's body was "washed" off in the shower. The crime scene techs that testified stated that they did not "process" the shower walls etc. for blood evidence. I'm not sure why they didn't luminol the area. I agree that Jodi could've cleaned herself up in another room in the home. I'm sure he had more than one bathroom. From what I understand, Travis's roommate was not home on 6/4/08 and had been housesitting with his girlfriend for many of the days before Travis's body was discovered. Yes, the smell would've been pretty bad by the 3rd or 4th day! Seems to me the roommate wasn't alarmed when he didn't see Travis at the home because he believed he was already in Mexico on that Pre Paid Legal trip. It appears this was a fairly large home, with the master "suite" taking up much of the upstairs - I would agree that the roommate should've smelled something if he entered the house from 6/5 - 6/8/08, but I don't believe he spent much time there during that time frame. We now know that Jodi killed Travis around 5:35PM - I personally believe she remained there for several hours after killing him. She had to wait for the laundry to go through the wash cycle, she had to clean herself up - and if she was obsessed enough to do something like this, I can't see her leaving the house without going through some of his things! I'd bet she went on his computer - not sure if anybody has testified about the last time his computer was accessed but I seem to recall hearing his voicemail was accessed for 16 minutes, at around 11:58PM - more than 5 hours after he was killed. This had to have been Jodi Arias, listening to his voicemails and trying to figure out if he had plans with anybody and trying to determine how long it would be before somebody came around and would discover Travis dead. Why else would she leave him two voicemails after killing him? She was trying to establish her alibi - in one of her voicemails to him she tells him that she got lost on her way to Utah, and drove "hours in the wrong direction" - trying to bolster her story that she wasn't anywhere near Arizona during her trip through Southern CA to Utah and back. She drove more than 2800 miles in less than 6 days! I don't know when or how long she slept, but she obviously was a woman on a mission. I really think his upcoming trip to Cancun with Marie Hall was consuming her - she didn't know that Marie Hall wasn't romantically interested in Travis Alexander so she probably had built that trip up in her head that they would fall in love and Jodi would be out of his life for good. Remember the former astronaut who drove for hours from Texas to Florida using adult diapers, so she wouldn't have to stop to use the bathroom? She was also so obsessed with her former lover, who was seeing another woman and it drove her to do some crazy stuff! This is just a tragic case. Travis Alexander seemed like a great guy, who inspired many many people and became successful despite being dealt a pretty bad hand during his childhood. Sure, he wasn't as devout of a Mormon as he claimed to be, since he was having a sexual relationship with Jodi Arias and they weren't married. He didn't deserve to be killed for it. Had she been honest after this happened, maybe people would have a little bit of empathy for her. She got her heart broken, she may have felt used and humiliated. Who hasn't?? I think we've all been there. There is no excuse for what she did and I pray the jury agrees. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you for commenting. I can't believe how many hours Arias must've driven, like a woman on a mission to get to Mesa Arizona. Her fatal trip took her 2,834 miles, which if you calculate driving an avg of 65MPH, would've taken her 43.6 hours to make this trip. That's alot of driving for one person. As far as I know, she never rented a hotel - she stayed at Travis' the entire day 6/4 and into 6/5 - then headed to Utah to see Ryan Burns before heading back home. Sounds obsessive to me.

  4. I'm confused as to why you stated that Jodi had to wait for the laundry to go through the wash cycle before she left his house? I thought the detectives found the wet laundry still in the washer. If she had stayed to put the items in the dryer, she would have recognized the camera and taken it with her. Don't you think the camera in the wash was a total accident on her part? The voicemail system that she accessed for 16 minutes, is it possible she did that remotely from her cell phone or do you think she was still in his house at that time. She may have wanted to stay until very late so she could leave his house without being noticed. I wonder if she parked her car down the street or somewhere obscure?
    Do you think Travis knew she was coming to visit? I sort of think she surprised him.
    Why did she look so morose in her nude pictures. She ALWAYS is smiling and thinking about how sexy she is when she has someone taking her pictures. Why not that time?
    Do you think Travis knew she was in the bathroom taking pictures? I wondered if he thought she had left his house and she snuck back in and hid in the bathroom closet (across from shower) knowing he would take one before his appt that evening. She could have taken those pictures from within the closet so he didn't see her. Seems a bit far fetched but it also seems unlikely that he wanted her to take a photo shoot of him, especially since it's pretty obvious they probably had just argued before the killing over the Cancun trip - that was her entire motive. Go to Mesa to see if she could seduce her way back into his life, but she knew that may not pan out so she came prepared to murder him if she couldn't win him back and prevent him from taking Mimi to Cancun. My thought was that they argued and then she acted like she left but she really didn't. That was when she began executing her plan of murder. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Dear Anonymous, I have always believed that the 6/10/08 trip to Cancun is what pushed her over the brink. He was making plans without her beyond that trip too. What I meant about the washing machine is that after she had just savagely killed him, she had the forethought to delete the photos, remove the bedding and put everything in the washing machine thinking that would wash away evidence. She likely remained in the house for some time after killing him - attempting to clean up the blood. When she realized there was just too much blood to clean she left him to decompose in his own shower. I believe it's possible that Travis knew she was coming, but more than likely she contacted him while she was already on the road. I believe Jodi called Travis's voicemail while on the road - trying to find out who may have contacted him so she could determine how long it would be before someone would find his body. The timing of the murder strongly suggests she had no intention on letting him go on that trip to Cancun without her. And the fact that she protested just a little too strongly that it didn't bother her, and that she didn't know he was taking Mimi is just not believable. I think she found out shortly before her road trip. It doesn't make sense that Travis would tell her he was taking "a friend's babysitter" on a trip like this as a way of repaying a debt. Just too far fetched!! I think Travis agreed to the shower photo shoot, she wouldn't have been able to get the photos she got unless the shower door was open - the shower stall has a door that would have had to have been open to get the photos she got. She testified that he was seated in the shower when she dropped the camera. I think he was seated and trapped when she delivered the first stab wounds. He was able to get out of the shower and headed for the sink, where he was likely stabbed in the back multiple times. Not sure about when she shot him, but it doesn't really change the fact that she showed no mercy on that poor man. He could not have been a threat to anybody after any of these wounds occurred yet she is the one who couldn't stop. It's disgusting how the defense has put the victim on trial - and that she has been able to say whatever she wants without anything to corroborate her allegations seems completely unfair. I think you may be right about them arguing about the Cancun trip, leading to her becoming enraged and unhinged! Thanks for your comments...

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