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Phone Records Examined in Jodi Arias Murder Trial

The jury in the Jodi Arias murder trial is hearing testimony this morning from a representative from Verizon, Jody Citizen.  Mr. Citizen is breaking down the phone activity on Travis Alexander's cell phone on June 4, 2008 - the day he was murdered.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has been able to show the jury, through the phone records that somebody used Travis Alexander's phone for approximately 16 minutes AFTER the time he was presumably dead.  The photo evidence shows that he was more than likely dead around 5:32PM on June 4, 2008.  The records show that later that evening, well after 5:32PM, someone accessed his  phone for nearly 16 minutes.  The most likely scenario is Jodi Arias taking the time at the crime scene to listen to Travis's voice mails.

Wow.  How does the defense recover from this type of phone activity and testimony? What explanation can they come up with to counter this?  Further, the phone records show that two calls were made from Travis Alexander's phone to Jodi Arias's cell phone after the time of his death.  Was she trying to further bolster her alibi? 

The defense is going to have a hard time explaining these details. Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott looks a little bewildered as she hears these details.  This would seem to support the "stalker" mentality of Jodi Arias. She remained at the crime scene long enough to clean herself up, wash off Travis Alexander's body and "stage" the scene with him stuffed into the shower - and then she took the time to call his voicemail and listen to his messages?  Do these sound like the actions of a woman who killed only in "self defense"?

If I'm a juror, my thoughts would be NO!!  I don't envy the defense in this case. If there are two calls from Alexander's phone to Arias's phone AFTER the time he was known to be dead - who else could've made those calls, and WHY?  Wow.  Thank God for technology!


  1. jodi is guilty and that is all there is to it

    1. Let's pray the jury agrees and hands down an appropriate sentence!

  2. I believe jodi is a cold blooded killer and she should be put out of her breath before she gets with another man and doesn't like what he does either

    1. I completely agree - it would be dangerous to believe she is an otherwise "normal" person who was pushed to the brink. She's a sociopath.

  3. I had totally forgotten about the calls from his phone to hers! Talk about PRE-MEDITATION!!!!! She knew enough to cover her crime for sure. She is one for the record books for sure.!!! Total sociopath & narcissistic idiot. Murder in the 1st/death penality.


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